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Air Fryer Hot Dogs

Air fryer hot dogs will change the way you see this All-American favorite food. They are SO juicy, cook quick, and come in the perfectly toasted bun when you cook them in your air fryer!

Hot dogs are as American as apple pie. And grilling hot dogs is the only way to go… right? Wrong! I’ve found the most perfect way to cook hot dogs and it’s in your air fryer!

In the spring and summer, one of my easy, go-to meals is grilling hot dogs. The whole family loves them and they are just easy, right? Add a few toppings and it’s a delicious, hearty meal.

But what about during the cooler months? I don’t like to grill in the cold weather, but I have been known to do it.

But then I discovered my most beloved kitchen appliance. Well, maybe my 2nd most beloved kitchen appliance – my coffee maker ranks pretty high up there!

hot dogs on cutting board with coleslaw

I cook with my air fryer almost every single night. I would venture to say it gets used at least 10 times a week! I don’t always cook the entire meal in the air fryer, sometimes I simply use it to reheat food.

We have been trying to use our microwave less and reheating food in an air fryer makes it almost return to it’s first-cooked state!

So to date, our air fryer has taken the place of our microwave, our oven, a deep fryer [which I didn’t have, but hey, it replaces one], and now our grill!

hand holding a hot dog with slaw with bite taken

Now, that’s not to say we don’t and won’t use those other appliances, but the air fryer does the job of all of them and sometimes it does the job even better. As in this case, with hot dogs in the air fryer!

I’m telling you, once you try them, you’ll understand.

Can you cook hot dogs in an air fryer?

Why, yes, yes you can. You can cook them quickly and deliciously. But I will say, I have cooked hot dogs in my air fryer and got 2 completely different results.

hot dogs sitting on air fryer tray

Be sure to choose a high quality hot dog. My family loves Nathan’s hot dogs and even bratwursts and sausages turn out great in the air fryer too.

I also love cooking hot dogs in my air fryer because I can make as many or as little as I want. I would never heat up my grill to cook just 1 or 2 hot dogs, but I often do that in the air fryer for a quick lunch!

How long does it take to cook hot dogs in an air fryer?

Air fryer hot dogs are a fast meal! Because you don’t have to wait for a larger appliance to heat up, you can have yummy, juicy hot dogs ready for your family in just 10 minutes!

hot dog with slaw on white play with text coleslaw hot dogs

While your hot dogs are cooking, whip up a batch of these sweet, southern coleslaw dressing to make coleslaw hot dogs!

How to Cook Hot Dogs in an Air Fryer:

  1. I like to cut slits into both sides of each hot dog. This helps keep them from bursting, but it also gives them a really cool look since you don’t have the typical grill marks.
  2. Place your hot dogs on your air fryer tray and cook for 8 minutes at 380 degrees.
  3. Remove hot dogs and place each of them inside a hot dog bun. Put them back in the air fryer for an additional 2 minutes at 380 degrees.
uncooked hot dogs with cuts on cutting board with knife

You can omit the last step of adding the buns and hot dogs back into the air fryer if you choose, but if you try it, I think you’ll love it! The buns are perfectly toasty on the outside but still soft on the inside. These air fryers are magic I tell you!

It’s also a great, healthy way to cook hot dogs as if there is any grease that comes out of your hot dogs, it drips down, in a similar fashion to grilling.

If you’re thinking these hot dogs are pretty, you’re right! Those cut marks replace the grill marks and I love to use these brioche buns for an added bonus.

hot dog in bun on air fryer tray with hot dogs on cutting board and text how to make air fryer hot dogs

You can cook hot dogs in any air fryer. We have the Power XL Air Fryer, most similar to this one on Amazon, and it’s amazing and the perfect size for our family of 6.

It even has a rotating mesh basket that I love to use when we make homemade french fries or air fried vegetables.

Air Fryer Hot Dogs

Air Fryer Hot Dogs
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Additional Time 2 minutes
Total Time 13 minutes


  • Hot Dogs
  • Hot Dog Buns


    1. Cut slits into both sides of each hot dog.
    2. Place hot dogs on air fryer tray and cook for 8 minutes at 380 degrees.
    3. Remove hot dogs and place each of them inside a hot dog bun.
    4. Put buns and hot dogs back in the air fryer for an additional 2 minutes at 380 degrees.
    5. Top with your favorite toppings - we love this coleslaw and serve immediately!

If you love hot dogs, you’re going to love making them in the air fryer. This way makes even more juicy, more delicious, and faster cooking when you make air fryer hot dogs!


Wednesday 17th of March 2021

I hot dogs which are made in an air fryer and this looks delicious!

Peggy Collier

Tuesday 9th of February 2021

Easy and delicious!!

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