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Best Cloth Diapers for New Parents

When it comes to the decision to cloth diaper, how do you know where to start? Here are the best cloth diapers for new parents!

Best Cloth Diapers for New Parents

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Buttons Diaper Covers have 2 layers of PUL and double leg gussets – meaning what needs to stay in, stays in. The covers are surprisingly thin, but not in a bad way, in a great way – making them less bulky and giving your baby more mobility. In other words, your baby can crawl, walk, roll without a bulky diaper cover holding them back.

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“Are cloth diapers bulky?” is one question I hear so often and my answer is “Yes, they can definitely be more bulky.”

No matter the cloth diaper, they’re going to be a little thicker than disposables – that’s just common sense, but, that’s one area where Buttons Cloth Diapers have a lot of other cloth diapering systems beat – the trimness is amazing, especially for a One Size Diaper Cover and Insert system, which tend to add a bit of thickness compared to sized cloth diapers.

Critter Buttons Diapers

Which leads me to my next answer that most new parents have about cloth diapers…

“Should I invest in a One Size system or sized cloth diapers?”

It’s simple – what makes more sense to you budget wise? It just wasn’t in my budget to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cloth diapers upfront and when you’re buying 10-12 cloth diapers in each size [XS, S, M, and L] that can happen fast.

Saving money was one of the main reasons my family chose to use cloth – I was staying at home and we were trying to cut costs in any way that we could so One Size diapers made sense for us.

The only drawback to OS systems is… more bulk in the newborn stage and the worry that baby will outgrow the diapers by the time they are toddlers.

Best Cloth Diapers Sizes

Buttons Diaper Covers are One Size Covers that fit babies from 9-35 pounds, making it the only cloth diaper system that you would need for your baby from birth to potty training.

To combat the bulk that happens for itty babies with their system, Buttons Diapers offers 2 sizes of inserts – Small and Large to best suit your babies sizing and needs, while both work perfectly in their one size cover.

Since budget is often the concern for new parents who are choosing to cloth diaper, it’s nice to know that those small inserts aren’t wasted once your child is older, they make great doublers to add extra absorbency when your child gets bigger.

“How much money do I need to invest in cloth diapers?”

New parents are most concerned with cloth diapers that are really going to work, that are simple [there’s a reason why most modern cloth diapers don’t look like your Grandma’s cloth diapers with pins and prefolds], and that are budget friendly and as you can see the Buttons Cloth Diaper system is all 3.


The above image is from a Cloth Diapering on a Budget Series I did a couple of years ago where I took extreme budgets and showed parents how you can truly cloth diaper on an extremely tight budget.

“How many cloth diapers do I need?”

AI2 Cloth Diaper systems are extremely budget friendly because covers are able to be reused between diaper changes. Most diaper changes just need a switch of an insert, with the covers being re-used 2-3 times before throwing in the diaper pail [unless the cover gets soiled, of course].

This is why Buttons Diapers recommends 8-10 covers, 18-24 inserts, and 2-3 doublers to cloth diaper your child from birth to potty training.

One of the last reasons that I would choose Buttons Diapers as the best cloth diapers for new parents is they take the guess work out of cloth diapering. With excellent Customer Service, a budget-friendly choice, and clear outlines of how many covers and inserts a typical baby would need – Buttons Diapers stand out as one of the best cloth diapers for new parents.

When you first started cloth diapering [or researching] what was your number 1 question?
Still have questions? Ask away and I’ll be glad to answer!

How to Use Cloth Diapers at Home

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Thursday 19th of October 2017

Thank you for this post! It was very helpful to me when pregnant and trying to determine the best system for cloth diapering. We have been using the Buttons AI2 system for our son since he was born nearly a year ago. We invested in 12 covers, small and large daytime inserts, and nighttime doublers. At around 5 months old, we started experiencing frequent leaks. At that point we were using the small daytime inserts and assumed that (although early?) he had grown out of them. So we transitioned to the large daytime inserts. The problem did not go away and had gotten progressively worse. His diapers leak and urine soaks through the cover into his clothes so frequently that we have to change him approximately every 1 to 2 hours. We have tried stripping the diapers with no change. It also seems (based on fit) as though he has now outgrown the large inserts, and he is only 11 months. We are so disappointed and feeling desperate! We invested a lot of money in these diapers and were hoping to use these diapers through potty training. Do you have any advice? Has anyone experienced this? Thanks for any input!


Monday 23rd of October 2017

I don't think you've outgrown the length of the inserts, but maybe the absorbency. I would definitely recommend adding in a doubler. I preferred hemp with my girls as it's thin and very absorbent. Maybe try a 2-3 pack [here are my favorites on Amazon -] and layer them UNDER your Buttons inserts. I also went to wool & fitted diapers with my girls around this time at nighttime and it's the main reason I stuck with cloth diapering because I also got frustrated with leaks. I've definitely been there, but there are ways to deal with it. :) Hope this helps!


Wednesday 1st of February 2017

Thanks for this post very informative

Bryan Vice

Monday 21st of November 2016

Never really thought about using cloth diapers but after reading you article definately gonna a least try thank you so much for all the information

Katie D

Friday 19th of August 2016

I was wondering how they fit at the newborn stage. I've done a ton of research over the past couple of weeks and I'm really wanting to cloth diaper our third child. I have read that AIO's are sometimes not great for newborns, but I feel there would be a good way around it. Would you recommend adding an additional layer of say a Gerber cloth diaper cut in half and folding it to fit in the diaper? That would add an additional layer and help baby fill it out. Does that make sense? Did you run into any issues cloth diapering your newborn before 12lbs with the Button brand? I really, really... really don't want to purchase both an AIO for newborn and then AIO's for after that. I would really love to get by with just the one sized AIO's. By the way you've totally sold me on the Button brand. They are a great price and they look very well made. It made me feel so much better about trying to cloth diaper. I know there are inexpensive ways to cloth diaper like buying gently used ones but that is just not for me. I'm so glad I found your blog and this post!

Lindsey G.

Friday 19th of August 2016

Hi Katie - thanks for your comment! So, OS diapers are certainly possible for newborns, especially if you're on a budget. You can make them work and you can definitely make Buttons work for larger newborns. I would suggest their smallest inserts for sure, but even those might be a tiny bit bulky on itty bitties. I would actually suggest you use either Gerber flats, or maybe thin prefolds, or even flour sack towels folded into a Buttons cover. The thinner the better because you're going to be changing that little newborn very often so you don't need a lot of absorption so early on. In all honesty, I had 2 C-sections so we used disposables for a week or two with both of my girls. I found that OS diapers really start fitting well at about 2 months old so I made sure to fit into my budget a few newborn diapers. But like I said, it CAN be done with OS. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Alicia C

Sunday 10th of April 2016

I was so confused when first cd'ing my newborn - so many opinions on so many blogs, everyone had a "right" answer. Looking back, I agree for first timers that the easier the diaper, the better - no stuffing, no snappi, no pins, no deciding on material for inserts. AIO or AI2 at the newborn stage is key for success and longevity. Thanks for the post!

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