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Wool Cloth Diapers: Why You Should Be Using Them & Answers to Your Questions

Answers to all your cloth diapering with wool questions. Why should you use wool diaper covers on your baby? It has amazing pros when it comes to cloth diapering.

cloth diapering with wool

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Using wool in cloth diapering is one of the best choices I ever made.  I have no doubt that it saved cloth diapering for me, especially at night.  I was ready to give up when Sophia was 9 months old because I couldn’t find a combination that would allow her to wake up to a dry bed and PJ’s.  A fitted diaper paired with a Wool Cover has been worked for us for 2 years with Sophia and is now the nighttime cloth diapering choice we use with Moreaya!

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Here you’ll find everything you wanted to know about using wool in your cloth diaper routine!

Pros and Cons to Using Wool:

There are so many Pros, that we’re actually going to start with the Cons of cloth diapering with wool.


  • Adding more steps to cloth diaper routine
  • Must buy more products – Wool itself, fitted diapers, and wool cleaning products. Wool diaper covers can also be an expensive investment at first.
  • Compression Issues can happen at night – making it difficult to put clothes over wool
  • Most think using wool will make your baby too hot {in the Summer}, itchy.  These are MYTHS!
  • Most think washing and lanolizing wool will take lots of extra time and be difficult.  These are also MYTHS!


  • For heavy wetters, Wool+Fitted combos are sometimes the only thing that will work at nighttime – keeping baby and sheets dry for upwards of 12 hours.
  • Wool is a natural breathing fiber so it’s better for babies skin than a PUL cover – causing less rashes
  • Wool diaper covers don’t have to be washed after every use – just when they are soiled or start to become stinky.

Using Wool Diaper Covers When Cloth Diapering:

So, how do you actually use wool with cloth diapers?  It’s simple.  You’ll more than likely use a fitted cloth diaper underneath wool, although you could technically use a pocket, but fitteds are the best option.  What the wool does is repel the liquid so that your diaper will become wet, soaked even, but it will not leak through the wool.  Amazing, right?!

Types of Wool Covers:


  • There are different types of wool that are used for diaper covers.  I like to consult the maker of the wool to see how it works best.  You want to be sure that you get a soft material to go against your babies skin!


  • Shorties/Soakers – These look most like underwear or a regular diaper cover.  Wool soakers are usually used under clothes or in the warmer months.
  • Longies – These are longer pant-style wool covers that are usually worn on their own.  Depending on how they look, they could even be worn as pants away from home.
  • Skirties – Yes, there are wool makers that turn their diaper covers into cute wool skirties!  They usually have a soaker sewn in beneath the skirt so it functions as a diaper cover.

Washing and Lanolizing Wool:

Lanolizing and Prepping Wool Diaper Covers for Cloth Diapering

I wrote a post when I first started using wool on how to lanolize wool soakers that includes a video tutorial to show you just how easy and fast the process really is – under 2 minutes!

Cloth Diapering with Wool FAQs:

How does Wool work?

Well, there’s certainly a technical answer to this question, but you won’t find it here.  I’m a short and simple kind of gal, so here’s my answer.  It repels liquid rather than absorbing it.  So, if the wool is exposed to wetness, in the form of a fitted underneath it, it will repel the water {keeping it in the fitted diaper itself}, and the wool and everything on the outside of it will stay dry!

What types of Wool work best?

Honestly, I’m not totally confident in my different types of Wool knowledge.  I’ve had experience with Merino, Cashmere, and Inter-lock Wool.  You can also have wool covers made out of upcycled sweaters and crocheted or knitted wool.  Some of my favorites have been wool soakers made from upcycled sweaters because not only are they more affordable, but they work just as well as wool that was created just for a cloth diaper cover.

How to Prep Wool Diaper Covers

What types of Wool Diaper Covers are there available?

You will most likely see these common types of Wool Covers:  Soakers, Longies, Wraps/Covers {Snap Closure}.  Most wool covers are sized, but there are a few companies that make OS Covers.  Remember, if you’re ordering a Wool Product that you’re going to use at nighttime, be sure to measure your child with their nighttime diaper on because it’s usually larger/more bulky than a regular diaper or without a diaper on at all.

One of the most popular Wool Diaper Covers are Disana Wool. While you may be put off by the price tag of wool soakers at first, you’ll find that they really last well. You can find Disana Wool Covers on Amazon.

Why do so many parents use wool diaper covers at night?

You can definitely use Wool during the day, but I usually reserve it for overnight simply because I don’t have that many fitteds in our stash.  The Wool combo for me can keep both Moreaya and Sophia dry for 10-12 hours with no leaks.  Even though their fitted diaper may be soaked in the morning, their sheets never are.

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Have questions about Cloth Diapering with Wool that I didn’t address?
Leave them in the Comments and I’ll add to the post!

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