TOTAL Makeover! Make Your Own Cat Litter Box Furniture with This Easy Tutorial

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Are you looking for a way to hide your cat’s litter box? DIY from an old cabinet to make this cat litter box furniture on any budget!

When we decided to adopt a new cat just a few days after Christmas in 2015, I never knew we’d be driving away with TWO! As far as I knew, they were all spoken for and we were heading to adopt only one of them. When we arrived, however, one of the little ones ended up not having a forever home. So we brought both home and now couldn’t imagine having just one of them!

Frosty and Bella made themselves right at home from that very first day… and still do as you can see. Frosty ALWAYS wants to be in the middle of everything, including DIY home projects. While I’ve been a “cat Mom” many times, being a Mom to two cats definitely comes with a few extra responsibilities. First, just because the cats may be siblings – they can be VERY different. Bella and Frosty have two completely different personalities just like my daughters. We’ve learned that they like very different things – different toys, different sleeping spots, and different types of attention.

Luckily one thing they both like is the same cat food. I’ve recently started filling their bowls with Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Indoor Complete Chicken with Lentils & Salmon Recipe. We choose this cat food because of it’s real, wholesome ingredients and the fact that real U.S. farm-raised chicken is always the #1 ingredient, plus real salmon. Nutrish Indoor Complete is intended for adult cats only [1 year and up] and also addresses the indoor cat concerns of weight, digestion, and immunity, which is a huge concern for our two indoor cats.

You can grab the $2 coupon for Nutrish Indoor Complete by clicking the picture above. You can print it twice [if you’re like me and buy lots of cat food] and they don’t expire until the end of the year.

Another reason we chose Nutrish Indoor Complete is the amazing story behind Rachael’s Rescue®! The program was created for all of the forgotten pets – the ones who might not have someone who loves them as much as they deserve. A portion of proceeds from each sale of Nutrish is donated to The Rachael Ray Foundation, which helps animals in need through Rachael’s Rescue. Through December 2016, Rachael’s Rescue has donated more than $17.5 million dollars to pet charities and other organizations that do good for animals!

You can shop for Indoor Complete where you buy your family’s groceries or online at, [which is where I do all my pet supplies shopping because free Prime Shipping for the win!] or

Another way these cats are alike is they are finicky, as the majority of cats are. Any time we change anything, including food, we have to do it slowly. The same goes with cat litter or litter box placement. One thing that I learned when I started researching what I should know about having multiple cats is the fact that you should have a litter box for every cat that lives in your home. This insures there’s ample space for each of them. In our home we decided to put one litter box upstairs and one downstairs.

I have always struggled with litter being tracked all over the floors and it’s a huge pet peeve [yes, I totally meant that pun] of mine. I also can’t stand to see an extra large cat litter box just sitting in the corner of a room. We tried multiple places upstairs but I never could find one that was just perfect… until now!

DIY Cat Litter Box Furniture

A quick search of cat litter box furniture will give you tons of options on how to hide your cat’s litter box and various cat litter box covers, but they can be quite expensive. We were already using an old cabinet, which was the bottom part of a 1980’s TV entertainment center, to block the litter box so I had an epiphany! Could I fit their extra large cat litter box INSIDE the cabinet?!

It turns out I could! But I was so tired of looking at that cabinet and it’s fake wood laminate that I decided to take a risk and see if I could paint it before I had my husband cut out the side, since I wasn’t completely sure if paint or primer would stick to the outside. First, I filled all the old holes [that were used for shelves to hold VHS tapes!]. I removed the doors and hardware for easier paint and I started with a white primer.

It took two full coats but it held just fine! Once the primer dried, my husband took his jigsaw and cut out a large rectangle on one side of the cabinet. While you could probably get away with a smaller opening, we have an extra large cat litter box with a cover on the inside so it needed to be rather big.

Then I went to painting. I chose a lovely shade of a green that would accent our sitting area upstairs. I planned on changing out the cabinet door hardware in the beginning, but I actually loved the old knobs with that shade of green so I kept it after all.


Transitioning Your Cat to Cat Litter Box Furniture

As I said, cats are finicky so you definitely want to make this transition a slow and smooth one, just like you do when you switch to a new cat food. Before I even painted the cabinet, I began by putting the litter box inside of it, with the doors already removed. First, facing the front so the cats didn’t even have to go inside the cabinet. After a couple of days, I turned the litter box so they actually had to step inside to get into the litter box. Doing this slowly helps to cut down on the risk of accidents and your cats totally rejecting your new piece of furniture.

While you may not have a 1980’s Entertainment Center cabinet sitting in your home to upcycle into a cat litter box furniture piece, I’m willing to bet you can find one rather easily… and one that’s rather inexpensive too! Browse yard sales, online sale sites, and your Grandmother’s basement for some cool pieces to DIY and save yourself money AND the not-so-pretty sight of a litter box!

  1. This is quite the DIY! I love the color you chose and the fact that it looks nothing like a litter box! #client

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