All in Two Cloth Diapers.

All in Two Cloth Diapers

All in Two cloth diapers, often referred to as AI2’s are very similar to All-in-Ones.  The main difference is the fact that you can take out the insert, whereas an AIO, the insert is attached to the diaper itself. 

All-in-Two’s literally mean that there’s 2 parts to the diaper: Cover and Insert. AI2’s are very similar to Pocket Diapers, but the inserts often simply lay into the cover, rather than having to be stuffed in a pocket.  For this reason, most AI2 inserts are made of organic materials {organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, etc} not microfiber.

AI2’s come in different varieties.  You can find One-Size versions, as well as sized.  Two of the most popular All-in-Two cloth diapers are GroVia and Flips.  These diaper systems are often referred to as Hybrids because they can be either a full cloth diaper {with cloth inserts inside the cover} or have a disposable insert within the cover.



  • With most AI2 systems, you can re-use the cover a couple of times {if it doesn’t get soiled} with different inserts.  For example, 1 cover and 4 inserts could last you through four diaper changes meaning you don’t have to buy as many cloth diapers.
  • Fairly inexpensive way to cloth diaper, in the long run, because you can re-use the covers unlike a Pocket Diaper or AIO.
  • Drying time is greatly reduced from an AIO.  Because the insert is separate the diaper dries much faster.
  • Have Hybrid option.


  • Expensive at the Start.  Some AI2’s can be a bit expensive initially because the inserts cost quite a bit, but in the long run it’s a cheaper system than Pocket Diapers because the Covers can be used a couple of times before they need to be washed.

My Favorite AI2’s:

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