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Do You Have Any HTF Cloth Diapers Hiding In Your Stash?

I think I have a problem.  And I think I’m not alone.

htf cloth diapers

What is it about cloth diapers that make some of us Mamas go crazy? I go through different phases – different phases of favorite types, brands, closures. Different phases where I love doing diaper laundry, then I loathe it. Phases of scouring DiaperSwappers and Facebook Groups to find more of my favorites at the moment.

My latest phase… Hard to Find – HTF Cloth Diapers. 


Well, not exactly. I mean, I really, really enjoy looking at some of these HTF cloth diapers, but I haven’t actually bought very many. 

I just enjoy stalking them – looking for HTFs, seeing how much they’re going to sell for – or if the seller even realizes they are hard to find diapers. 

The blue stars that Moreaya is wearing above is a Tots Bots V1. I believe they weren’t even available for sale in the US, so it’s a pretty unique diaper and I just happened to come across it in a Facebook group the other day for a decent price {less than newno way I’m paying over retail for a used diaper!}.

So, what makes a cloth diaper a HTF?

Good question… that there really is no answer. 

It seems like as soon as people realize that they can’t go to their local cloth diaper store or online retailer and get it, then it becomes a little more sought after. Some brands seem to be more likely to be HTF, including a lot of WAHM diapers, and some don’t. 

Even though the Tots Bots V1 aren’t available anymore, they’re not selling for over the original retail price.

bumgenius artist series

But if you have one of these lovelies, especially in the old Elementals style? Well, your baby might be sitting on some good $$! {I’m kicking myself for de-stashing one of these about a year ago!}

I just saw someone asking {notice I said asking, I don’t think they sold} $70 per diaper for the Artist Series in the old style of bumGenius Elementals. $70!?! Someone could cloth diaper their child for 2 years on $70!!!!

While I wouldn’t actually pay it, I don’t see anything wrong with those that do. 

But boy, oh boy, do I get some great entertainment out of seeing how cloth diapers are becoming a bit of collector’s items!

ragababe tiedye

And how I wish our Ragababe TieDye was an OTD instead of a NTD. That little O and N stands for Old and New. 

A difference of, oh, $300 in the HTF auction world.

So – I want to hear it.  Are you a HTF Cloth Diaper Stalker?  Do you buy them, Sell, or just Enjoy watching like me?

Amy H.

Wednesday 26th of June 2013

I stalk for entertainment, too! It's amazing to me that some pay over retail (and sometimes, way way way way way over!) for a diaper. That ya know, gets used as a diaper. But, I'm also one of those one's on a budget ;) I have to admit too that I've taken that into consideration when listing diapers for sale- I recently sold some artist series 4.0s and old-old style elementals (the "organics", that came with aplix) for just under retail price, and they were gone within minutes!!


Wednesday 26th of June 2013

Exactly - I would never pay those outrageous amounts, but kudos for those Mamas that do - they entertain me!  ;)

Denise Taylor

Sunday 16th of June 2013

I had the Artist Series BGE and swapped them all for AppleCheeks. I also have a size 1 lavender fields AC that I got new when the color first came out. If it weren't my favorite diaper color ever I would've sold it long ago since they've gone for well over $200!


Wednesday 26th of June 2013

Oh my goodness, Denise!  You aren't tempted at all!? 

I have a Ragababe that I bought myself and it's going for over retail right now - used.  I'm so tempted, but I do love the print!

Libby C

Monday 10th of June 2013

I enjoy watching. There was a girl on one of the Facebook b/s/t groups a few days ago who had a huge lot of HTF's that she was trying to sell. She was asking $75 for those artist series OBGE's. She also had the stars diaper. Crazy. 


Monday 10th of June 2013

I don't know why, but it's SO FUN for me to watch them come up like that!