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5 Tips for Better Summer Snacking + GOOD THiNS


This post was sponsored by GOOD THiNS as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Summer is right around the corner. In fact, here in East Tennessee we’ll be hitting 90 degrees almost every day this week so I think it’s safe to say that summer is already here! I’m so thankful for the warm, gorgeous weather because it gets us outside working and playing.

With all that working and playing comes big appetites and lots of snack requests. While it’s tempting to buy pre-portioned snacks to have on-hand during the warmer months, they are usually not the healthiest of options. Buying pre-portioned snacks can also add up. I’ve found that prepping our own snacks, after buying in larger quantities, is not only healthier, but also more affordable.


That doesn’t mean snacking has to be boring and it definitely doesn’t mean that snacking is lacking anything. It does takes a little bit more planning and prep work, but today I’m sharing 5 of my tips to help you prep your summer snacks better!

Tips for Better Summer Snacking

5 Tips for Better Summer Snacking

1. Make your snack foods easily accessible. One easy way to have healthy choices more prominent is to have them available all the time. I love to make fun and colorful snack boards like this one. I include some of my favorite fruits and veggies and few other choices.

When you have good choices within eyesight, you and your family are more likely to choose wisely when snacking.

2. Pre-wash your fruits and vegetables. Summer snacking is often quick and I don’t normally have time to wash, dry, and plate the snacks. When I bring in fresh fruit and veggies, I always wash immediately so they’re more easily accessible!

3. Buy finger foods. If I have to pull out a bowl, spoon, etc… I’m more likely to grab something else. I always try to buy foods that we can eat with our fingers, like these GOOD THiNS. Not only are they delicious as an easy snack, they’re gluten-free and made with no artificial colors, flavors, or high fructose corn syrup. 

With an assortment of gluten-free varieties that are packed full of robust flavor, there’s a flavor for just about any snacking occasion. I am currently loving the GOOD THiNS The Corn One – Sea Salt and GOOD THiNS The Rice One – Simply Salt.

4. Don’t skip your favorite type snacks. Snacking smarter might automatically take your mind to fruits and veggies, but don’t skip your favorites. I love anything crunchy and salty, but snacking smarter might make you think you have to skip crunchy and salty goodness… not anymore! These GOOD THiNS are the perfect consistency for my snacking tooth!

Another big plus to these snacks is my local Walmart carries a variety of of flavors (including the new delicious Three Cheese flavor) so they’re easy for me to grab during my weekly shopping trips. And if you’re lucky enough to have  Walmart Online Grocery Pick Up in your town [we don’t yet, but fingers crossed it arrives soon], picking up these tasty snacks couldn’t be any easier!

5. Prep for on-the-go snacking. This is another huge tip, especially for a family like mine that feels like we’re constantly on-the-go. And in summer, things aren’t slowing down. The girls will continue piano lessons, Moreaya is signing up for gymnastics, and they have three summer camps to attend. That doesn’t include all of our camping trips and beach vacay either! So having better snacks ready that are packed and ready for me to enjoy on-the-go or while waiting in the car is essential.

I love packing bento glass snack boxes and having them ready to go in the refrigerator so I can easily grab one for myself to munch on while we’re away from home. It keeps the “hanger” away and our car out of the drive-thru line!

There you have it, tips to help you snack better this summer! Now grab your favorite summer snacks, including YOUR favorite GOOD THiNS gluten-free flavor, and head out to do something fun with your family!


Wednesday 29th of May 2019

I'd love to try the Sea Salt flavor. This would be a great snack to take to work.

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