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Budget Friendly FROZEN Birthday Party

My littlest Princess turned 3 last month. It’s quite hard for me to even believe that I don’t have a baby anymore and I almost don’t have a toddler either! Her past birthdays were eventful and party themes were fun, but they were my choices for her – turning 1 was a Beach Birthday Party Extravaganza and last year was a Yo Gabba Gabba Party.  

This year, however, was all her idea… FROZEN!

Budget Friendly FROZEN Party

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Just like the Halloween Elsa game, I can about bet that a LOT of you have been to FROZEN birthday parties over the past year.  You might even be planning your own!  

So I decided to show our take of the FROZEN phenomenon in this budget-friendly party. Now, we did do a few extras to make Moreaya’s 3rd birthday extra sweet, but those extras are totally not necessary if your budget is a little smaller.

FROZEN Stick Centerpieces

If you know anything about my parties, you’ll know that I like to DIY a lot of them to keep it easier on the wallet and this FROZEN party was no exception. I DIY’ed our table centerpieces, most of the Party Favors [the rest were straight out of the Dollar Spot], and some of the decorations as well!  

Our centerpieces were sticks right off our front yard trees that we spray painted different hues of white, silver, and blue.

One thing that I’ve started to realize about parties for smaller children is they want to see their favorite characters… everywhere. Sometimes in party themes I like to stick with the main colors so I don’t have a ton invested in party supplies, but with the FROZEN theme, I couldn’t resist the magical official FROZEN supplies like plates, napkins, and table cloths.

FROZEN Party Favors Cookies

 I also purchased these customized Thank You Tags for Party Favors – for cookies and bubbles on Etsy. Moreaya’s friends took home Snowflake cookies, FROZEN tattoos and rings, themed bubbles, and DIY picture frames.

FROZEN Party Crafts

As the girls get older, I realize there’s a need for more planned activities at parties and boy did I get it right this time! I had a couple of stations at the party – Snow Ball Toss Game, which was simply a bucket and a few white styrofoam balls that kept the kiddos entertained.  

The busiest station of all was definitely the DIY picture frames.  I bought an inexpensive pack of foam frames, foam snowflakes, and glitter glue for the kids to decorate their own frame. They loved it so much – then at the end of the party I took each child’s picture with Elsa and sent it to their parents to put in their FROZEN frame they made at the party.

FROZEN Party Craft Snack

The other favorite was our Do You Want to Build a Snowman station. A few bowls of marshmallows, pretzels, carrots, and mini chocolate chips kept the children busy [and snacking] all night!

FROZEN Birthday Party Refreshments

Not to be outdone by the party snacks was our FROZEN Party Food which included – Elsa’s Frozen Wands [Blue Rock Candy on a Stick], Kristoff’s Ice [Blue Jello Jigglers made in an ice cube tray], Blue Raspberry Lemonade, and a Blue Chocolate Fountain!

FROZEN Party Cake and Snacks

My talented Sister-in-Law made the lovely Elsa Birthday Cake [which was even more delicious than it was pretty – which is hard to believe] using this Elsa Doll as the main subject.  

The best part about this cake was that not only did it taste AMAZING, Moreaya got the Elsa doll as a birthday present once the cake was all gone! Just wrap those legs in plastic wrap!

You might notice in quite a few of my pictures the frames I had sitting around as decor. The girls had a FROZEN photo session with a local photographer a few weeks before the party and I decided to use their gorgeous photographs as decorations – not only did I get to show them off, but it made a perfect addition to the party with little cost!

FROZEN Birthday Girl Collage

Our FROZEN party was a little more simple in preparation and decor than some of our previous parties – but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t as special.

In fact, I think both girls enjoyed this party just about as much as any we’ve done before. The theme was completely magical and totally fun for our family and all our guests!

FROZEN Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Anna!

FROZEN Birthday Party Pin

To throw your own FROZEN party, check out these fabulous shops and sites for all the decor we used.

Two Brothers Blankets – Elsa and Anna crocheted hats
Fantasyland Boutique – Cupcake Toppers, Favor Bag Tags



Thursday 5th of March 2015

Oh, look at those gorgeous little princesses! And I love all the little details. That blue chocolate fountains looks so inviting!