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5 Reasons I Choose Algae Based Omega-3 Supplements

This post is sponsored by iWi but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As I age, health becomes more and more important. I never hesitate to think of my girls’ health and I recently started realizing that I don’t treat my health the same way. I take it for granted until I get sick or hear or someone else getting sick and it makes me start thinking about how I really need to put my health as a higher priority.

One way I’m definitely doing that more is by introducing supplements into my daily routine. Honestly, sometimes supplements are just overwhelming. I don’t necessarily have health issues so I can’t just go find a supplement in the aisle.

Instead I’ve been trying to research supplements that will make a difference in my overall health in the long run. That’s when I found iWi.

You’ve likely heard the health benefits of adding omega-3 supplements into your routine, but if you’re also like me, it can then be overwhelming trying to choose a brand or product to take daily. On my most recent trip to Sam’s Club, I came across iWi and was completely intrigued with this algae based omega-3 supplement.

The graphic had me thinking [and also giggling a bit] and was really something I kept thinking about as I shopped the aisles of my Sam’s Club. I went back and picked up a box to add into my daily supplement routine and here’s why:

  • iWi® Omega-3 is the vegan, non-GMO combination of AlmegaPL®’s high absorption EPA and algae-based DHA for everyday health and wellness, particularly Heart Health, Brain Function, Cardiovascular Health, Cognitive Health, Immune System Response, and Joint Health.
  • iWi has highest bioavailability in the Omega3 market (higher than fish and Krill).
  • The price point of iWi is amazing. It is really a great value for an 85 day supply and I love that I can buy it at Sam’s Club since I shop there monthly.
  • iWi is algae-based, 100% vegan, sustainably sourced, non-gmo, and trust-worthy as they have full traceability and control of the product.
  • Lastly, it’s an easy addition into my daily routine with a taste-less gel tab in the morning.

If you’re ready to put your health into high gear and make it more of a priority also, I’d definitely recommend adding in an omega-3 supplement and making the choice be iWi algae based supplements. You can find them at a variety of retailers, including now in your local Sam’s Club!