Dairy and Gluten Free Lunch Box Ideas featuring Daiya Foods

Don’t let food allergies have you struggling with school lunches. Here are great dairy and gluten free lunch box ideas that any kid will love.

This post was inspired by a collaboration with Daiya Foods. All opinions are my own.

When my oldest daughter was diagnosed with a dairy allergy at the age of 3, it honestly shook our world. I hadn’t given food allergies a thought before that time. But with that diagnosis, along with gluten intolerance, we had to make some lifestyle changes in the food we ate. It was much easier to make our foods safe for Sophia rather than serve her dairy and gluten free meals on her own.

When I first started researching and shopping for dairy and gluten alternatives I kept coming across one name, Daiya. I read that Daiya Foods and cheeses were a great alternative because they had some of the same consistencies of dairy cheese. It was a brand that I chose in the beginning for Sophia and one that I continue to use, especially when I’m packing her lunch box.

Daiya Foods, the makers of delicious plant-based alternatives that are free of dairy, gluten and soy will be launching several new products at Natural Products Expo West today, March 10. New innovations include Daiya Shreds – Cutting Board Collection and Cheeze Slices.

Since I couldn’t be in California at the Natural Products Expo West, Daiya sent me the new products and they definitely inspired some great dairy and gluten free lunch box ideas.

Before we went dairy free, cheese quesadillas were almost an everyday lunch occurrence in my house. Since then we hadn’t made too many, but the new Daiya Shreds – Cutting Board Collection on corn tortillas have been a lunch box request this week!

Daiya Shreds – Cutting Board Collection are a delicious plant-based addition to your favorite cheesy recipes, including pizza, cheesy pastas, your favorite Mexican dish, or my favorite – melted over steamed broccoli.

With a more dairy-like flavor and texture compared to Daiya Original Shreds, the Cutting Board Collection features the same amazing melt and stretch. Bold and deliciously flavorful, Daiya Shreds – Cutting Board Collection are available in Cheddar Style, Mozzarella Style and Pepperjack Style.

In this bento box, I paired the cheeze quesadillas with fresh fruit and vegetables and a rice cake. My girls love to spread almond butter on them and top with fresh fruit!

While Sophia wasn’t ever diagnosed with a gluten allergy, I’ve definitely noticed that when she consumes gluten her eczema flares up. That’s one reason we strive for dairy and gluten free lunch box ideas that she can eat without flare-ups of any kind and that’s another reason that we choose to use Daiya’s products.

Daiya Foods is passionate about celebrating delicious food that is 100% plant based.  Everything Daiya manufactures is dairy-, gluten- and soy-free. Daiya’s selection of deliciously dairy-free foods can be found in more than 22,000 grocery stores across the US and Canada, including Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway and Publix.

Another great dairy and gluten free lunch box idea that is super easy is a cheese and crackers box. Paired with gluten-free crackers, the Daiya Slices make the perfect “sandwich”. I like to cut the slices into fun shapes with food cutters just to make lunches a little more fun. The cheese slices are as yummy cool with crackers as they are melted on a grilled panini!

I always hear that bento boxes take too much time – but this box is the perfect example of a quick, delicious and nutritious lunch. In addition to your cheese cracker sandwiches, include a few fruit and tomato kabobs with fresh fruit and hummus [in the piggy pot] for dipping and your child will get excited about lunch every time!

The new and improved Daiya Slices are now made with coconut oil and have the same incredible melt, stretch and taste as dairy-based cheese. I also love the updated, re-sealable package available with all four crave-worthy flavors: Cheddar Style, Swiss Style, Provolone Style, and introducing NEW American Style. All of the flavors contain NO titanium dioxide and NO carrageenan.

While Sophia is technically the only one that needs to eat dairy free in our home, I’ve adapted many of our family favorite recipes with Daiya products. They really are ideal for anyone looking to eat better, whether they’re dairy-intolerant, allergic, vegan, or simply living a healthy lifestyle.

For even more dairy and gluten free lunch box ideas, be sure to follow my Dairy+Gluten Free board on Pinterest.

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