Disney’s FROZEN is On Repeat in Our House – How About Yours?

Somehow we ended up with 2 copies of FROZEN.  I pre-ordered one from and was sent another [for free to review].  Now I know why fate had it be that I ended up with two… because one of them is surely going to be worn out soon!

Princess Hairbows from Bowtique Three One

Last year, around Thanksgiving, I got really really brave and decided to take my [then] 1.5 and 3 year old girls to the movies by myself.  I had heard such wonderful things about FROZEN and seriously couldn’t take not seeing that cute snowman in the theaters.  So, we did it.  And guess what?  They sat through the whole thing.  That should tell you something – it was that good, even to them at such a young age.

Guess what else?


They continue to sit through this movie time after time after time after time after… ok, you get it.  We’ve watched this Blu-ray seriously more times than I can count since we received it a little over a week ago!

If you’re living under a rock – ok, sorry, that was a bit harsh – but seriously… is there anyone that doesn’t know what FROZEN is about yet… the storyline of FROZEN follows two sisters – Anna and Elsa.  Elsa has “ice powers” that have set off an eternal winner and Anna, who once was so close to her sister before she was accidentally hurt by her powers at a young age, sets off to find Queen Elsa and bring back Summer.

I really don’t want to give the movie away for those who haven’t seen it.  GO NOW – don’t bother renting, go ahead and buy it because, really, you’re going to want to.  Watch Disney weave a story of two sisters and show the deepest love there is!

FROZEN SistersI love seeing my girls watch the movie together – I really feel like it’s taught them some great morals about family and their bond.  I have also seen them FLOURISH with this movie.  My shy little Moreaya gets up every.single.time and totally belts “Let It Go”.  Ok, we all do, but her version is definitely the cutest!

And we haven’t even touched on Olaf.  Oh, Olaf.  I think he totally deserves his own blog post!  What’s not to love about this little guy – he has so many quotable lines, but “Some people are worth melting for” takes the cake for sure.

And the songs… they’re so good.  I remember thinking one day, as I watched The Little Mermaid, “Man, Disney movies just can’t compete with these classics.”  Oh boy – they REALLY outdid themselves with this movie.  So much so that I have already ordered the FROZEN soundtrack because we just love singing them so much!


If you already have little FROZEN fans [or if you’re interested in making an Elsa cape for yourself – hey, no judgement here, I’m super tempted!], check out the fun Activity Games linked above.

Hurry – the FROZEN Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack + Digital Copy is still on for only $19.99!

Tell me… are we the only family obsessed with this movie?
Who’s your favorite character?

  1. We saw it in Theatres when it first came out and my daughters started saving up to buy it when it came out. They bought it as soon as it came out last Tuesday...I'm not sure exactly how many times they've/we've watched it but more than once a day for a week!!
  2. We haven't seen it yet. My daughter is only 16.5 months so she doesn't really watch TV or movies. The only exception is that she saw me checking out "What the Fox Says" on YouTube and ever since she has been obsessed with it. Every day we have to put it on repeat about 5 or 6 times in a row until she gets her "fix" and moves on to something else!! When she asks for it she says "mommy, ding-ding-ding-ding-ding" and wiggles around!
  3. Sure I heard about Frozen before we drove 6 hours to visit our grandchildren. But I never thought I'd be entertained by our 4 year old granddaughter singing word for word & dancing to the Frozen theme song. She was even doing actions. I laughed then and praised her. But I laughed even harder when I saw the Oscars and Idina Menzel singing and doing the same, exact hand motions that my granddaughter had done. Did I tell you that my grand had not even seen the movie when she gave her performance? Yes, my daughter's house was all about Frozen!

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