Best Cloth Diapers for New Parents

When it comes to the decision to cloth diaper, how do you know where to start? Here are the best cloth diapers for new parents!

Best Cloth Diapers PInThis post about the Best Cloth Diapers for New Parents was inspired by a collaboration with Buttons Diapers. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Even though it’s been a bit since my own cloth diapering days, my cloth diaper posts are still some of the most popular here on the blog. After over 4 years of using cloth on my girls and with my title of a blogger I was able to experience a ton of different cloth diapers through reviews [really, quite a few – check out my extensive catalog of cloth diaper reviews here] and had the experience of cloth diapering both my girls as newborns, infants, and even toddlers. But perhaps the time when parents have the most questions about cloth diapers is before they even start! That’s why I’m sharing the Best Cloth Diapers for New Parents today!

Cloth Diapering can seem totally overwhelming at first glance – I know, I was there. A quick, innocent search of “best cloth diapers” in Google quickly became about what detergent I should use, should I buy OS diapers or sized for better fit, insert absorbency and types, and who knows what else. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the ton of information on the subject… don’t let it overwhelm you! Using cloth diapers on your baby is so simple, affordable, and better for you and their health.

Buttons Cloth Diaper CoverButtons Cloth Diaper CoverButtons Hemp/Organic Cotton DiaperButtons Hemp/Organic Cotton DiaperButtons Disposable Bamboo DiaperButtons Disposable Bamboo DiaperButtons Cloth Diapers WaterproofButtons Cloth Diapers Waterproof

So that’s all nice and dandy for me to say, but how do you know that you can believe me when I say cloth diapers can be simple? Because I’m answering some of the most common questions from new cloth diaper parents and sharing with you one of the most simple, yet effective and affordable brands that I used with my own daughters.

Buttons Cloth Diapers Set

“What cloth diaper brand should I use?”

It’s the most common question I hear and such a loaded one at that. First, it’s important to determine which style of cloth diapers you would most like to try. I often recommend pocket diapers or All-in-Two diapers depending on the parents’ budget. I first tried the Buttons Cloth Diaper All-in-Two system when Moreaya was 18 months old. I immediately bought 2 more covers after reviewing the first – it was a simple Cover and Insert system that worked and worked very well on my heavy wetting girl and there’s a few reasons why…

Buttons Diaper Covers have 2 layers of PUL and double leg gussets – meaning what needs to stay in, stays in. The covers are surprisingly thin, but not in a bad way, in a great way – making them less bulky and giving your baby more mobility. In other words, your baby can crawl, walk, roll without a bulky diaper cover holding them back.

Amazon Baby Registry

“Are cloth diapers bulky?” is one question I hear so often and my answer is “Yes, they can definitely be more bulky.” No matter the cloth diaper, they’re going to be a little thicker than disposables – that’s just common sense, but, that’s one area where Buttons Cloth Diapers have a lot of other cloth diapering systems beat – the trimness is amazing, especially for a One Size Diaper Cover and Insert system, which tend to add a bit of thickness compared to sized cloth diapers.

Critter Buttons Diapers

Which leads me to my next answer that most new parents have about cloth diapers…

“Should I invest in a One Size system or sized cloth diapers?”

It’s simple – what makes more sense to you budget wise? It just wasn’t in my budget to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cloth diapers upfront and when you’re buying 10-12 cloth diapers in each size [XS, S, M, and L] that can happen fast. Saving money was one of the main reasons my family chose to use cloth – I was staying at home and we were trying to cut costs in any way that we could so One Size diapers made sense for us. The only drawback to OS systems is… more bulk in the newborn stage and the worry that baby will outgrow the diapers by the time they are toddlers.

