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The Best Herbal Teas to Drink for Winter Wellness

This post was created in partnership with Traditional Medicinals. All opinions are my own.

Are you looking for natural ways to stay well this winter? Drinking tea can not only help you hydrate, but also soothe and provide comfort so you can get back to being your best. Here are my favorite herbal teas to drink for winter wellness.

If your house has avoided feeling under the weather this winter, consider yourself incredibly lucky. For the rest of us who couldn’t escape the inevitable, we need all the support possible. I was down for the count in December, my husband followed suit a few weeks ago, and now it’s taking a turn on my little Moreaya. If there’s one thing I’m ready for, it’s the sunshine and warmth of spring!

Unfortunately I can’t just wish winter away, so I’ve been preparing and using natural remedies to help rev up my immune system and help me stay well. I always prefer to treat myself and my family as naturally as possible. One way that I’ve been able to support my health this winter is with herbal teas.

I admit, I am pretty new to hot tea. Living in Northeast Tennessee, tea means “sweet tea”. So I’m definitely learning as I go, but I have been so impressed with not only the taste of a warm cup of tea on a cold morning [and night], but the benefits of drinking tea especially during the winter months.

The first thing I look for in any brand is a mission to offer natural and organic choices. I wasn’t surprised at all to find that Traditional Medicinals offers teas that are USDA Organic Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified. One thing that I was pleasantly surprised about was that you can find these natural and organic herbal teas right on the shelves of your local Walmart.

If you know me at all, you know that I always say it’s so easy being mainstream green – and when companies work hard to put their product in mainstream stores, it’s a win for everyone.

Benefits of Drinking Tea during Winter

While the health benefits of drinking tea in the winter have definitely centered around maintaining wellness, for me the past few weeks, there are other reasons to incorporate tea into your daily routine.

Traditional Medicinals’ herbalist Zoe Kissam explains, “Winter wellness is a holistic approach to staying balanced during the coldest season of the year. Whether you’re feeling under the weather, at dinner or had a busy day at work, an herbal winter wellness regime should go beyond immune support to also include digestive support and stress management.”

I have become obsessed with my nightly cup of Nighty Night tea. It’s more than saved my sanity as I sometimes struggle with sleeping and I know that sleep is such an important part of staying healthy among all the germs around me in the Winter!

Which Herbal Teas are Best for Wellness?

Besides Nighty Night, I’ve also found great comfort in Throat Coat Lemon Echinacea from Traditional Medicinals.

I’ve always read that marshmallows coat your throat and this organic herbal tea actually has marshmallow leaf and root in its ingredients. And we all know echinacea has great immune-boosting powers so this blend is an excellent choice for winter wellness.*

Breathe Easy is an herbal tea blend that promotes respiratory health and engages the senses with its fragrant smell. Peppermint is another herbal tea that is perfect for winter wellness as it soothes your belly and alleviates digestive discomfort.*

If you find yourself under stress or with lots of tension during the season, Chamomile with Lavender is a perfect choice. It helps settle your nervous system and relaxes your digestive system, and is especially good when stressed or tense.* The flavor is so soothing to me.

I’ve always wondered why people say “that’s my cup of tea” when they love something and now I know. I’ve totally fallen in love with my new morning and nightly tea drinking routine so much so that I know have a “my cup of tea” mug to enjoy it!

So now my cup of tea is literally my cup of tea!

Other Natural Remedies for Winter Wellness:


Rest is so important to your health any time, but especially when sickness is going around. If you have trouble resting, create a calming, nightly routine that includes a quiet activity like reading and enjoying a warm cup of Nighty Night herbal tea.

Drink plenty of liquids

Tea and warm liquids are calming, but also help your body stay hydrated and healthy.

Run a humidifier

Keeping your body hydrated can come in more ways than just drinking. A humidifier also helps keep your skin hydrated, as well as your sinuses from becoming too dry from winter weather and indoor heat.

Diffuse essential oils

Essential oils are also a great natural way to to help with winter wellness.

Remember, you can pick up a box of your favorite herbal tea from Traditional Medicinals online and at your local Walmart and be on your way to staying healthy and keeping up with your own winter wellness.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Thursday 19th of April 2018

My parents sure drink a lot of tea, these are great!