Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller

Combi Fold N Go Double Review

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When Combi asked if I would like to review their new double stroller [at no cost to me], I jumped at the chance.  Last year we took the Combi Twin Cosmo Stroller to Disney and we quickly realized we would have never survived Disney without it.  It was our first double stroller and really a life-saver both at the theme park and even just running errands in our little town.

Combi Fold N Go Double

So, why did we want to try out this double?  Because I knew if it was coming from Combi, it was going to be good.  The Combi Fold N Go Double Stroller provides ultimate convenience while encompassing a lightweight, compact, and portable design.

Combi Fold N Go Double Side

The stroller fits through standard doorways and boasts one of my favorite features – a one-hand quick fold!  That’s what sets the Fold N Go Double a little ahead of the previous Cosmo Twin.  The fold is so easy, ladies and gents.  That’s definitely something you appreciate when you have more than 1 child, right!?

Combi Double Stroller Fold

A simple unlock of the a safety lock on the side and pull up on the strap hidden inside the set that says “Pull to Fold” and you get a double stroller that’s easily carried or stored… and stands on it’s own!  Just make sure you lock all the wheels… like the instructions say!

Fold N Go Combi Double

The free-standing double stroller has a single step brake which locks both rear wheels simultaneously.  The Fold N Go Double also features Combi’s extra-large canopies with mesh ventilation windows, which enable you to keep an eye on your children at all times.  Dual front wheel suspension ensures a smooth ride while the lockable front swivel wheels improve maneuverability.

Combi Fold N Go Double Features

The stroller comes with 1 parent cup holder, an extra-large basket, and canopy pockets offer storage of essential items right at your fingertips. With a weight capacity of 50 pounds per seat, two removable child cup holders, one removable snack holder, and a multi-position recline, the Fold N Go Double is suitable for children 6 months and older and will last years as your children continue to grow.  With a capacity of 50 pounds per seat – my girls fit just fine at ages 4.5 and 3 with a combined weight of just under 70 pounds!  I think they look pretty comfy there, huh?!

Girls Combi Fold N Go Double

The Fold N Go Double Stroller is available to purchase in 3 different colors and is available for purchase on

What color of the Fold N Go Double Stroller is your favorite?


  1. My favorite color is caribou. I also like the full size & lightweight travel system. Thank you for the giveaway!
  2. I like the caribou color, and I would say that the double stroller fold and go is the item from Combi I would really want.
  3. My color choice for the stroller would be black. Another item I like from the Combi store would be the zoom mobile entertainer.
  4. My favorite color of the stroller is black. I also like the training mug - step 2. Thanks. partymix25(at)hotmail(dot)com
  5. i am totally smitten by the combi fold n go double stroller in the color salsa! love a bold color! another combi product i love would be the coccoro convertible car seat!
  6. The red salsa color is my favorite and I have several other products from Combi in our home. we've used a mobile all in one entertainer walker on our two youngest girls and we also have a combi high chair in red (as is the walker) love their shade of red!
  7. I love the Salsa color and know the hubby would too since that's his favorite college teams colors (Nebraska cornhuskers) lol I honestly don't know about their other products though this is the first ive heard of their company
  8. I love the caribou color for the stroller. and I do not currently have any combi usa products but this would be a great stroller to have to put the girls in :-)
  9. I love the black stroller! My favorite item is the All-in-One Mobile Entertainer! It looks so awesome. I especially like the entertainer in pink, it looks so classic.
  10. My favorite is the black. I also like the cosmo stroller. It looks like a nice umbrella stroller for one child.
  11. I love the salsa color. I really like the Go and Grow Walker, Play Table & Chairs that is such a great ideal
  12. It would be such a blessing if I one this stroller. I have three kids under the age of 3 and this would be SUCH A BIG HELP. IT LOOKS SO CUTE, AND EASY TO MANAGE I HOPE I WIN.
  13. I would definitely choose the stroller in black. I love tons of other Combi products, particularly the chopsticks training set - so clever!
  14. I would also like to win the Catalyst stroller. It's different :) but since I have been needing a double Stroller just can't afford it. I love the caribou color!
  15. My favorite color is the Salsa. I also would love to have the Go and Grow Walker, Play Table & Chairs
  16. I like the red combi stroller, and I also like the all-in-one mobile entertainer, I just bet one of my twins would look cute in it!
  17. I like the caribou color the best. I just love the Go and grow walker, play table and chairs. I think my great niece would love that.
  18. I love the stroller in black best! I also love the Coccoro Convertible Car Seat! we will definitely need another one soon!!
  19. I like the black color. Also I think the Coccoro Convertible Car Seat is a fantastic piece of baby equipment for safety.
  20. I like the caribou color best, I don't think it would get quite as hot as all black in the summer. I also think the go and grow walker is really cool.
  21. I like the salsa color, I think its the right amount of pop of color. and I love the Go and Grow Walker, Play Table & Chairs.
  22. I love the black stroller because it won't get as dirty and the color goes with everything. I also love the Zoom Mobile Entertainer!
  23. The coccoro convertible carseat is def another item i love. Would love to win the fold and go double stroller in red.
  24. I like the caribou color quite a bit. All of their strollers look lovely! I would really like the catalyst too!
  25. i like the stroller in the color Salsa, it's a fun pop of color. I also like Combi's Pod bouncer, i like it's simple design.
  26. I would love to have the caribou color of the Fold N Go Double Stroller and I would love to have the Shuttle Infant Car Seat

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