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Back Yard Scavenger Hunt with Free Printable

Looking for an activity to get your kids outside and active? Be sure to save the Back Yard Scavenger Hunt picture and printable to get your kids exploring!

back yard scavenger hunt printable hunt for kids with bugs, plants and more

Warm days mean more time spent outside for my girls. But now that we’re a few weeks into summer break, I’m already hearing “What can we play? I’m bored!”

Oh, children, at ages four and six, you should not be bored!

I admit, I don’t like hearing those words, but they’re pretty easy to remedy at this age and one of our favorite ways to get active outside is by having a Back Yard Scavenger Hunt!

The girls love to explore their surroundings, so I’m constantly coming up with little items for them to find. It’s all fine and dandy until we get on our 6th round of a back yard scavenger hunt and I can’t think of anything else for them to find.

girl holding paper Pointing to Back Yard Scavenger paper with markers in hand

For that very reason I decided to come up with a full list of ideas that I could keep on my phone to keep them entertained while they explored their back yard.

I add items to our outdoor scavenger hunt list like:

  1. ants
  2. yellow flowers
  3. green leaves
  4. rocks
  5. pinecones
  6. footprints
  7. sticks
  8. purple flowers
  9. bird feathers
hand holding iphone with Scavenger Hunt List on Phone in back yard

During most of our scavenger hunts, I use a list like this and just tell them what to find, changing up the color, shape, and number of items to find.

It’s convenient because I can pull it up on my phone for an impromptu back yard scavenger hunt, but sometimes they want something a little more organized and official.

Back Yard Scavenger Hunt Ideas

That’s why I came up with this fun Back Yard Scavenger Hunt printable!

This scavenger hunt printable is perfect for all ages because it contains words and pictures. This makes it a great option for little children who are just learning to read also!

printable list of back yard scavenger hunt ideas for kids

[Click on the image for your own free printable back yard scavenger hunt PDF version].

child holding paper standing in yard outside

Back yard scavenger hunt supplies:

  • Printable scavenger hunt
  • Clipboard
  • Marker or crayons

You’ll want to print 1 copy per child and then affix them to a clipboard for each child. Be sure to go over the list with your child so they understand what they are looking for in the scavenger hunt.

2 kids holding paper and markers with Back yard Scavenger Hunt printable

Scavenger hunts in your back yard are a great way to spend some time exploring the outdoors and interacting with your children.

You don’t have to have anything fancy, but I do find that when they have fun science exploring tools like this set, they get really excited to explore.

This back yard scavenger hunt can also be used just about anywhere! In your own back yard or print it and take it with you on a trip!

If you’re looking for an activity to get your kids outside and active, be sure to save the Back Yard Scavenger Hunt picture and printable to get your kids exploring!

free scavenger hunt printable text on scavenger hunt for kids

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This post was originally published in June 2016.

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