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Babee Greens Wool Cover + Fitted Diapers Combo Review

If you’re looking for luxuriously soft cloth diapers that are good for you and your baby and are made in the US, you’ll want to learn more about Babee Greens. Read more to learn about their Babee Greens wool covers and fitted diapers.

Baby wearing Babee Greens Wool Cover and walking

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When I decided to take the plunge into cloth diapering… I was scared and eager, but my eager-ness outweighed my scared-ness. I worried about how I would do all that laundry, how I would deal with all those diaper pins, how I would clean the yucky ones, and especially how I would deal with nighttime cloth diapering.

I had so many hesitations, but I conquered them all, only to find a new one… Wool.

You either tremble at the word or you applaud the word. I haven’t found anyone who is really on both sides of the fence with using wool. Well, I’m sure there are some, but it seems that you either love it or are scared of it. I was the latter.

I had read so many great things about using wool covers for overnight (especially), but I had definite concerns…

  • How would I care for it? What does lanolize mean? Handwash only?!?
  • Expense. Wool Covers can get quite expensive.
  • Bulk. I like trim diapers. You want me to put essentially two diapers on my child? Ugh.
  • Fitteds. I don’t have any and… {see above}
  • Hotness. Don’t we wear wool sweaters in the Winter? What will she wear in the Summer?
  • Wetness. This one really got me. I didn’t want Sophia to be sitting in pee-soaked diapers for 12+ hours at night.

Just as I conquered my fears of initial cloth diapering, with the help of some wonderful companies, amazing WAHMs, friendly bloggers, and a little umph from myself, I conquered the art of using wool and wrote an entire post about Cloth Diapering with Wool so you can too!

And guess what… I love it. It has truly become my favorite way to cloth diaper. I even… reach for my fitteds and covers during the day! {gasp}.

How to Lanolize Wool Soakers Tutorial

So, during this event, I will be showing you how I mastered (ha!) the art of wool and overcame the fears that initially held me back. I will introduce you to some great companies and WAHMs who are creating some great wool products, along with some fitted diapers (you have to have something to go under all that wool!) and accessories.

To begin our Adventure, I want to introduce you to a wonderful company that is located right in the middle of the mountains, not too far from me!

Babee Greens’ line of certified organic cloth baby diapers and baby products was developed out of a desire to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemically grown cloth and plastic disposable diapers.

Created in the Blue Ridge Mountains nearly ten years ago, Babee Greens, formerly Baby Greens Diaper Company, began as a small business with one big goal of nurturing babies and the environment. Now owned and operated exclusively by mothers, Babee Greens has continued to expand its sustainable and biodegradable product selection, with all of its products made in the USA.

The diapers and related diaper products are manufactured in Asheville, N.C.

The first wool cover that I received for this event was a Babee Greens’ Natural Wool Cover. The first thing that I noticed about this cover was how so very soft it was! Each cover is made from two layers of Oeko Tex 100 certified Merino Wool.

Merino wool is one of the most expensive wools available for covers because of this very reason… it’s so soft and breathable against your baby’s skin. This cover was also very light… not exactly what I imagined wool would feel like.

baby girl smilling wearing wool cover

I was very excited (and nervous) to use this cover! I prepped it, you can see exactly how I prep my wool in this video, and put it on Sophia at nighttime for my first use. Brave? Yes! I wanted to put this whole “wool thing” to the test!

I paired the cover with a Babee Greens Cotton/Hemp fitted diaper and really liked the way the combo fit on Sophia. I only used the snap-in doubler that came with the diaper and guess what? No leaks. None. Not even after the 12 hours.

The Babee Greens covers are sized covers, so they fit a bit more trim than other one-size versions. Sophia is in the medium size (15-25 lbs) in pictures above and it fits her perfectly.

She is on the middle setting of snaps, as I tried the tightest and it did leave red marks… but none with the middle setting and no leaks… perfect! Its elasticity means the cover fits well, yet moves with your baby.

If you know anything about wool diaper covers, it’s that you have to put a diaper underneath them. This is where fitted diapers come in. A fitted diaper doesn’t exactly refer to a size of the diaper, but it’s a diaper that is not waterproof all on it’s own. It needs a cover over top to be waterproof.

baby wearing Fitted Cloth Diaper from Babee Greens

The Babee Greens cotton/hemp diaper is exactly what it says it is. There are no frills, prints, or colors to this diaper because it truly needs none. It is an outstanding fitted and is one of the softest in our ever-growing stash. It’s trim, absorbent, and the first that I reach for at nighttime cloth diapering for those very reasons.

The Babee Greens fitted diapers have a couple features that make them truly unique. First, each fitted comes with a contour, made of the same material, that can be snapped into the fitted to use as a doubler. The contour can also be used alone for a newborn, as it features an umbilical cutout for newborns!

The fitted is also considered a one size, as it can be folded down for a shorter rise on a smaller baby and fit a toddler up to 35 lbs.

Baby laying down wearing Fitted Cloth Diaper

And that’s exactly why I love this combo from Babee Greens… it’s simple. Sometimes we try to over complicate things in life, in cloth diapering, in parenting, but getting back to the basics of a simple diaper is sometimes the best answer. Because when you get it right… you don’t change it.

Babee Greens has gotten the fitted diaper and Babee Greens wool cover combo right. It’s a trim system, gets more absorbent with every wash, and is the perfect solution for us in nighttime cloth diapering.

To learn more about Babee Greens, and to purchase their made in the USA cloth diapers, visit their website.

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