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Homemade French Toast with Almond Milk

Looking to eliminate dairy or already living a dairy-free lifestyle? You can still have homemade french toast! Check out how easy it is to make french toast with almond milk with just a few ingredients!

french toast stacked on white plate with blue napkin and white flowers with text almond milk french toast

When Sophia was diagnosed with a dairy allergy in January of this year, we were all in shock. Here we were with a 3 1/2 year old that consumes dairy every single day and we were all of a sudden supposed to stop that?!

I was overwhelmed with just how much dairy was in almost every single food she consumed.

I can’t tell you how much research I did for dairy free recipes. I was nervous that as a pretty picky toddler she would struggle to replace her dairy favorites with dairy alternatives.

We started the transition slowly. That’s not to say we continued to give her dairy, but she was very slow to drink the alternatives. We found the best success [although it literally took months] with almond milk.

french toast stacked on white plate with berries around on brown wood background

Once Sophia made the switch to almond milk, it didn’t take the whole family long to follow suit. It was much easier to cook with – I didn’t have to make one serving of dairy free versions of meals I made, I just made the whole thing dairy free…

Which is where this simple french toast with almond milk recipe comes in!

triangle french toast with syrup and butter with text dairy free french toast

I never knew just how easy french toast is to make! The girls have always enjoyed the frozen french toast sticks you can find at the store, but after Sophia had to go dairy free they were no longer an option.

While we were on our vacation, my sister-in-law made french toast one morning and I discovered just how simple homemade french toast really was to make.

french toast on plate with berries and syrup being poured

Once we got home I started working on perfecting our recipe and I have to say, my sister-in-law is a fantastic chef, but my secret ingredient to making my french toast even better is definitely almond milk!

Not only do I love that we’re supporting a healthier Sophia – by giving her what her body needs through extra vitamins and minerals like the added benefits and calcium of using almond milk.

I also love that we’re showing her that she’s not missing out on anything after her allergy diagnosis, especially with this deliciously simple french toast!

french toast on white plate with blueberries in dish

Can you make french toast with almond milk?

YES! Yes, you can and it couldn’t be any easier! You can play around with different flavors with different types of almond milk. You can even use other dairy alternatives to make dairy-free french toast. We’ve made french toast with coconut milk and oat milk too!

Why do you have to add milk to french toast?

If you didn’t, you’d simply have a piece of bread surrounded by a scrambled egg. The egg and milk, or almond milk in this case, combine to make a delicious and rich texture that makes your homemade french toast taste amazing!

french toast stacked on white plate with berries with text homemade french toast made with almond milk

Are you ready to make your own?! I can’t wait to show you just how easy and delicious this simple french toast with almond milk recipe. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Bread – the thicker the better, but if you’re looking to make this french toast dairy-free, be sure to check the ingredients of your bread!
  • Almond Milk
  • Eggs
  • Cinnamon [optional]
  • Vanilla [optional]
  • Toppings – fresh fruit really kicks this homemade french toast up a notch!
french toast stacked high on white plate with berries

Don’t forget the breakfast sides! One of my favorites are sausage links and baking sausage links is so easy when you’re making french toast.

What kind of bread you choose to make this dairy free french toast with definitely matters – although they all taste great. I really enjoy a thick, Texas Toast type bread. But we’ve also made it with brioche bread and french bread slices and it turns out amazing!

And it turns out, the staler your bread, the better. It’s a great way to use bread that’s been sitting in your pantry for a week or so. Plus, there’s no waste!

Pumpkin French Toast Roll Ups stacked on white plate

If you have fresh bread, you might want to try making these French Toast Roll-Ups instead and fresh bread is easier to roll. I use the same ingredients to make these, but roll them with a special filling instead of adding toppings.

If you love simple recipes and are looking for more dairy-free options, check out these:

French Toast Made with Almond Milk

French Toast Made with Almond Milk

A deliciously simple french toast recipe made with almond milk. This recipe replaces milk with almond milk for an even richer French Toast recipe!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 1/2 Loaf of Bread
  • 1 1/2 cups Almond Milk
  • 3 Eggs
  • 2 tbsp Cinnamon [use as much as you want for flavoring!]
  • Vanilla Extract [optional]
  • Fresh Fruit for Topping


  1. Pre-heat pan or skillet on Medium Heat.
  2. While pan is heating, whisk eggs, almond milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract together.
  3. Dunk each slice of bread and generously wet both sides of the bread.
  4. Shake off excess in the bowl, then toast on each side for about 3-4 minutes, until golden brown.
  5. Top with fresh fruit or coconut whipped topping and enjoy!

With just 3 required ingredients, this almond milk french toast comes together so fast – you can make it in just 15 minutes!


Monday 12th of December 2022

Dairy free pudding and french toast


Tuesday 24th of May 2022

Did not see a mention of cooking oil in your recipe…haven’t made French Toast in awhile but always remember cooking it in some kind of oil. So what do you use in the pan to cook them? Thanks…love Almond Milk! 💕


Friday 12th of May 2023

@Adele, try Coconut whip cream, it's amazing!


Tuesday 23rd of August 2022

@Rhonnie, I use plant butter, but I can't find dairy free whipped topping


Monday 30th of May 2022


I always use salted butter for the pan when I make french toast. The little bit of salt tastes good with the sweetness of syrup, and the butter gives it a nice golden finish.


Saturday 25th of September 2021

Fantastic French toast, thank you!! Made these for dinner tonight when I realized we were out of regular milk, but honestly I think we like this recipe better! 😋 topped with maple syrup and some cinnamon apples.


Sunday 22nd of August 2021

Way too much cinnamon. Next time I will use less. Maybe it’s supposed to be teaspoon instead of tablespoons?


Monday 23rd of August 2021

Hi Jessica - my family loves cinnamon so that's what I use, but you can definitely change the amount by what you and your family prefer. Thanks for the feedback!

Kimberly Flickinger

Saturday 27th of August 2016

This french toast looks delicious and I love that you used almond milk. Thank you for sharing.

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