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How to Keep Your House Clean with Dogs – Art of Green Review

This post was sponsored by Art of Green® and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

When we brought Collie, our new AussieDoodle, home in April, I felt like I was bringing home a new baby all over again. We had prepared in the weeks leading up to his arrival by cleaning, “puppy proofing”, and buying toys and supplies to be ready for him. It kind of felt like what I did when the girls were first brought home from the hospital!

Some of the same concerns I had for them, I had for our new puppy. Keeping cords and wires out of the floor, putting away all medicines, and even shoes to keep them from becoming new chew toys. I was also concerned with adding yet another member to our family and all the work it would entail. 

Another concern was keeping our house from feeling [and smelling!!!] like a zoo! We already have 6 people, 2 cats, and a Yorkie in our house, so adding another puppy, who would grow to be quite bigger than the Yorkie and cats, is a big addition! 

Thankfully we started good habits when Collie was a much smaller puppy so those habits are easy to stick to now that he’s a 45 pound 6 month puppy! If you’re adding a new dog to your family or just looking for tips to help keep your house clean with dogs, I’m sharing my tips today!

Clean with pet safe cleaners, like Art of Clean cleaning products.

One of the first decisions I made when I became a Mom was using safer, non-toxic cleaners. That made one thing easier when bringing Collie home because I didn’t have to make any changes to that area of our life. But sometimes those type of cleaners can be more expensive. Thankfully, I’ve found a new choice for our pet and kid friendly house! 

Art of Green are cleaning products that deliver uncompromising cleaning performance with everyday affordability. They’re even available at my local stores like Target, Sprouts Market, H-E-B, and even on I love that they’re affordable and easily accessible.

While I am loving Art of Green products for pet clean-ups, I also love that it’s a great all-around cleaning product that is 98% naturally derived and contain no harsh chemicals, that is both safe for use around pets and kids. It’s been a great product that’s tough on dirt, grease and grime. I like being able to use the same cleaners all over the house instead of using one here and another there.

Brush them daily to control shedding and vacuum often.

I was under the impression that Doodle puppies weren’t big shedders… WRONG! Collie tends to shed a lot, but I’ve found with daily brushings, it keeps it at a minimum. Vacuuming often helps with this as well!

Wipe dogs down when they’ve gone outside, especially their paws.

Sure those paw prints are cute, but not when it comes to muddy paws on a clean floor! I like to keep small towels in our mudroom to wipe down Collie when he comes in from outside. But, if he sneaks in before I get his paws wiped… I have these on hand!

Wipe down surfaces daily with Art of Green Cleaning Wipes.

The Art of Green Multisurface Cleaning Wipes are the perfect size to keep in every room for small clean-ups from pets and kids. I love the refreshing scents of both, Lavender & Eucalyptus and Citrus & White Flowers, and it’s so important to me knowing that I can quickly wipe up a mess without worrying about toxic chemicals around Collie and my girls.

Wash bedding and toys weekly.

Collie loves to sleep on his favorite blanket and by the end of the week, it can, well, smell like a dog! I always make it a habit to throw his blankets and plush toys in the washing machine once a week to keep everything smelling fresh.

While it may seem like your house is always a wreck with dog toys, it doesn’t have to smell or look like a zoo! If you follow these easy tips, and keep plenty of the affordable, non-toxic Art of Green cleaners around, you’ll be able to tackle any messes in your home!

Use the Art of Green store locator to find the store closest to you!