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7 Tips to Find the VERY BEST Dollywood Discount Tickets

Are you looking for the best deal on Dollywood Tickets for your family? Here are your tips for finding the best Dollywood Discount Tickets for your visit to the Smoky Mountains theme park!

dollywood scenes and information on dollywood tickets

If you’re making a trip to the mountains of Tennessee, you’ll definitely want to include spending a few days at Dollywood in your plans since it’s on my list of places NOT to miss when you’re in the Smoky Mountains.

It’s a theme park that consistently tops so many “Best Of…” theme park categories and if you’re ever been, you know why.

If you haven’t, the fact that you’re researching how to find Dollywood Discount Tickets means you’re on the right track because there are so many reasons your family will love a visit to Dollywood!

Getting the best deal on Dollywood tickets definitely depends on a couple of factors. Before you head to the website to buy, consider these tips first!

Dollywood doesn’t offer many discounts or coupon codes for Dollywood tickets. So, you’re definitely going to have to be strategic when looking for the best deal. Below I’m sharing some tips I’ve gathered after being an inaugural member of the Dollywood Insiders.

2022 Dollywood Ticket Prices

First things first, let’s take a look at the current Dollywood Ticket prices. There are 3 prices for a regularly priced 1-Day Ticket to Dollywood, depending on ages.

  • Regular [Ages 10-61] – $84
  • Child [Ages 4-9] – $74
  • Senior [Ages 62+] – $74
  • Ages 3 and under – FREE

Keep scrolling as I’ll show you how to get a better deal than just buying 1 day Dollywood tickets for your family!

Dollywood Season Passes explained

Season Passes vs. Daily Dollywood Tickets – which is the better deal?

You’ll likely see signs at the park and information online, sharing the benefits of Dollywood season passes. Here’s a few things to consider when you’re trying to decide between buying Dollywood tickets and season passes:

  • Location – If you live within a few hours of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I’d definitely recommend a Season Pass!
  • Number of days you’re planning to visit – If it’s more than 2 times in a year, opt for the Season Pass.

Getting the best deal on Dollywood tickets depends on how often you plan to visit. If you’re within a few hours, I would definitely recommend a Season Pass.

Dollywood Season Passes costs LESS than 2 days at the park. If there’s even a chance that you might return during the year, this is really the way to go.

If you do decide to go with the Season Pass option, be sure at least one person in your family upgrades to a Gold Pass.

See all the Gold Pass privileges in this post.

If you aren’t planning on making more than one trip to Dollywood in a year, daily Dollywood tickets are your best option so let’s look at the tips on how to find Dollywood Discount Tickets.

7 Tips on how to get the best deal on Dollywood Tickets:

  1. Everyone Pays Kids Prices

This is a promotion that Dollywood often offers in early Spring. While they haven’t announced this special for the 2022 yet, I’ll be sure to update when they do! But it’s definitely the BEST discount on Dollywood tickets when it’s available.

2. Add up to 2 extra days for LESS than the price of a Season Pass.

It used to be that you either bought a one-day Dollywood Ticket OR a Season Pass. Now, Dollywood offers the option to add an extra day or 2… still for a little less than a Season Pass.

If you know you won’t be visiting the park more than 3 days a year, this is the way to go when purchasing Dollywood tickets. Let me breakdown the Dollywood prices for these multi-day tickets for you below.

2 Day Theme Park Dollywood Tickets:

  • Regular [Ages 10-61] – $104
  • Child [Ages 4-9] – $94
  • Senior [Ages 62+] – $94
  • Ages 3 and under – FREE

3 Day Theme Park Dollywood Tickets:

  • Regular [Ages 10-61] – $114
  • Child [Ages 4-9] – $104
  • Senior [Ages 62+] – $104
  • Ages 3 and under – FREE

It’s important to keep in mind that while these Dollywood prices are cheaper than buying a Season Pass, they must be used in certain timespan. They must be used during a 5 day consecutive time period.

It’s also important to check Dollywood hours and daily operations to be sure the park is open on the day you want to visit. The park is closed on some week days during the last few months of the operating year.

It’s also important to remember that a Dollywood ticket CAN be upgraded to a Season Pass with a discount.

3. Dollywood Discount Tickets via Insiders Discount Code

As an inaugural Dollywood Insider, I always pushed for us to have a unique discount code. I’m hoping to get my own very soon as I’ve requested one for several years.