Best Cloth Diapers Sizes

Buttons Diaper Covers are One Size Covers that fit babies from 9-35 pounds, making it the only cloth diaper system that you would need for your baby from birth to potty training. To combat the bulk that happens for itty babies with their system, Buttons Diapers offers 2 sizes of inserts – Small and Large to best suit your babies sizing and needs, while both work perfectly in their one size cover. Since budget is often the concern for new parents who are choosing to cloth diaper, it’s nice to know that those small inserts aren’t wasted once your child is older, they make great doublers to add extra absorbency when your child gets bigger.

“How much money do I need to invest in cloth diapers?”


New parents are most concerned with cloth diapers that are really going to work, that are simple [there’s a reason why most modern cloth diapers don’t look like your Grandma’s cloth diapers with pins and prefolds], and that are budget friendly and as you can see the Buttons Cloth Diaper system is all 3. The above image is from a Cloth Diapering on a Budget Series I did a couple of years ago where I took extreme budgets and showed parents how you can truly cloth diaper on an extremely tight budget.

How many cloth diapers do I need?

AI2 Cloth Diaper systems are extremely budget friendly because covers are able to be reused between diaper changes. Most diaper changes just need a switch of an insert, with the covers being re-used 2-3 times before throwing in the diaper pail [unless the cover gets soiled, of course]. This is why Buttons Diapers recommends 8-10 covers, 18-24 inserts, and 2-3 doublers to cloth diaper your child from birth to potty training.

Buttons Cloth Diapers - Daytime InsertsButtons Cloth Diapers – Daytime InsertsButtons Flannel Baby WipesButtons Flannel Baby WipesButtons Cloth Diaper Cover Color ChoicesButtons Cloth Diaper Cover Color ChoicesButtons Nighttime Inserts Hemp/Organic CottonButtons Nighttime Inserts Hemp/Organic Cotton

Best Cloth Diapers

One of the last reasons that I would choose Buttons Diapers as the best cloth diapers for new parents is they take the guess work out of cloth diapering. With excellent Customer Service, a budget-friendly choice, and clear outlines of how many covers and inserts a typical baby would need – Buttons Diapers stand out as one of the best cloth diapers for new parents.

When you first started cloth diapering [or researching] what was your number 1 question?
Still have questions? Ask away and I’ll be glad to answer!

 Be sure to check out my latest post featuring Buttons Diapers and How to Use Cloth Diapers at Home.

