Babywearing in the Cold? Kowalli has you and baby Covered! #snugbug

I found the babywearing love with Moreaya.  I didn’t get my first carrier, an ErgoBABY, until Sophia was already walking and she had already asserted herself as a very independent child, so she wasn’t so keen about being strapped on Mama’s back.  But I wore Moreaya at just a few weeks old.  My favorite way to wear her when she was so tiny was in a Boba Wrap.  Once she was a little bigger, we started using our Beco Gemini Carrier almost exclusively.  It’s slim and trim and I always felt like I have her close and safe.

Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover

Babywearing in east Tennessee was all fine and dandy this Spring and Fall, but now that it’s turned c-o-l-d, it’s not my favorite.  I don’t have a jacket large enough to cover us both and I just feel like although I’m warmer with Moreaya being on me, she won’t be warm enough. Ahem, until now.

Kowalli Baby Carrier Covers

If you haven’t heard of this product before, I guarantee you’ll be thinking “Now, why I didn’t I think of that?” by the end of the post.  It’s a super simple concept that works and you’re going to want one!  When Jenny highlighted the Kowalli Baby Carrier Covers on According to Jenny during the Travelin’ With Baby Event, I was so intrigued!  I knew with the upcoming {and now upon us} Winter Season, a Kowalli would definitely come in handy for Moreaya and me.

Babywearing Toddler

Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover

The Kowalli Baby Carrier Covers come in 5 different color combinations, as well as the Penguin Special Edition.  I chose the Turtle/Eggplant combo because it was kind of girly, but manly enough if Rob wanted to wear it. 

The Kowalli is made of Polartec Fleece, making it super soft and super warm.  Really, Really Warm.  You know how I was speaking of the cold Winters here in east Tennessee?  Well, yeah, we’re going through a heat wave apparently.  It was in the 60’s today and supposed to be near 70 this weekend!  Hence the short sleeves and no socks.  But just walking around with the Kowalli on this Snug as a Bugnight had both Moreaya and I toasty!

The Baby Carrier Covers are manufactured in the US and all components of the Carrier Cover are from the US as well!  Speaking of components, there aren’t many.  Remember, I said it was super simple!  There’s a front pocket so the babywear-er can keep their hands warm {love this} and 2 cinch cords – one for the top of the Kowalli and one for the bottom.  These give you and baby a comfy, snug fit.

Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover

Speaking of snug – Kowalli is sponsoring one of the Grand Prize Packages in the upcoming Snug as a Bug Event!  The Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover will be paired with a Beco Baby Carrier so one lucky parent will be keeping their baby Snug as a Bug while they babywear!

Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover

The Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover will fit over any type of Baby Carrier, Sling, or wrap you have.  It was also work any way that you carry your child – Front {Facing Out or In}, On Your Back, or even a Side Carry.


Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover

It’s extremely simply to put on.  Once your child is secure in your carrier, you simply put your right arm through the arm hole.  Your left arm goes up through the top opening and you pull it down over you and baby.  I did have a little bit of a problem pulling it over Moreaya’s back, in the back carry.  I know it would be easy in a front carry and I could probably master it with a few tries in the back carry too.  Cinch the top cord, then the bottom to get that snug fit!  I love that the coordinating part of the carrier {at the top} can flip up to shield baby from rain, snow, wind, etc.

Matching Boots & Hat

In addition to the Baby Carrier Covers, Kowalli also makes matching booties and hats – adorable, right!?  The KozyHats and SnuggleBoots can be purchased to match your Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover right from the Kowalli website.

I really can’t wait until we get some colder weather again {I seriously can’t believe I’m saying that} so Moreaya and I can really use the Kowalli!


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Buy It:  The Kowalli Baby Carrier Covers can be purchased on the Kowalli website and at other retailers.  I even found one on Amazon!  They retail for $69.00.


Do you think a Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover would come in handy while you’re babywearing where you live?


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  2. Two kids? I don't think I'd be able to walk with two, but they are 3 and 5, so it is understandable. This thing does look pretty warm and cozy. Great choice!
  3. This is so neat! I have family in Tennessee and they have been going on about the warm weather. In Rhode Island it has been in the single digits. Too cold too even go outside. I also love those little booties. So adorable!
  4. that would definitely come in handy here in colorado! it looks so warm & snuggly! i can't believe you can fit two kiddos in there too! :D
  5. I want one of these so bad! Even though it is 75 here in Georgia in January, it's usually pretty cold in the winter! I would love one because I love to baby wear everywhere!

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