All in One Cloth Diapers.

All in One Cloth Diapers

All in One cloth diapers, often referred to as AIOs, are a diaper with a waterproof layer.  There is no need to stuff them, as the soaker is sewn into the diaper itself.  The absorbent diaper and the cover are “all in one”, hence the name.

AIOs come in different varieties.  There are One-Size and Sized varieties.  There are also some that you are able to add more absorbency to because they have openings {similar to Pockets}.

These diapers are the closest to a disposable diaper, which makes them a great first cloth diaper for you to try.  They also make great “Dad” or “babysitter” diapers because of their ease of use.



  • Often trimmer than other types of cloth diapers.
  • Ease of use.  No stuffing or un-stuffing required.  The whole diaper gets thrown into the wetbag or pail.


  • Depending on how they are made, drying time can be considerably longer than other types of diapers.
  • Also depending on style, you may not be able to add more absorbency.

My Favorite AIOs:


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