How to Use Cloth Diapers at Home

  1. Never really thought about using cloth diapers but after reading you article definately gonna a least try thank you so much for all the information
  2. I was wondering how they fit at the newborn stage. I've done a ton of research over the past couple of weeks and I'm really wanting to cloth diaper our third child. I have read that AIO's are sometimes not great for newborns, but I feel there would be a good way around it. Would you recommend adding an additional layer of say a Gerber cloth diaper cut in half and folding it to fit in the diaper? That would add an additional layer and help baby fill it out. Does that make sense? Did you run into any issues cloth diapering your newborn before 12lbs with the Button brand? I really, really... really don't want to purchase both an AIO for newborn and then AIO's for after that. I would really love to get by with just the one sized AIO's. By the way you've totally sold me on the Button brand. They are a great price and they look very well made. It made me feel so much better about trying to cloth diaper. I know there are inexpensive ways to cloth diaper like buying gently used ones but that is just not for me. I'm so glad I found your blog and this post!
    1. Hi Katie - thanks for your comment! So, OS diapers are certainly possible for newborns, especially if you're on a budget. You can make them work and you can definitely make Buttons work for larger newborns. I would suggest their smallest inserts for sure, but even those might be a tiny bit bulky on itty bitties. I would actually suggest you use either Gerber flats, or maybe thin prefolds, or even flour sack towels folded into a Buttons cover. The thinner the better because you're going to be changing that little newborn very often so you don't need a lot of absorption so early on. In all honesty, I had 2 C-sections so we used disposables for a week or two with both of my girls. I found that OS diapers really start fitting well at about 2 months old so I made sure to fit into my budget a few newborn diapers. But like I said, it CAN be done with OS. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  3. I was so confused when first cd'ing my newborn - so many opinions on so many blogs, everyone had a "right" answer. Looking back, I agree for first timers that the easier the diaper, the better - no stuffing, no snappi, no pins, no deciding on material for inserts. AIO or AI2 at the newborn stage is key for success and longevity. Thanks for the post!
  4. We love buttons diapers! We did have issues with leaks at first, but I found a thin liner on amazon that helped. Our issue was absorbency rate - not absorbency capacity. once we started using a second liner, it slowed the absorption and we haven't had a single leak since. We are about to have 2 in cloth now (16 mos apart) and we have done it all for under $500. Best investment by far :)
  5. I love Posy! I am just starting the switch to CD so I am still learning and have had many questions and still do..
  6. Little one is not here yet. We have built a good start on our stash. Just waiting to get started. So no questions right now but I bet once we get started I will. Thanks for all the great and informative post!
  7. As a new cloth diapering parent, the amount of information out there can be overwhelming! I guess wash routine questions were the big thing. I remember stressing over picking a detergent and what the best wash routine is and being so so worried that I would somehow mess up my diapers prepping them and during those first few days.
  8. I just wanted to know how to properly wash diapers so that we could avoid smelling up the whole house!
  9. I'm still starting out so every once in a while I'll still have questions. I had no clue how to fold an insert to put it in a pocket diaper when I first started
  10. Some of the first questions I had were how many diapers we would need, what to do with the poop :), and what type of detergent to use.
  11. I haven't cloth diapered before so what are the best brands how many should I get? How many cloth wipes should I get? What is the best laundry detergent for them?
  12. I love the posy one. it is so cute. I haven't cloth diapered before but I may think about it. If I win I am either going to be saving them my next baby or sharing with a friend.
  13. I think what I'm most curious about is if the more expensive diapers are any better than the less expensive ones. If so, why?
  14. I have newborn prefolds and they still look pretty big after being prepped. When will my baby be big enough to use them without it looking funky?
  15. My question was always what the best wash routine is. I have finally figured out what works for us, though!
  16. i loveeeee the Tangerine color diaper cover . My questions as a new mom-to-be for future cloth diapering have included: What is THE BEST cloth diaper to use? Including cost efficiency, functionality, and overall wear and usage. Is cloth diapering completely far fetched for my family ? Will I be "dedicated" or how dedicated must I be to be successful at it? Is this too difficult for first time parents? What happens when we go out or on trips? Thank you Lindsey !!!
