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25 Best Litter Boxes for Cats that Kick Litter

Do you have a cat that is always making a mess outside of the litter box? Then you definitely need to check out this list of the 25 best litter boxes for cats that kick litter!

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Oh friendly cat owners, I feel your pain! I’ve had a cat in my life at all times of my life and the one woe is the litter box. It’s not just cleaning the litter box, it’s the mess that comes along with a litter box – the smells, the litter, the… you get it.

I’ve had a couple of cats who didn’t kick litter outside the box, but when you do have one, you know it! You’re always finding litter outside the box, on walls, and tracked in places in your house that it shouldn’t be.

One way to help with this is to buy, or even make, a litter box with high sides. Or even better – an enclosed litter box works great too. I’ve found 25 of the best litter boxes for cats who kick litter and I’m sharing them below!

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But first – if you have a litter box that you just aren’t ready to upgrade or replace with a new litter box just yet, here are a few ideas to help with litter tracking around the box:

  • Litter Mat – These work great because they are made of materials that the litter naturally falls into and keeps your cat from tracking elsewhere.
  • Cat Litter Box Furniture – You’ll see a few enclosed litter box cabinets in my list below, but you can also make your own. Check out how we turned this cabinet into litter box furniture to keep litter scatter to a minimum.
  • Change your kitty’s litter. There are lots of different types of litters to choose from other than the normal clay, lumping cat litter. Try one of these instead: Silica Gel [Crystal] Litter, Wheat Litter, or even Walnut Shell Litter.
Hooded litter box in litter box furniture with door open with walnut shell cat litter bag

A few things to keep in mind as you consider upgrading your cat’s litter box to help with your litter scatter problem is the cat’s age. If you have older cats or a cat with mobility issues, you’re going to want to make sure and get a box that is easy for them to enter. While the top-entry litter boxes seem like they would cause the least amount of mess, they could be hard for senior cats to get inside.

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Another good idea to keep in mind is your cat’s size. I’ve always bought the large size litter boxes with higher sides just for comfort of my cats because I’ve always tended to have larger cats. A few on this list of best litter boxes for cats that kick litter are more compact. If you have a smaller cat, they’ll work fine – but definitely keep that in mind!

One other factor to remember is making sure you are using the right amount of litter. One reason a cat might kick litter is because there’s just too much. Or your cat might be kicking litter because it’s too dirty. Keeping the right amount and clean litter in any box is going to help with the issue.

green litter box cabinet with blue hooded litter box inside and cat litter mat

Lastly, I have always loved using a closed box option because it helps deal with unpleasant odors coming from your litter box also. You get even more help with this when you put your litter box into a furniture enclosure too! And if you are having issues with litter box smells, you might want to invest in an air purifier like this one.

25 Best Litter Boxes for Cats that Kick Litter

If you have a cat that kicks litter everywhere, you aren't alone! It's a bad habit and one that's not exactly easy to break. Luckily there are lots of options and here's a list of the best litter boxes for cats that kick litter!