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How to Make Using Cloth Diapers Cheap

We’ve been talking about Cloth Diapering on a Budget – even broke down 3 different systems and compared prices. 

Today, we’re talking cheap – dirt cheap. Ok, maybe not dirt cheap. But we’re talking about how you can absolutely, positively spend the least amount of money possible and still successfully cloth diaper your child.


Thing about it for a second. In today’s modern world, we’ve tricked out cloth diapers. They have stay dry fabrics, snaps, and waterproof layers. 

Back in your Grandma’s Cloth Diapering days, they didn’t have that. They didn’t have disposables either. Well, maybe your Great Grandma days for some of you. So, if you want to go cheap, you simply have to go classic.

I’ve had plenty of emails from readers telling me they were using microfiber towels from the automotive departments – stuffing them in pockets or laying a safe fabric on top of them in a cover.

In the Flats challenge, you’ll see bloggers and readers using towels, tshirts, and baby blankets for diapers. You can cloth diaper cheaply – very cheaply – it just depends on how cheap you really want to go.

If you’re that cheap, you probably already have your system all figured out, but for the rest of us who just want to save a bit of extra money, we won’t go quite as drastic. 

We’ll tackle each of the 4 subjects above {on the button} in a section below.

DIY – Make and Repair Cloth Diapers

I’m a beginner seamstress, but I’m nowhere near good enough to make my own diapers. If you are, though, this could be a great way to save a large amount of money with cloth diapering.

Even though I’m not a pro, I have purchased a couple of diapers on Facebook Swap pages that needed a little TLC – like this Ragababe AI2 shell. The original owner didn’t want to fool with fixing it, but I knew I could very easily.

Repair Cloth Diapers to Save Money

Some threads were coming loose on a landing strip, so I bought this shell – CHEAP – like, less than half the price of what a used Ragababe shell usually goes for. 

It took me a total of 5 minutes to fix AND the best part is the repair is covered by the inside flap!

Share a Cloth Diaper Purchase with a Friend

There are a few ways of doing this, which may or may not work for you.

Option 1 – Purchase a stash with a friend. Seeing as to how most diapers will last through more than 1 child, you could essentially split the price of a stash with a friend and pass them between each other when your children are in diapers.


Option 2 – Go in together to purchase a larger amount of diapers, which often means savings per diaper – especially when manufacturers offer great money savings and promotions.

Which leads us to…

Stalk Sales, Promotions, and your Favorite Cloth Diaper Stores

Some of my favorite ways to save are sales! Not only are they fun to find, but you can save tons of money if you plan ahead. 

Black Friday is always a great day to buy, as well as other major Holidays because cloth manufacturers and store owners often offer great sales during those times!

I also suggest finding one store and staying loyal. Quite a few of my favorites {that I’ve featured here on SEBG at some time or another} have Customer Rewards and Loyalty programs. 

For example, when you buy a diaper, you earn rewards back for future gift cards. I like to stock up on these and use them during the big sales!

Buy Used Cloth Diapers

Obviously this option is not for everyone. My hubby doesn’t exactly like it either, but it’s a wonderful way to buy cloth diapers on a budget, if you’re open to it… and you do your homework. 

My Cloth Diaper Stash has a great series of posts about what you should know when you’re buying used cloth diapers. You’ll want to be sure you wash them really well, also – so check out Washing Used Cloth Diapers too.

Buy Used Cloth Diapers

You can usually purchase used cloth at a deep discount – at least 1/2 off retail price – but it always depends on the diapering system, brand, and condition.

Let’s hear it… What’s the CHEAPEST thing you’ve done to save money while Cloth Diapering?

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