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IMPORTANT Dollywood Hours and Dates for 2024!

Are you ready to visit the Friendliest Theme Park in the US? While Dollywood is open almost all days of 2024, there are days the theme park is closed. Here you’ll find all the details on visiting, including Dollywood hours of operation and important dates to keep on your calendar!

list of important dates and Dollywood hours to plan visit

If you’re a Dollywood season pass holder and a Dollywood fanatic as much as me, you’re ecstatic that it’s open for another operating year already!

Dollywood will officially started the 2023 season on March 8, 2024. Let’s take a look at all the important dates and Dollywood hours of operation that you need to be aware of to start planning your next visit!


Why is Dollywood closed?

If you googled to find out Dollywood hours for the day and see that Dollywood is closed… you might be wondering why!

That’s because Dollywood is closed from early January to early-March to get ready for a new season. Dollywood is also closed on some random days in 2024 and certain holidays.

When does Dollywood open?

2024 will be Dollywood’s LONGEST season ever!

Dollywood officially opens on March 8, 2024 and will stay open until January 5, 2025. This is the longest Dollywood calendars ever because of the early open date and less closed dates throughout the year – plus almost an entire week in January – plenty of time to see Dollywood at Christmas.

Dollywood is not open every single day during 2024. There are some days in every month that the park is closed. But note – Dollywood is open EVERY SINGLE DAY in May, June, and July in 2024!

The park is also closed on some major holidays like Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. To see these particular closed dates, click here.

Dollywood’s Splash Country’s 2023 season runs from May 13th until September 10th.

What time does Dollywood open?

Dollywood does not run on a regular schedule every single day. Certain days are open longer than others, including summer festivals where the park stays open for quite a bit longer than spring days.

You’ll always want to consult your Dollywood calendar, or the Dollywood app, for exact park hours.

Dollywood sign, flowers, in front of building

Some important Dollywood dates to keep in mind in 2024 are blackout dates for Silver Season Passholders. A Silver season pass is available at a discounted rate, but does have blackout dates for the season.

Be sure to compare benefits of the different Dollywood season pass tiers before you buy.

How is the pandemic affecting Dollywood hours and dates?

Dollywood hours and open dates are relatively similar to previous operating years. All COVID protocol has been dropped, as of now, because of low case numbers.

You are not required to wear a mask at Dollywood.

You are not required to be vaccinated to visit Dollywood.

For more information on how Dollywood is handling the pandemic, visit their website.

Dollywood Hours and Festival Schedule for 2024

Some of the most important Dollywood hours are focused around the amazing festivals to be seen at the Smoky Mountain theme park. Here’s a list of dates and hours for the 2023 festivals:

I Will Always Love You Celebration – March 11 – April 8

This is a BRAND NEW Dollywood Festival for 2023 and is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dolly’s most popular song “I Will Always Love You”. I’ll share more details as they are announced.

Dollywood’s Flower & Food Festival – April 21 – June 11

This relatively new festival immerses park guests in the splendor of spring flowers through creative and aromatic displays as well as the freshest food flavors of the spring with delicious and mouth-watering Smoky Mountain cuisine selections.

You can learn more in this post all about the Flower and Food Festival.

Smoky Mountain Summer Celebration: June 17 – August 6

To celebrate the amazing summer season in the Smoky Mountains, Dollywood is open late EVERY DAY of this Festival with an amazing drone show called “Sweet Summer Nights Dance and Drone Show”.

** Dollywood is open EVERY SINGLE DAY in June and July!

** The first few weeks of June, the park will be open 10am to 8pm, but the remainder of June and all of July, the park is open from 10am to 9:30!!

This is a GREAT time to take advantage of everything your Dollywood season pass has to offer. It’s also the best time to get a great deal on Dollywood tickets as you’ll be able to stay at the park longer than any other time of the year, allowing you to hit almost every single one of the Dollywood rides in 1 day!

Dollywood’s Harvest Festival featuring The GREAT Pumpkin LumiNights: September 22 – November 4

Fall is the most beautiful time to visit the Smoky Mountains and the perfect time to visit Dollywood too. You’ll find Dollywood hours to be from 10am-9pm for every single day during this festival, EXCEPT for September 26, and every Tuesday in October because the park is CLOSED

Dollywood Harvest festival crafter marking basket

This festival is quickly becoming one of the most popular of the year and has been extended by a week compared to the 2022 calendar!

Smoky Mountain Christmas: November 11 – January 6

Dollywood saves the best for last when it comes to festivals and the Smoky Mountain Christmas Festival is one that you’ll definitely want to catch.

Dollywood Christmas lights

Be aware that the park is closed on October 31st and from November 5-10 to transition into this festival. It’s also closed on Mondays in November and the first two Mondays in December and on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Dollywood IS open on New Years Eve and New Years Day!

Dollywood hours are 11 am – 9 pm every single OPENING day during this season!

If you ever have any additional questions about Dollywood hours or operation days, be sure to visit their calendar on their website or via the mobile app. You can find hours of operation for both the theme park and water park [once it opens in May].

list of important dates and Dollywood hours to plan visit

John Smith

Monday 12th of November 2018

Seeing everything there would be great--the hand-made baskets look wonderful!

trina snow

Tuesday 24th of April 2018

I have been to DollyWood many yrs ago . It is on my bucket list in the near future! I so love it there

Dana Rodriguez

Saturday 14th of April 2018

It has been YEARS since I visited the Smoky Mountains. We are thinking of going in October.


Wednesday 11th of April 2018

I've been to Dollywood once and it was over 10 years ago! We've been talking about another trip so the times/dates will be helpful!

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