Christmas Personalized Books for Kids

We are just a couple weeks away from Christmas and I’ve already began the buy all the presents and wrap frenzy. While I have most of our Christmas list covered, I’m still trying to pick up a couple of gifts for both of my girls as little extras in addition to the toys they’ve put on their Santa List.

One thing that I always love to include in their gifts is something sentimental that they can keep for years to come. Sure, they love the toys, but I know these special gifts will mean so much to them, especially when they get older. This isn’t the first Christmas that they’ve had I See Me Books personalized books for kids under the tree. A couple of years ago I reviewed a few different selections and this year the company sent me two of their newest titles to review.

I have to say that I loved the books that we received from I See Me! a few years ago, but I can just tell you that through these few years, their quality has only gotten better. This year I chose to receive the Christmas Sing-Along Book for Moreaya.

Both of my girls love to sing, but Moreaya has become especially fond of singing Christmas songs over the past few weeks. I knew she would just love seeing her name on the music CD and the lyrics in the book. Speaking of her name, how about the fact that this little girl who can never find her name in any personalized items, now has a beautiful book personalized just for her! I See Me! is the perfect solution for parents who have given their unique children a unique name!

Along with the personalized story and hardcover, you can also add a dedication in each of their Christmas books.

Of course, the fact that the books are completely personalized with your child’s name [and even picture if you choose] is one of the best features of these personalized books for kids, it’s not the only reason your kids will love them. The stories weave nicely and are fun to read, while the images and illustrations are just done beautifully.

That’s also another huge favorite of mine when it comes to I See Me! personalized books for kids. The personalization doesn’t stop at the dedication page or the book’s cover. The child’s name is included throughout the story, even on the illustrations!

I was even asked to supply information of Sophia’s siblings names and any pets to help personalize the Night Before Christmas storybook. She is just going to love finding all the little hidden gems throughout this story!

If you’re still looking for that special gift for your children, or other kids on your list, there’s still plenty of time to order personalized books for kids from I See Me. In fact, they are offering guaranteed delivery before Christmas on all orders placed by December 18th! You’ll find more than just books at I See Me! as well – check out their beautiful assortment of personalized ornaments, puzzles, lunch boxes, and more. And don’t think these personalized items are just for Christmas – I love giving them as birthday gifts as well!

  1. LOVE the sing along book!! Christmas music is one of my favorites!! If caroling was still cool Id totally walk around doing it! ;)

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