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Ditch the Plastic Bottles, Live Sustainable this Summer

If you’ve been around this blog any time, you know that I’m all about easy, small steps to a better life. Why? Because when you take small steps to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, you’re more likely to sustain those steps.

If you try to go totally waste-free in every room of your house when you are used to having 2 cans of trash a week… you’re probably not going to be successful. But if you try to go waste-free in one room at a time, with an end goal of total waste-free in one year, you’re more likely to hit those goals.

That’s why when people ask me what’s my number 1 tip for going green, they are almost always underwhelmed. But then I explain that reasoning – small steps make big changes in the future – and they get it.

And one of the first tips I tell EVERYONE is to quit buying bottled water. It’s a harder habit to break than you would realize for some people. They feel good about making a healthy lifestyle choice and YES, I’m so glad that they’re drinking water rather than soda too!

But it’s time we really stand up and put a stop to buying excessive amounts of bottled water weekly.

2,000 plastic water bottles are used every second in the U.S.

That figure is staggering, but I can definitely believe it. Disposable water bottles are convenient, yes, but it’s time to make an effort to make using reusable water bottles more convenient.

Brita Monterey Pitcher

The Brita Monterey Pitcher is going to do just that. With a 10-cup capacity, sleek design, and a Longlast Filter that works 3x longer, allowing you to enjoy fresh filtered water for up to six months between filter replacements, it IS convenient to use reusable water bottles!

It’s also great to have on hand at home for the warm summer months when everyone needs a cold glass of water after playing outside.

With Brita, you can replace up to 1,800 single-use plastic bottles a year.

Considering it takes 450 years for plastic water bottles to decompose, bringing the Brita Monterey pitcher into your home will make a world of a difference for our environment as well as on your budget.

As a whole, Americans spend $13 billion on bottled water each year! Plus the Longlast Filter lasts up to 6 months, which is great for the budget too!

Along with replacing up to 1,800 single use bottles a year, it reduces 99% of Lead plus Mercury, Chlorine, Benzene, and more, and makes water taste great.

You would never know you’re drinking tap water! And I love the design. It’s stylish enough to sit on the table for convenience to guests and the wide, rounded shape makes it super easy to clean.

While we’ve been using it around this house, I’m already planning on taking the Brita Monterey pitcher with us on vacation and camping as those are still instances where we are tempted to buy bottled water.

So this summer I encourage you and your family to ditch plastic water bottles for good. Take this one easy step towards a greener lifestyle that will make a HUGE impact on our world and your budget!