  17. I think when I started using cloth 11 years ago, my questions were, will this work? Why are they so big? Can I do this? There were a lot fewer options back then. Basically prefolds with covers or AIO's which were super bulky and hard to dry. There were fitteds, but I didn't like those because all I had was a flannel one and I didn't like how my son felt so soggy in the mornings. I guess wool soakers were a think back then too, but I had never heard of pockets. I also wanted to know which detergents worked best because the advice then was to just use store-bought free and clear versions. I still have laundry questions. I don't want chemicals on my baby so I won't do the mainstream detergents. I think I'm just going to have to rid my stash of synthetic diapers inserts and see if that works.
    1. I am still unsure how many cloth diapers to get for each size. I'm still uber nervous about getting diapers that are too big for my little bean, or buying a bunch that my wee one will outgrow in no time. My husband and I expect to wash the diapers every 2 days. Thank you!!!!
  18. Would love to win these! We're due with our 2nd in August and plan on trying cloth for the first time. I don't have any buttons yet, but would love to try them out!
  19. I had lots of questions, but my Main one was "Which detergent should I use??!" i am still afraid of diaper stink and not being able to keep them clean.
  20. My initial questions were about type - pockets vs aio vs prefolds vs fitteds...there are so many options! now that i know what works best for us, i have questions regarding how to get the trimmest fit...i'm dying to try buttons!!!
  21. I was constantly asking myself if I could really handle all the extra work with cloth diapers. When we finally started I discovered it wasn't that much! Charming and thicket are my favorite!
  22. I had tons of questions on laundering at first! I was convinced I would prewash them and open my washer to find my investment in shreds! Now I'm going to have to relearn how to fit cloth on itty-bitty newborn legs :-)
  23. I love the charming chevron pattern. So cute! My hubby and I are about to have our first baby and are excited to use buttons diapers. I'm curious about laundry routines and also traveling solutions!
  24. When I was new to cloth diapering, I had no clue how many diapers I would need for each of the children I was starting in cloth diapers (twins and a toddler).
  25. I love the new color, ahoy! we're hoping to welcome a newborn into our home this July through adoption and this giveaway would be such an awesome gift. I've been doing my research and really love the Ai2's and I love that buttons has the double leg gussets. great diapering system!
  26. When I was new to cloth diapering, I was most concerned about ruining the diapers and keeping my baby from getting blowouts.
  27. My biggest questions upon starting (3 weeks ago) were about what type to choose, because the options can seem overwhelming at first. And of course questions about prepping and washing. I did a lot of research before the baby came to try to be prepared!
  28. I was so intimidated by the upfront price and didnt know how many I would need. But comparing the costs of disposables made me make the jump
  29. my biggest question as a new to cloth diapering is good brands that are affordable like $5-8 a piece? I really like all in one diapers print doesn't matter its for pee and poo lol
  30. I would pick Posy for our daughter due any day now and Hero for our 16 month old son since he loves cars/trucks. The main question I had when we started a few months ago was if we could actually afford getting started with cloth diapering. the prices I saw were causing sticker shock. We settled with an Econobum set, 3 covers 12 prefolds, and that is what I have been using since. We have added a pack of FSTs and I cut up a few receiving blankets to extend our days of washing. With baby girl on the way, I gotta get more covers and prefolds/fsts to make the stash bigger or daddy is doing laundry every day! lol
  31. The charming print is so cute. Its also gender neutral which is great because i have 3 boys but unsure of what our new one is.
  32. I absolutely LOVE pebble! As a new cloth diapering mom, I've had so many challenges. But i really enjoy the benefits of cloth. the worst? prepping!
  33. i had the most questions about washing/caring for cloth diapers so that they would last. after researching and establishing a good routine cloth diapers have really been quite easy!
  34. As a new cloth diaper user I had worries about washing them properly, now with my third baby, I THINK I finally have it down lol
  35. I've been cloth diapering over a year and am still unsure of the best method for disinfecting after a stomach bug.
  36. I was at kind of a loss as to which cloth diaper detergent and cycle routine to use on my washer. I think i have it down now!
  37. I really love the color sweet pea! Since I don't know if I am having a baby girl or baby boy sweet pea seems to be the perfect 'neutral' color!
  38. Don't really have questions anymore, in the beginning it was very overwhelming, all the terms, but I've settled with most of that. Now I can't imagine anyone liking pockets, because I hate stuffing them, and I don't see the draw of fitteds/prefolds/flats and covers because it takes extra time (I have tried each, and always come back to ai2s mostly with some AIOs mixed in)
  39. We love our critter diaper, but I want to stock up on their gorgeous solids. We've been using cloth for 8 months now, but we still haven't made the jump to nighttime. that's where all of my questions are.
