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Easter Scavenger Hunt for Kids

This Easter Scavenger Hunt will definitely get the kids excited about Easter. Whether you play before Easter Sunday, during, or even the week after – kids will have a blast searching for the items around your house!

My girls love Easter. They get so excited for a few reasons for this Spring holiday.

I think one reason is because it truly means Spring and warmer weather are near. It’s when the flowers start blooming and everything brown and dreary looking fades to green and bright colors.

They are just like me, really. When I was little, I loved Easter egg hunts so much that my parents would let me do them for a couple weeks before and even after Easter.

They would hide eggs inside, if the weather was rainy or cold, or outside if it was warm enough. We only used plastic eggs for these egg hunts. We saved the real eggs for Easter Sunday.

My girls do the same. In fact, that’s what inspired this Easter Scavenger Hunt. They love our Backyard Scavenger Hunt printable, so I thought, why not do a whole hunt dedicated to Easter items!

This Easter scavenger hunt is really best played inside – as most items are decorations that you’ll see in houses around Springtime. If you are looking for an outside scavenger hunt, be sure to check out the super popular backyard hunt.

I designed our holiday scavenger hunts to be super easy for both kids and parents. They feature pictures and words for new readers.

They are also FREE to print – just click the image below to get a perfectly sized printable version of this Easter scavenger hunt for kids!

All you need to get started with this scavenger hunt is:

  • Cardstock or Copy Paper
  • Clipboard [if you’re taking this printable on the go]
  • Markers or crayons

Whether you let the kids search for the Easter hunt before the holiday, after they find their Easter basket, or for a week or so after Easter, they’ll have so much fun!

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Don’t forget to print the printable version of this Easter Scavenger Hunt!

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