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Budsies: Custom Plush from Your Artwork + Budsies Coupon Code

If your child loves to draw and create, they will love Budsies. They are a one-of-a-kind plush made from your child’s own artwork or picture!

Check out how the process works and our review of Budsies below, plus an unboxing video to show the excitement of seeing your artwork brought to life!

I have to say that my girls love that I’m a blogger. They’ll quickly tell you that they get to play with cool toys, go amazing places, and have some incredible experiences.

They’ll also quickly tell you how much work goes into a blog post behind the scenes, with photographs, editing, promoting and writing, so they know just these cool things turn into a bit of work. 

As they’ve gotten older, I let them choose certain experiences and reviews that they are interested in and have let them be even more involved with the backend of things like setting up photographs and writing.

But when  I came across Budsies, I knew they were going to absolutely love it. I didn’t ask them and I didn’t hesitate to say YES to a review of these custom plushes.

What are Budsies?

Before our experience, I hadn’t came across Budsies and you might not have either. The concept is really amazing, especially if you have children who love stuffed animals.

And if you have children who love to draw as much as they love stuffed animals… well, Budsies were made for you too!

Budsies are stuffed animals made from art. They are completely custom, one-of-a-kind, handmade taken from your child’s artwork [or yours if you are the creative type too]! 

I thought about surprising the girls, but I know just how particular and perfect Sophia likes things, so I decided to tell them. After a few rough drafts, they were super happy and satisfied with their artwork that was going to become their new favorite, fluffy friend.

The process to order a Budsies is super simple. I scanned their artwork, but you could also take a picture and upload the artwork that way. There are only 3 main steps to the ordering process. The first of which is to upload your artwork.

Next, Budsies requests that you describe your creation. This just insures that the designers are able to get the full idea about the artwork. I simply wrote a couple of sentences about colors and the characters the girls drew.

There are a few upgrades available for Budsies. We were able to choose Sneak Peek, which gave me an early look during the process before the Budsies were shipped. You can also request Supersized Budsies and a Birth Certificate.

Speaking of choices, there are other types of plushes available with Budsies including Selfies and Petsies. I’m completely obsessed with the idea of the Petsies!

Once I placed our order, there wasn’t a day that went by that the girls didn’t ask me if their stuffed animals were going to arrive that day! They were SO excited.

I chose standard delivery, which is within 8 weeks, but it definitely didn’t take that long. I’m sure there are times when the designers are very busy, but it’s always a good idea to order in plenty of time if you’re planning a birthday gift or holiday surprise.

With the Sneak Peek upgrade option, I was sent pictures of the Budsies. I accepted with no changes because they looked perfectly like the drawing to me. I chose not to show the girls because I couldn’t wait to see their excited faces when they arrived.

I was right. They were so surprised and excited. Here’s their Budsies Unboxing video:

Our Budsies Review

I was immediately amazed at the size. I don’t know what I expected, but they were a great size. I was a bit afraid that they were going to be small and look, maybe, a little less par than some of the girls’ other stuffed animals.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The quality on their Budsies are really, really well – much better than most you buy. The materials are all soft and vibrant.

All of us were just in shock and excitement at exactly how the designers turned the kids’ artwork into real stuffed animals!

And in case you can’t tell, Sophia designed a unicorn cat with a rainbow mermaid tail. She was impressed that the designers got every detail of her drawing – even the swirl unicorn horn!

Moreaya designed a very unique unicorn herself with hair, wings, it’s own cutie mark, and a tail! 

Since they arrived they’ve been by their sides pretty much everywhere!

I do have to admit that when I first saw the prices for Budsies I was a little surprised. But once I saw the quality plush that we were sent, I completely understand. It is a completely custom stuffed animal that is truly handmade to last for years of cuddles.

You can save $10 off your Budsies order by shopping through my exclusive link!

I think Budsies would be the perfect gift for the creative child who loves to draw! It’s truly a one-of-a-kind gift to cherish forever!