Babee Greens Fitted Cloth Diapers

If you read Monday’s post, you already know quite a bit about this wonderful company.  Here’s a little more about Babee Greens.

Babee Greens organic cloth baby diapers are made from natural, earth friendly fabrics, milled in the U.S.A. And nothing feels better next to your baby’s skin than a soft diaper made from organic cotton or organic cotton/hemp blend fabrics. Every Babee Greens fitted cloth diaper features easy close snaps and a snug, secure fit, making cloth diapering as easy to use as disposable, but better for your baby. We don’t believe you should put anything next to your baby’s skin that isn’t completely safe to use.  That’s why Babee Greens manufactures 100% all natural cloth baby diapers that are soft, absorbent and chemical free. Organic cloth diapers are known for their soft fleece like texture and become softer with each wash. Babee Greens cloth diapers are the best choice for mothers dedicated to buying the safest and most environmentally friendly diapers.

Fitted Cloth Diaper

The Babee Greens cotton/hemp diaper is exactly what it says it is.  There are no frills, prints, or colors to this diaper because it truly needs none.  It is an outstanding fitted.  It is one of the softest in our ever-growing fitted stash.  It’s trim, absorbent, and the first that I reach for at nighttime.

Speaking Typing Blogging of nighttime… I want to address one of the initial concerns that I had with jumping onto the wool bandwagon.  I was afraid of the extra laundry.  The actual washing of the wool was the main worry (I promise we’re going to get to that later!), but I also worried about the fact that the fitteds would be drenched and worried that they would smell worse.  I’m happy to report two things… 1) They do not smell.  If you have a good wash routine and detergent… you’re set!  2) I’m actually doing LESS diaper laundry.  I used to wash every other day.  I am now going 2, sometimes even 3 days in between!  Why?  Before switching to fitteds and wool, I used a Bumgenius with a hemp doubler. This took away from my daily stash.  You wouldn’t think that using just one extra diaper a day would make a difference, but it definitely has!  Not to mention the fact that I reach for the fitteds and wool during the day now too… (and you don’t have to wash your wool with every use like you do your Pockets!)

The Babee Greens fitteds have a couple features that make them truly unique.  First, each fitted comes with a contour, made of the same material, that can be snapped into the fitted to use as a doubler.  The contour can also be used alone for a newborn, as it features an umbilical cutout for newborns!  The fitted is also considered a one size, as it can be folded down for a shorter rise on a smaller baby and fit a toddler up to 35 lbs.  Watch this great video (it’s also on their website) which shows how to fold it to fit different sizes.

Fitted Cloth Diaper

Why I Love the Babee Greens Fitted:  It’s simple.  The diaper is simple and the reason is simple.  Yes, sometimes it’s nice to see really cute prints and colors on your baby’s bum, I agree.  But, when you get it right… you don’t change it.  Babee Greens has gotten the fitted diaper right.  It’s trim, gets more absorbent with every wash, and is a workhorse under our wool covers at night.

Buy It:  You can buy both the Cotton/Hemp Fitted and the Cotton Fitted diapers on the Babee Greens website for $18.95.

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