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The Easiest & Quickest Christmas Decoration to Get Ready for Holiday House Guests

Are you hosting family and friends for the Holidays? Be ready for extra guests AND create adorable Christmas decor in under a minute – this Christmas Decorating Hack is perfect for making your bathroom feel festive and stocked!

Do you host for the Holidays? I’ll be honest, sometimes hosting can seem like a lot of work but I LOVE to do it! I love decorating for the season and sharing the festive surroundings with family and friends.

When you’re hosting there are a ton of things to keep in mind – space, amount of food and what to serve, decorating and tidying up, ideas to keep everyone entertained, and keeping the the house stocked with necessary items.

Stocking up on paper goods is one thing that I definitely do to prepare for Holiday guests and my favorite way is to shop online. And since I know you all like easy as much as I do, here’s one of my favorite super easy Christmas Decorating Hacks!

One room that we tend to not think about decorating for the Holidays is the bathroom, but you shouldn’t overlook it especially when you have guests coming. While it’s important to have extra toilet paper and tissues in the bathroom for guests, having it just sitting around isn’t exactly decorative… so let’s change that!

All you need for this super easy DIY Holiday decorating is toilet paper and tissue paper!

This project is a great way to reuse tissue paper that you’ve collected through previous holidays and birthdays. While this pack was the square size sheets, I’d definitely recommend using the larger tissue paper sheets as you’ll get a little more decorative “poof” at the top of your tissue with the bigger sheets.

To wrap your tissue paper, with well, a different kind of tissue paper is so easy, but you’ll love the look in the end! Put a couple of pieces of gift tissue paper upside down then put your tube of toilet paper right in the middle.

Be sure to watch the video to see just how fast this Christmas decorating hack comes together!

Start by pulling the edges up in one corner, then fold and pull up all around the toilet paper roll. Here’s a quick video to show just how easy and fast this holiday decoration is!

In the end, you’ll have a few extra rolls of toilet paper to sit on the back of your toilet or somewhere else in the bathroom without it looking like just extra toilet paper rolls. You’ve got a 2-for-1… a Holiday decoration for your bathroom AND extra supplies for when guests come over!

What’s your favorite Christmas decorating hack?