Easy and Green: The Homegrown Collective Box

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m kind of a sucker for anything easy.  If it’s easy and green, well, my ears are perked.

The Homegrown Collective

The Homegrown Collective Green Box Subscription is just that.  It’s easy – comes straight to your door with tons of instructions and it’s green because it’s packed full of products to help you live sustainably and sufficiently.  The Homegrown Collective is dedicated to providing its members with products that foster self-sufficiency and promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Just like many subscription style services, The Homegrown Collective sends out a new themed box every month.  I received the January box which included the HOME Remedies and Cure-Alls products.  When I say full, I mean full!

Home Remedies Box

I was so excited to see what was inside.  I immediately noticed the Ginger Root, Jars, and dried herbs.  But as I was digging through the shredded paper that provided wonderful, recycled cushion for the jars, I kept seeing… dirt.


I was a little worried – why in the world would there be dirt in my box?  Everything was wrapped nicely, so it didn’t actually get on anything, but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

Aloe Vera

I unwrapped the brown paper and found an Aloe Vera plant!  I was super excited as my last Aloe Vera just shriveled.  I don’t even remember what happened to it, but we’ve missed having one desperately.  We always used it for burn remedies and sunburns around the house, but as I was looking through the box and found information on different ways to use the products, I was surprised to find many other uses for the plant around the home.


I found an incredible list of uses of aloe vera on The Homegrown Collective’s blog too!  Click on over – you’ll be quite amazed I bet!

Dried Herbs

I was also pleased to find 4 packs of dried herbs and even seeds so I could plant my own.  I had heard of some, hadn’t heard of others, but the instructions and information that is included in the box made everything easy to understand.


One of my favorite parts of The Homegrown Collective’s Green Box is the fact that they give you everything you’ll need to do the projects that they share – the ingredients, the containers, and even labels to label your concoctions and tinctures!

The Homegrown Collective

Overall, I was incredibly happy with my box from The Homegrown Collective.  I think it makes for a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend who is looking for easy and green ways to live sustainably.  Past boxes have included such items as a mushroom growing kit, heirloom seeds, water kefir supplies, DIY cheese kit, gourmet treats and more.

Buy It:  You can purchase the Green Boxes from The Homegrown Collective on a monthly basis or through a subscription.  Subscriptions give you a great discount and a monthly box costs $39 plus $9 shipping.



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