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Comfort & Style with Jambu Sandals featuring Memory Foam Soles

Today’s post was inspired by my new Blossom Encore shoes from Jambu. All opinions are my own.
Review of Jambu Shoes

I have to admit that once I became a new Mom, my style kind of went out the window. It seemed that way especially because I was a stay at home Mom. My last daily priority was my style and dressing up because I always thought it didn’t matter ‘who would be seeing me‘? It turns out, not that many people, but when I did start to take the time to find my new style as a Mom and take the time to dress in something other than yoga pants, my attitude changed.

Fast forward a few years to a Mom who now works from home with girls who are now 4 and 5 and I still don’t have a ton of extra time on my hands. I will tell you, though, that my style and fashion choices take a priority in the mornings not because of who will see me at school drop-off, but for myself!

Jambu Shoes Outfit1

The most important thing about my style as a Mom is… comfort! It’s true, you can be totally stylish and still comfortable in your clothing, style, and especially your shoe choices! I have two little girls that love to run around the back yard and that love to go on nature walks so my style has to work with all those scenarios and I’ve recently found a shoe that literally almost goes with everything in my closet AND is comfortable while I try to keep up with my girls’ energetic spirits!

Jambu Shoe Review

Jambu shoes, along with being extremely durable and stylish, are super comfortable. No, I know you say you have comfortable shoes in your closet and so do I, but these shoes feature Flex Traction and a Memory Foam Footbed! Yes, memory foam in a shoe… throw away those heels, ladies! Ok, so maybe you shouldn’t exactly throw away your heels, but I’m telling you that once your feet feel the squish of this shoe, it’ll quickly become your favorite.

Jambu Shoes Collage

Jambu makes casual shoes for women that stem from the idea that life is nothing short of an adventure – an amazingly beautiful and unforeseeable adventure and I can think of no other greater adventure than being an active Mom. The Blossom Encore sandal has become my favorite staple in my Spring wardrobe because it’s literally up for anything – skinny jeans, leggings, and even an adorable pairing with a casual skirt!

Jambu Blossom Encore

The Blossom Encore sandal is a totally feminine sandal shoe that still sports great comfort. Not only do these sandals feature the memory foam footbed, but also an All-Terra outsole made with partially recycled rubber that offers great traction. The criss-cross straps featuring an easy velcro closure make these sandals easy to grab and wear as I’m walking out the door on to my next adventure!

Jambu is all about empowering people love their journey and adventure through life and the shoes they offer help you do just that! The Blossom Encore sandal, which retails for $99.00, that I chose as a representation of my style  is just one of many designs that sport fashion and comfort for all of life’s adventures. I love that Jambu also offers several completely vegan styles and many shoes that use some vegan and eco-friendly materials.

You can find the Blossom Encore sandals as seen above and many other styles for Women, Men, and Children at You can also find Jambu in local stores by using their Store Locator.

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What’s the most important thing to you in shoes that you purchase – comfort, style, eco-friendly?


FORM Insole

Monday 2nd of May 2016

Thanks for taking time to talk about the sandals, they look very comfortable to wear and are quiet stylish to boot. We are all looking for shoes that are comfortable for our feet, even after wearing it for most of the day.

Barbara Montag

Saturday 19th of March 2016

I love these sandals! Being comfortable is a mega plus. thanks for the post