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DIY Jamberry Gift Ideas [+ a Free Printable!]


After trying Jamberry nail wraps just a few months ago, I fell in complete and total head-over-heels in love with them.  So much so, in fact, that I signed up soon after to become a Jamberry Consultant myself.  I love sharing the nail wraps with friends, family, and blog readers and so it only made sense that I share them with my friends and family this Holiday season too!

In case you’re not aware of Jamberry [where have you been?!], they are non-toxic nail wraps [think stickers but way better] that are heat and pressure activated.  The best part?  They’ll stay on your fingernails for up to 2 weeks without chipping or fading and on your toes for up to 6 weeks!  I love them and I love feeling like I always have a fresh manicure Jamicure, which is exactly why I want to gift them to friends and family this Christmas!

So I put my DIY hat on and came up with 3 fun takes on DIY Jamberry Gifts – I can’t decide which is my favorite, although I am just in love with the ornaments!


First up – the Jamicure in a Jar idea.  I’ve seen lots of Manicure in a Jar ideas on Pinterest so I just fancied it up with Jamberry Application Tools [which you can purchase in an adorable Jamberry Application Kit] – Nail Scissors, Buffer, Jamberry File, Cuticle Pusher, and a couple of alcohol swabs – and a half sheet of Jamberry Nails Wraps.   That’s enough wraps for 1 full manicure and pedicure!


A quick search of Pinterest will show that the mason jar fascination is still holding on strong – so this cute gift idea is right on trend!

Another trend that is still going is Washi Tape.  How many of you have a roll or two… or sixteen… around the house?


I have *ahem* a couple and decided to make this little Jamberry Envelope from supplies which included a pack of blank cards from the Target $1 section, a nail file from an ULTA gift pack, and a little twine… and a sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps, of course!


Last, but certainly not least might just be my favorite, even though I said I didn’t have one.  These ornaments turned out so much cuter than I imagined they would and I can’t keep myself from making one for just about everyone I know!


They each contain a Pedi Pack which is what we refer to as the 2 largest wraps on a Jamberry sheet.  When cut correctly, you can get 1 full pedicure out of these 2 wraps!

I picked up a bag of Fake Snow, a few clear ornaments [just 97 cents at Walmart], some fun Christmas-colored sequins, and included a few paint markers for the ornaments, if I wanted to write names on them.


Perhaps the cutest part of the ornament is the adorable “MistleTOES” tag, which I made and am happy to share with you so you can print it off and make your own DIY Jamberry Gift Ideas and Ornaments too!

Just click the image below to print – includes both the “for your MistleTOES” and “Have Yourself a Mani Little Christmas” tags!


If you have a few Jamberry Nail Wrap Sheets laying around at home – Pedi Packs are definitely the way to go because they’re an inexpensive gift, but still such a thoughtful gift that your girlfriends will love – plus, it’s a great way to introduce them to Jamberry if they haven’t already tried them!

Do you gift Jamberry?  Let me know your favorite Jamberry Gift Ideas!


Want to learn more about Jamberry or even want to try a Free Sample?  Head over to my Facebook Page today to request one or even request a party so you can earn free nail wraps too!

This post originally appeared on Blogging Mamas.

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