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DIY Lego Table from the Step2 Mighty My Size Table & Chairs

DIY Lego Table

I am a Step2 Ambassador and am partnering with Step2 for the following review. I received a product in exchange for my review and honest opinion. This post may contain affiliate links.

My girls go through stages where they are obsessed with one kind of toy at a time and it’s all they want to do… all day long. We’ve been in a Shopkins phase for awhile, playing with Barbies, and now we’re into the Lego phase with no end in sight. I love when they play with their small building blocks – I see the wheels turning in their minds and the imaginative play that comes out of their creations is amazing.

The only thing not amazing about Lego play is – we don’t have a designated area just for Legos.

Lego Table Playing

When the new Mighty My Size Table and Chairs arrived, I knew it would be the perfect set to turn into a DIY Lego Table. There was only one problem that I noticed with other DIY Lego Tables when I searched them on Pinterest… they were all permanent.

I knew the girls would want to use this table in alternative ways once the Lego phase started to fade, which is why I wasn’t exactly ready to permanently glue the plates onto our cute, new table.

Playing at Lego Table

If you’re like me and want to make a removable DIY Lego Table, here’s a super easy tutorial for you that you can make in just a few minutes and for just a few dollars.

Removable Lego Table

I purchased some extra large Velcro sets at Walmart and placed them on the center of the table and the Lego base plates.

Removable Lego Tray

The plates I have are actually these from Amazon and 2 fit perfectly in the center of the Mighty My Size Table. Since I didn’t want the table to be a permanent Lego only table, I simply used tape to connect the 2 base plates together and joined them with a piece of the Velcro panels.

The Velcro does keep the plates from laying completely flat, but it doesn’t effect Lego play. The blocks still click right onto the plates and it doesn’t seem to bother the girls at all while they play.

Girl Lego Table

Since we now have a piece of Velcro in the middle of our table, I decided to put a piece of Velcro on the bottom of a small wooden crate that we could use to store arts and crafts supplies, as well as toys.

Art Table Removable
Art Table

There’s 2 things that make the Mighty My Size Table and Chairs set our favorite – the size/weight and the fact that the chairs will nest right under the table itself.

Step2 Mighty My Size Table Chairs

Nesting Table and Chairs

That makes this set the perfect choice for families that don’t have a ton of space. The set only weighs 14lbs altogether, which means it’s super easy to move from room to room and even outside.

We spend a lot of time on our front porch and I love that I can easily carry the table and chairs outside to bring Lego play, snack time, and even arts and crafts outside.

Step2 Table Outdoors

One concern that I had with the set came because of the size. With the light weight and the short chairs, I wondered if it would be better for smaller children. While I do think the recommended age of 2 and up is perfect, I have been pleasantly surprised with how both girls fit in the chairs perfectly.

The table is also the perfect height for both of them [at 3 1/2 and 5 1/2] to stand up and play.

Standing Step2 Table

The Mighty My Size Table and Chairs retails for $49.99 on and ships for only $2.99 via FedEx. The table and chairs come ready to use straight out of the box with no assembly required [huge plus for this Mom].

What activity will your children enjoy with the Mighty My Size Table and Chairs?


Monday 29th of August 2016

This is really nice, and it doesn't take up much room. I was noticing the other day at Barnes & Noble how much the kids go gaga over Legos! They act totally normal until they see the Lego boxes and it is like they have been taken over by strange spirits - jumping, hopping, squealing, begging! Cute to watch! Nice to have a table for it. You could use it for kids' crafting, too.

The Bearden pack

Sunday 1st of November 2015

Ironically I've been looking for a lego table for my 3 year old daughter. NOt sure I would go this router as there are in my opinion a couple other options that you use for crafts and specifically designed for legos. I'm sure it's great for other many uses though.


Monday 14th of September 2015

This would be great to play Legos or cars on. Also great to color or do crafts on.

Dawn Reid

Monday 14th of September 2015

Play with his Avengers


Monday 14th of September 2015