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Beach Scavenger Hunt – Free Printable

Are you visiting the beach soon? Sun, sand, and waves are enough to keep the fun going, but sometimes kids need a little more activity. This Beach Scavenger Hunt is perfect to keep them busy and happy. Print out the printable or give them ideas from the mobile list below!

While we all think that swimming in the ocean and building sandcastles is going to keep our kids occupied during a day at the beach, it doesn’t take long to hear “I’m bored!” At least that’s the way it is with my girls.

Their little minds need to stay active and engaged and an oceanside scavenger hunt is sure to do the trick!

We do backyard scavenger hunts at home all the time and the girls love them. They’ve loved scavenger hunts for years and I love having a list ready so I can easily come up with fun scenarios and items for them to find! 

Pointing Back Yard Scavenger

It’s easy to mix things up, especially when you have a list ready to go with just a picture on your phone. The list is good enough for a quick hunt, but you can easily add in harder items like shark’s teeth to really get them searching.

I also like to change it up and tell them to find items of a certain color or a group of items – say 3 shells instead of just 1. 

It’s convenient because I can pull it up on my phone for an impromptu beach scavenger hunt, but sometimes they want something a little more organized and official.

That’s why I came up with this fun Beach Scavenger Hunt printable! Be sure to print it before your trip and pack it in your suitcase!

[Click on the image for your own free printable version].

Scavenger hunts on the beach are a great way to spend some time exploring a new area and a great way to interact with your kiddos during a summer vacation!

If you’re looking for an activity to get your kids outside and active, be sure to check out our Back Yard Scavenger Hunt printable to get your kids exploring at home too!!


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