I’ll update this post with that information if I’m ever approved!

4. Food City Dollywood Tickets

Food City is a local grocery chain that are big supporters of Dollywood. You’ll often find promotions at the store that includes buying a certain item to get a Dollywood discount code on your grocery receipt. Right now there are no Food City Dollywood ticket deals, but if they become available during the 2022 season, I’ll be sure to update.

I’ve even saw similar Dollywood discount tickets available at local McDonald’s and on Coca Cola products in area stores. So it’s a good idea to keep your eye out if you’re local or visiting the area.

5. Military Discount

Dollywood has always been proud to assist military families and is pleased to offer a 30% discount on one-day admission tickets. The 30% discount is only available for U.S. active or retired military, veterans, and military reservists, spouses and dependents with valid military personnel IDs.

*Because of operating restrictions, Dollywood is still advising everyone to pre-purchase tickets. Get all the details on this new ticketing system here.

6. Group Discount

If you’ll be traveling with a group of 15+, you can get a Group Discount on tickets. The discount is pretty significant and averages to be about $18 cheaper per ticket.

7. Farm Bureau Dollywood Discount Tickets

If you have Farm Bureau Insurance, you can get $10 off Dollywood tickets! Just login to your account to buy the tickets online.

While I realize not everyone has Farm Bureau insurance, you can still check your insurance or even programs like AAA and other “season passes” that you may have to see if they offer a discount on Dollywood tickets. As one example, if you’re a Biltmore Season Passholder, you can save $5 on Dollywood tickets. Don’t overlook these types of discounts!

8. Stay at a Dollywood Property

That’s right – not only will you be staying in some of the nicest properties in the Smoky Mountains, but staying in either a Dollywood cabin or at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort will help you get a great deal on Dollywood tickets.

Dollywood Cabins guests get FREE PARKING [$15 per day] and can choose from: a Length of Stay Pass OR a Length of Stay Pass with TimeSaver [Dollywood’s version of a Fast Pass line].

The Length of Stay Pass costs the same as a 1 day ticket, but is good for as many days as you book your cabin!

Dollywood Cabin Smoky Mountain View

DreamMore Resort guests get FREE door-to-door transportation [which saves on that parking fee of $15 a day] AND FREE Dollywood TimeSaver passes for everyone in your party.

You have 4 different options for buying tickets: 2 and 3 day options for Dollywood only and 2 and 3 day options for Dollywood and Splash Country.

+ Another perk to staying on property, in both DreamMore and Dollywood Cabins, is you get early Saturday entry, which is awesome when you’re trying to make sure you have time to ride all your favorite Dollywood rides!

Dollywood DreamMore Resort Room

Now that you have all the information on Dollywood tickets, start planning your Smoky Mountain getaway soon. Head here to plan your trip to the theme park with all the Dollywood hours and dates you’ll need to know for planning.

While you’re here in the area, there’s SO much to do. Check out this post to see the Ultimate List of Things to Do in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

Will you be visiting Dollywood soon? Which do you think is the best deal on Dollywood Tickets for YOUR family?

Linz Mitchell

Sunday 24th of April 2022

If someone else buys you tickets with their military ID can you get in with them without the ID since you’ll be scanning the ticket on your phone?


Friday 22nd of April 2022

Hey there! Any news on if/when they will have the kid pricing?!

We are looking at visiting 05/31-06/04.. 🤞🏻🙂


Monday 11th of April 2022

Hi we 6 women have booked a stay for the weekend after Mother’s Day at a different location near Dollywood and were about to secure tickets for the park. One should we wait until this kid price is announced and two do we need two days to really appreciate the park if we have never been to Dollywood?


Sunday 3rd of April 2022

When can I pay kid price for 2022


Saturday 14th of May 2022


Hi, loved reading your blog. Have you seen anything posted yet for the kid pricing for everyone? Thank you!


Tuesday 5th of April 2022

The dates haven't been announced yet. I'll be sure to share if they do. Thanks Tammy!


Tuesday 15th of March 2022

Hi, we are looking to go the first week of April any insider code or word on when that "everyone pays kid pricing" might happen?


Friday 18th of March 2022

Unfortunately, no. I have not been able to secure a discount code yet. I'm hoping I can get approved at some time, but your best bet on getting a cheaper ticket would be following the other ideas in the post. There has been no announcement of the "Pay Kids Pricing" just yet for the 2022 season.