Earth’s Best Organic *NEW* Yogurt Puffs

Remember the Earth’s Best package that I showed you just a few days ago?  It was an extra special one because it had a brand new {or two} products in it!


Yogurt Puffs



Yogurt Puffs

When I first heard the name, I thought they would be like those little freeze dried yogurt snacks for babies.  Moreaya likes them, Sophia despised those, and I am a little weirded out by the texture of most of them.  But the new Yogurt Puffs from Earth’s Best resemble the quick dissolving baby puffs that most babies and toddlers LOVE!

Yogurt Puffs

They taste yummy – that’s coming from me and they are even softer than most of the puffs that we’ve tried before.  I think they have a little more taste to them too!

Earth's Best Yogurt Puffs

Did you know that earlier this year yogurt was named the food trend of the decade?  Of course, my yogurt trend lately has been fro yo, but I can definitely see these little Yogurt Puffs becoming the girls daily trend!

Earth’s Best is now taking yogurt above and beyond with these flavorful, bite size morsels. The new Yogurt Puffs combine two of your favorite yogurt flavors, blueberry and peach, with whole grain oats and flour.

Combining the delicious flavors of fruit and the wholesome goodness of yogurt, your children will get the calcium and vitamins they need for healthy growth without the fuss. No need to worry about cup holders or mess along the way! Yogurt Puffs are specially fortified with six B vitamins, vitamins A & E, Iron, Zinc and Calcium to support healthy bone growth!


I am an Earth’s Best blogger.  No compensation for this post has been given.

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