Cloth Wipes and Paper-Less Towels from Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop

A few weeks ago, I featured Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop during the Relish Reusable Event.  She gave away a fantastic selection of cloth wipes and paper-less towels and today I’m giving you a closer look at the items that you can find in her Etsy Shop!

Rainbow Wipes

I received a package of a variety of cloth wipes and paper-less towels free to share with readers through a review.  The package was honestly a bit breathtaking.  I know, I know – it’s a super weird thing to say about cloth wipes – but the variety, the colors, the soft textures – they were just beautiful!

Within the package, I got to see almost all of the cloth products that are for sale in Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop.

Ginas Wipes

  • 2 packs of 5 OBV wipes
  • [20] 1-plyorganic little wipes (rainbow colors assortment)
  • [2]  2-Ply Organic Birdseye Dishtowels (ivory edges)
  • [10]  1-plyOrganic Birdseye  Paperless Towels  (rainbow assortment)
  • [10]  1-Ply White Birdseye Paperless Towels (white edges)
  • [10]  1-Ply Organic Flannel Little Wipes (rainbow assortment)
  • [10]  2-Ply White Birdseye Little Wipes (Spring assortment)

Even though we’re already out of the cloth diapering stages, there are plenty of needs for cloth wipes with my two girls… plenty!  I recently wrote a post about 16 other uses for cloth wipes and believe me, we use them for ALL those things, but mainly for cleaning up quick spills and for cleaning up faces after meals!

But perhaps my favorite in the box, other than the OBV wipes because let’s just say I’m obsessed with OBV wipes for myself [they make the best face cloths!] are the 2-Ply Organic Birdseye Dishtowels.

Gina's Dish Cloth Size

I love the new larger dish towel size, as it’s perfect to have hanging on the stove for a quick wipe of my hands while cooking.  The birdseye fabric on the Paper-less Towels get softer and more absorbent with every wash too.

Dish Cloths in Drawer

I have plans to eventually put snaps on my paper-less towels so they’re more accessible to the whole family for replacing with regular paper towels, but for now, they’re the ones I grab first right out of my towel drawer!

Be sure to head over to Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop when you’re ready to make the switch to cloth wipes and/or paper-less towels in your home or if you’re looking to build your stash!  She carries a wide variety of sizes, colored edges, and materials and offers affordable options from 10 packs to as large as 50 count bundles.

  1. My son has been having some major diaper area issues and we've had to stop using everything on him!! So lately we've been using washcloths and water but Im thinking cloth wipes is the way to go if we have to do this until he's potty trained!! Thanks for the great review and link, I'll have to go check her out!
  2. I am loving my paper-less towels and wipes from Gina! It was an amazing selection that I'm constantly finding a use for. Thanks again for the great giveaway! :-)
  3. These sound like the cotton towels I've preferred to use all along- smooth material but thirsty. By the way,, what are OBV wipes?

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