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Doable Diapers: Rumparooz Review

If you’ve been reading my blog, or follow via Facebook/Twitter, for awhile now, you have probably seen me link to the Doable Diapers blog or Re-Tweet info from them. Andrea is the Mom behind the blog and the Doable Diapers shop and she’s an invaluable source for all things cloth diapering related!

Andrea sent us a Rumparooz in the most lovely print, Lux.  I asked for a Snaps closure, as I already own a Spring Rumparooz in Aplix {purchased from}.

When the diaper came in the mail, I do what I always do {and I know you are the same}… I tore open the package and put the fluff right into my diaper laundry to prep it. The Rumparooz cloth diapers and inserts are made up of microfiber and fleece so there’s no “extra prepping” needed… just the initial wash.

This print is… unique.  We wanted something that would really stand out to other GCDC participants {so I could get the conversation going about what a wonderful shop Doable Diapers is… and it truly is!}.  

The Lux reminds me of a Hawaiian/Tiki Man print, with the numbers 1-4 printed on the diaper. I don’t fully understand the meaning behind the print {if you know the story, share it with all of us!} and I’m quite sure Sophia doesn’t either, but it sure looks like she loves this bright pink diaper, doesn’t it?!?

Why I Love Rumparooz Diapers: Although they are a bit more expensive than other well-known pocket cloth diapers, I think they are worth the extra $$. I love the gentle leg gussets.

The 6r soaker is totally unique in that in can be used 6 different ways and I love the fact that the newborn soaker can be snapped onto the other, to prevent moving and bunching in the pocket. The colors and prints are unmatched by any other one single brand of reusable diapers.

Sophia is still on the middle snaps of these diapers and they give her a better fit than her Bumgenius Snap diapers. I used to despise Snap Closure diapers, but I’m beginning to realize that they have a longer life than velcro and Soph has started pulling at the velcro tabs, so it won’t be long before she figures out how to undo her diapers, I’m afraid.

The Rumparooz snaps are very sturdy and snap together extremely easy… which is nice with such a wiggly babe!


Sunday 19th of April 2015

this is a cute diaper i would like to try.


Friday 29th of April 2011

Very cute diaper! :)


Thursday 28th of April 2011

We are a rumparooz house!! Love them. I have a boy though so I didn't get to partake in all the cute girl patterns/colors! :)