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Cookie Butter Banana Shake [+ a review of the Ninja Ultima Blender]

A couple of months ago, I shared on Facebook that I would be making my first trip to Trader Joe’s and wondered what I should get. I knew the store had quite the following, so I hoped SEBG readers would steer me in the right direction. 

Cookie Butter Banana Shake Recipe

Oh boy, did they ever! They introduced my family to a delicious phenomenon called Cookie Butter. And my friends, today I’ve created a delicious shake for you!

You can thank me now… or later, whichever you choose. But believe me, if you try the Cookie Butter Banana Shake – you will thank me!

The reason I just had to try out a new shake and smoothie or two was because I was recently sent a Ninja Ultima Blender [free to review]. 

I had read rave reviews and listened to my best friend, Amy, rave about her Ninja for so long, so I was beyond excited to try out the new version of the Ninja Ultima for myself!

Ninja Ultima Review

Let me just say that this thing was impressive the moment I took it out. The sheer size of the base and the XL 72 oz Pitcher carried a bit of a WOW factor. 

The base looks sleek, sophisticated, and really really easy to use. That’s the thing with blenders, you know the ones with 10 different buttons [Pulse, Chop, Mince, etc] – how do you know when to use what!?

Ninja Features Collage

The Ninja Ultima Blender is super simple – Pulse [a strong, whirl of the motor], Start/Stop [constant blending], PRO Variable Speed Dial [1-10], and a Single Serve option.

Speaking of Single Serve, the Ultima comes with 160z Pro Single Serve Cups. Why is this so amazing, you may ask? Because they can go straight on the machine themselves!

Ninja Ultima Single Serve

No need to use the XL Pitcher if you’re simply making a breakfast shake for yourself, right!? The best part, not only can you blend in the 16oz cup, but you can drink from it too!  

Unscrew the blade and pop on a Single Serve Sip & Seal Lid for your shakes on the go! And the blades… oh my the blades!

Ninja Ultima Blades

The Ninja Ultima Blender features dual stage blending, which gives it the ultimate shredding and blending capabilities. The top blades are removable, so you can easily blend soups and dressings. 

Adding in the top blades makes sure that your smoothies and shakes are completely smooth and the perfect texture.

So, now you see why the moment the Ninja Ultima arrived on my doorstep, I started dreaming about just what I could do with it. I scoured Pinterest and Ninja’s website for ideas and recipes!

And before I show you just how I came up with the Cookie Butter Banana Shake, check out all the things that the Ninja Ultima CAN do:

shakes * whole fruit smoothies * grind meat * soups * salad dressings * salsa * ice cream maker * nut butter maker * juicer * grain mill * ice crusher * cheese grater * food processor *

Cookie Butter Banana Shake

I was inspired to make the Cookie Butter Banana Shake, well, because of my love for Cookie Butter and from the amazing recipes that can be found on Ninja Kitchen’s Pinterest Page.  

I adapted their Mocha Banana Shake into a delicious shake for other Cookie Butter fans out there!  

The result was a delicious, cold shake that I thoroughly enjoyed sipping during the girls’ nap and one that I plan to make again and again!

Cookie Butter Banana Shake Recipe

Cookie Butter Banana Shake

Cookie Butter Banana Shake


  • Banana
  • 3 tbsp Cookie Butter
  • 1 tbsp Cocoa Powder
  • 1 cup Almond Milk
  • 6 Coffee Ice Cubes [I used regular ice and 1/2 cup of coffee, but freezing your coffee would make this even better!]


  1. Put all ingredients in your blender and pulse a couple of times, then blend for about 25 seconds. Enjoy! Oh, and you're welcome.

The Ninja Ultima Blender retails for $199.00, which is 1/3 of the price of it’s very expensive competition, which it boasts the same RPM and HP!  

You can purchase the Ninja Ultima at all major retailers, including online at


Wednesday 10th of August 2016

I haven't tried Trader Joe's Cookie Butter yet, but this is a nice way to try it, along with using frozen coffee - new & yummy ideas to me!

Amber Ludwig

Thursday 3rd of December 2015

Oooh this sounds amazing!! What a great treat this would make!! Yummo!!

Marcia Lee

Thursday 1st of May 2014

I have to try your Cookie Butter Banana Shake. I am due for a trip to Trader Joe's and Cookie Butter is now on my list. Thank you for your recipe.

Marcia Lee

Thursday 13th of March 2014

I love the 16 oz single serve cup that goes right on the Ninja Ultimate Blender. The reason I love it is because when I want a one serving smoothie for breakfast, I don't have to use the extra large pitcher. I can use the 16 oz single serve cup to blend my smoothie and put the Sip and Serve cover on and enjoy it as I go to work.

Julie Wood

Tuesday 11th of March 2014

Your drink sounds so delicious! I would love to own a Ninja Blender.They really work well in pulverizing everything that is put in them. I would love to make your drink and some other smoothies. Some day I will own one of these!

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