Cloth Wipes by Two Sweet Potatoes

Do you use cloth wipes?  If you do, or want to start, I’ve got a lovely post for you today!

Before Sophia was born, I made my own cloth wipes out of terry washcloths and old t-shirts.  Those are in the closet as cleaning rags now {where they should stay… my sewing is embarrassing}, but my current cloth wipe collection is mostly comprised of wipes made of hemp, cotton, and flannel.  When Nikki from Two Sweet Potatoes contacted me about doing a review of her Organic Bamboo Velour wipes, I was interested, but a bit hesitant. I’ve felt OBV before and sure, it’s soft, but how good could it really be for wipes?  I was worried that they would be too soft and just move everything around.

Two Sweet Potatoes Cloth Wipes

When I pulled these wipes out of the mailbox, I was in love.  They were already so soft, very well sewn, and packaged together so lovely.  I immediately emailed Nikki and told her that I may steal them for my own make-up removing cloths!

I did prep the wipes.  I don’t think you need to prep OBV, but I did anyways, just to be sure {did 3-4 washes with other laundry}.  If you have used cloth wipes, you’ll understand why I did.  My flannel, cotton, and hemp wipes had to be washed at least 10 times before they would absorb the water when I squirted them.  It’s super annoying, as the wipe solution goes everywhere except onto the wipe.  These wipes never did that.

Cloth Wipes

Can I make an un-green confession?  I do not use cloth wipes all the time.  When Sophia poos, I use disposable wipes for two reasons.  {1} It’s super hard for me to spray the wipes off.  When they get the poo on them, I don’t want to leave it in the pail, so I spray them and get everything, including me, soaked. {2} I’m quite obsessive about getting Soph clean, so I use a few too many wipes, I’m sure.  I would use half of my cloth wipes on one clean up.  But, I always use a cloth wipe after the sposies so I know she’s super clean.

Since I knew I had to review every aspect of these wipes, I did it.  I used them on a poo clean-up and surprisingly, it only took two wipes.  I didn’t worry about irritating Sophia’s skin because they were so soft!  Although, we did have the issue with spraying {leave me a comment letting me know how you get your wipes clean.}

Two Sweet Potatoes’ OBV wipes are the perfect size.  The shop boasts “Just say no to folding!”.  They fit perfectly in a disposable box, as you can see!

I store my wipes dry and use a squirt bottle of water to wet them as I need them.  I’m currently looking for a good wipes solution {email me if you have a wonderful recipe, or recommend your favorite to me!}

Why I Love Two Sweet Potatoes’ OBV Wipes:  Absolutely, by far they are the softest wipes ever.  They’re organic and Nikki hand finishes them, no chemical fray block on these beauties!  The colors, oh the colors!

Buy Them:  You can buy an 8 pack of OBV Wipes (in your choice of 6 different colors) for $12.00.  There are also cute Bibs, Burp Cloths, and Infant/Toddler clothes for sale at the Etsy Shop.  All items are Organic!

  1. My son actually went through a horrible rash stage and all we could use was cloth wipes... it was amazing on his skin!! I wish we had stock to do it all the time!! With my next Im planning to plan ahead and cloth all the way!!
  2. As to you question about cleaning poo off of wipes, here is what I do. I'm relatively new to using cloth wipes and I don't even have a sprayer so I'm sure there are easier ways to do it. I have a small plastic spoon (I read somewhere else that someone uses a spork) that I keep in the bathroom. With dirty wipes, I always plan to keep one corner clean and I'll hold that corner while I clean off the wipe with the spoon. It's been working for us so far!
  3. These look great! I am a new follower, I found you on Etsy through Two Sweet Potatoes. I also have a green blog and I am working with someone else to create a green blog hop, let me know if you are interested in co-hosting with us!

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