  40. I love the posy print! I just started cloth-diaper researching a few months ago, with a million questions but over time I've learned a lot! I still wonder about washing, and whether my hard water will be a problem. Planning on trying Calgon, hopefully not resorting to vinegar or borax unless necessary, but I use soap nuts now... so I don't know if they will achieve the desired results. Guess we will find out in a matter of a few weeks!
  41. I was always worried about how it would work logistically. like how often would I have to change the baby, how hard would they be to keep clean, would they be smelly, etc.
  42. My question about cloth is what amount and what brand of detergent to use but I guess it depends on my water. Hopefully I'll find the right amount soon.
  43. When i first started, my biggest question was what type of diaper would be best for my little one (while saving me the most money!). Now, my main question is who has a cute print that I just have to have?!
    1. Oh my, i am so sorry about the all caps - not sure how i did that! apologies to everyone who read my comment and thought i was yelling.
  45. I don't really have any questions that anyone can answer but I am wondering how well my particular washing machine will clean my diapers!
  46. A question that I still have is whether or not to soak, rinse, or do something else with nighttime diapers before putting them in the pail in the morning. Our toddler's can be potent and I'm rinsing them now, but I wonder if I should do something else, too.
  47. As a new cloth diapering parent, I frequently had questions about washing. I also had questions about other materials because all I had was microfiber! Now I feel like an old pro. :)
  48. My biggest concern before we cloth diapered was how many diapers I was going to need. I now know the answer is that you can never have too many, they're so darn cute!
  49. I have tons of questions because we're just building our stash before our baby! i want to know some great overnight solutions and some easy washing routines that prevent having to strip a lot later.
  50. My question it possible to wash and dry without washing machine or dryer? Will hand washing be harder on the diapers?? Will they even get clean? It's a problem I am facing as my pregnancy goes on. I realize I can not afford to get a washing machine. Yikes
  51. As a new parent, I did not know that you were not supposed to pit microfiber inserts directly against your child's skin!! Once I learned that, it cut down on rashes a LOT. I love their color tangerine BTW.
  52. We plan to start CD'ing when #1 is born in a few weeks. I'm a bit intimidated about troubleshooting leaks and smells. it seems people seem to love or hate microfiber and i've read that it causes the ammonia smell. How do you use microfiber and is it worth it?
  53. I started cloth diapering almots 12 years ago, and a lot has changed! My biggest question was "what about the smell??", but I was convienced that it could be done!
  54. My favorite print is thicket; blueberry and sweet pea are also great colors! My first baby is due in September and I’m going to give cloth diapers a try. So I have lots of questions, mainly – will it work out for us? – but I won’t know until I try later this yer!
  55. Starting out, it took a little while to find which system worked best for us, and also to find a night time solution. We have found great success though!
  56. Since we haven't started cloth diapering yet (our first little one hasn't arrived yet), I'm still pretty confused about what the best wash routine is. We have super hard water, so I keep hearing conflicting advice; use vinegar, don't use vinegar, use calgon, use borax, only use natural fibers... ect. It's so confusing.
  57. Thicket is my favorite print, and the only Button's diaper I own. Of the colors, I love Tangerine and Lavender, and I don't have either of those. I wish I had more Button's diapers, they are awesome!
  58. WHen I first started out, I was just generally confused. It honestly just took getting my hands on diapers to figure it out.
  59. My favorite Buttons cover is Critter which we already own. I'd really love to add Charming and Thicket prints or the Marina solid (such a pretty blue-green) to our stash!
  60. It was really overwhelming to me when I first started cloth. I didn't know what all the different kinds of diapers were called, and I had no idea how simple it can be. I wish I had a comprehensive list at the time with pictures of what each kind was called. I also had huge issues with washing, I wish someone had told me how simple that could be as well.
  61. Inwas curious what all the.tyles were what was a pocket what was a aio waht was a pitted and an AI2 there ALL so different it was a little comfusing for me.
  62. OMgosh I didn't know anything!! Thankfully gooogle was right at my fingertips!! But there are so many different ways of doing things that I felt like trial and error was a great way to learn too!! a bunch of questions I had were, how to wash them, what to use and not to use on skin for rashes, how to get rid of yeast, and which diapers are what!
  63. When I was first looking into modern cloth I was intimidated by the wash routine and the different styles of diapers. As I got started I struggled with leaks and inserts. But now that I've hit my groove I love everything about using cloth! (Thanks for blogging and helping out all the newbies like me)
  64. Oh my. I LOVE Thicket. It might be among my favourite diaper prints across all brands. (I'm a sucker for natural leafy-type prints).

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