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The BEST Cloth Baby Wipes + How to Store Them

Using cloth baby wipes is a great way to make your household and baby more eco-friendly. They go hand in hand with using cloth diapers, but you may still have questions about using cloth baby wipes or where to find the best cloth baby wipes. Lucky for you, I have all the info that you need!

All About Cloth Wipes

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Cloth baby wipes definitely go hand in hand when cloth diapering. If you’re open to using cloth diapers, you’re probably open to using washable baby wipes. I mean, to be honest, they are even easier than using cloth diapers.

And just like using cloth diapers, using these wipes doesn’t have to be a full-time commitment  – some people decide to use disposable wipes at nighttime or when traveling. In fact, you don’t have to use cloth diapers at all to use cloth baby wipes.

Cloth wipes can be used full or part-time as well – and still be better for the environment, your baby, and your wallet!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best cloth baby wipes:

  • Material – You’re not looking for absorbent materials like you would for cloth diapers. You’re looking for softness.
  • Size – Size matters with cloth baby wipes. You don’t want them too big or too small.
  • Storage – How you store your cloth wipes will definitely influence how you feel about them. I have the best cloth wipe storage tip below!
how to use cloth wipes

+ Why Should I Use Cloth Wipes?

Most people choose to use cloth baby wipes for the same reasons they are using cloth diapers – environmental and less chemicals. There are eco friendly baby wipes on the market, but you can’t get more eco friendly than washing your cloth wipes and reusing them!

They’ll save you money, time, and save you from accidentally washing disposable wipes with your cloth diapers. The wipes can be put right into your cloth diaper laundry and diaper pail, so there are really no extra steps.

They’re relatively cheap to purchase and you can even make them yourself! It’s a completely personal choice, but the pros are about the same as with the pros to using cloth diapers, which is why I think they’re probably one of the easiest cloth diaper accessories to use.

+ How Do I Wash Cloth Baby Wipes?

You can simply wash your cloth wipes right in your regular cloth diaper laundry – no need wash separately!

+ How Do I Store Cloth Diaper Wipes?

This is by far the most asked question I get about cloth baby wipes. There are a couple of different ways to store your reusable baby wipes. First, let’s talk physical storage.

store cloth wipes in a disposable wipe box

First, let’s talk about physical storage – one of the most popular places to keep the wipes is in a disposable wipes box. There’s even a way to fold your cloth wipes so they’ll pop up, just like disposables do. All you have to do is fold them over one another in a zig zag type pattern like this:

There is also the choice as to whether you’ll store your wipes dry or pre-moistened:

Dry Cloth Wipes can still be kept in a disposable wipe box, or a drawer, or basket – whatever works for you!  When you’re storing your wipes dry, you’ll use a spray bottle or maybe even the bathroom sink to wet your wipes before each use.

Pre-Moistened Wipes will obviously need to be stored in a closed container. Some people even use Wipe Warmers. If you’re storing wet, you’ll simply pour your cloth wipe solution over your dry wipes and then store them. You will need to use the wipes quicker [within 2-3 days] so mildew doesn’t occur.

Using Cloth Wipes in cloth diapering

I used dry wipes [squirted cloth wipe solution on each one before use] for over a year.  Once I finally tried pre-moistening the wipes, I realized just how easy it was and I’ll never go back to storing them dry again!

There are a few different cloth wipe solutions that most people use.  Water is very popular – by itself.  I use to use only water, but felt like I wanted a little extra something in there.  You can add just a tiny couple of drops of baby soap, some essential oils are popular as well.

Cloth Wipe Solutions for reusable cloth wipes

How Many Cloth Wipes Do You Need?

This depends on if you’re using cloth wipes full time or part-time, but a good relative number to have is about 24.  This should get you through a couple days of diaper changes.  You can start with less and add more if you find you need more.

What can I do with all these cloth wipes when I’m done with cloth diapers?

Actually you can do a lot! I wrote a post on 16 other other uses for cloth wipes.

Tips to Make Cloth Wipes Easy to Use on the Go.

Using cloth wipes when you’re away from home is an option. Some people actually prefer it because you can simply throw the wipe right in the travel wet bag with the diaper. If you plan on traveling with cloth wipes, you can store them dry or wet, once again, but I find it’s MUCH easier to have them already moistened.

Cloth Wipe Fabric and Size Choices.

Cloth Wipes are made from a variety of materials. The first cloth wipes that I ever used were some that I made from hubby’s old t-shirts and soft, terry cloth towels. My personal favorites are bamboo velour cloth wipes are from the an Etsy Shop. I’ve had some for over a year now and I love them just as much today as I did when they were brand new!

bamboo velour cloth wipes

Size is a complete user preference.  I like the smaller size of these because I don’t need to fold them to fit them in a disposable wipe box, but some prefer a larger wipe with more surface to clean with and to be able to do the pop-up wipe box.

If you have any questions about Cloth Wipes that you think should be added to these FAQs, be sure to let me know by leaving a comment!


Wednesday 2nd of February 2022

Hello so I'm on my 4th baby but want to use cloth diapers and wipes but I'm wondering what to store pre moistened ones in? Would a huggies box work?


Friday 8th of April 2022

@Nicole, I use a ziplock freezer bowl for my wipes lol.


Thursday 3rd of February 2022

Yes, that's exactly what I used and it worked great. I would just recommend wiping the box clean at least once a week to avoid any mold or mildew.

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