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DIY Pumpkin Craft using Wood Slats

When the cooler weather starts & PSL hits the Starbucks menu, it’s time for pumpkin crafts! This DIY is easy & perfect Fall decor for pumpkin fans!


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I admit, I’m obsessed with all things pumpkin. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to the lovely orange vegetable… or is it a fruit? Who knows, but I love them. I love all things pumpkin flavored, pumpkin colored [aka Tennessee orange], and especially pumpkin decor. That’s why this cute little pumpkin craft is one that I know I’ll be making a few more times. Because, really, can you have too much pumpkin decor once September hits?!

If you spend any time browsing Pinterest at all in the Fall, you’re bound to see adorable wooden pumpkin crafts. While they are all beautiful, most just aren’t something I feel like I can accomplish. I’m not really great at woodworking and I don’t have the tools to accomplish them either. That’s why this pumpkin craft is so perfect for me. It’s easy, takes just a little bit of time, and really needs very few supplies!


If you’re ready to try your hand at pumpkin crafts, this is a great one to start with for those very reasons. Pick up a paintbrush with me and let’s get going!

Here’s what you’ll need for this easy DIY Pumpkin Decor:

  • (7 total) 12” wooden slats for crafting – I found these online, but you can also find wooden slats at your local hardware store or even crafting store like Michaels.
  • Acrylic Paints: Orange, Black [or you can even use brown], and Green
  • Wood Craft Glue – this is my favorite for projects like this!
  • Paintbrushes or Sponge

Here’s how to get crafting:

1. Lay all the wooden slats flat and paint one side of each slat orange. Let them dry. It doesn’t take very long at all!

2. Paint the top and bottom horizontal edges of each slat orange. Let them dry. Set one slat aside for later.

3. Place the remaining wooden slats orange side up close together horizontally to paint the pumpkin face. On the second slat down from the top use your brown or black paint to draw two large triangles for eyes. Continue the bottom 3rd of the triangles down one slat.

4. On the 3rd slat down from the top, paint a large triangle centered between the lower portions of the pumpkin’s eyes. Again, move down one more slat to paint the bottom 3rd of the triangle. This is the pumpkin’s nose.

5. Begin painting the mouth with black paint on the wooden slat second from the bottom. Paint the mouth without any teeth and let dry.

6. Use your orange paint to add teeth in the pumpkin’s mouth. Let dry. You’re almost there!

7. Use your wood glue to attach the slat you set aside vertically to the back of the slats for a pumpkin stem. The bottom of the vertical slat and the stem should be flush, leaving a few inches on top for your stem. Paint the top portion of the slat green.


8. Let the glue and green paint dry.

9. Make more and hang your pumpkin crafts all around your home to welcome the lovely season of Fall! Oh, that step isn’t mandatory, but if you’re like me, you’ll do it too!


What are your favorite pumpkin crafts to make?


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