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A Stroll Around Kennebunkport Maine [and My Visit to the Tom’s of Maine Headquarters]

Last month I had the opportunity to attend a trip that I’ve been dreaming of for years. I’ve always dreamed of visiting New England in the Fall and because of my partnership with Tom’s of Maine as a Goodness Circle member, I was able to make that dream come true!

Kennebunkport Collage

I became a Goodness Circle member with Tom’s of Maine last year and I was absolutely thrilled that they asked me to continue to work with them in 2015.

When I found out that we would actually have the chance to travel to headquarters and meet all the employees that we often work with behind the scenes, I was even more thrilled. I was excited to get to know the Tom’s employees and other GC members that shared so many of my core values as a parent who’s looking for better, healthier products for my family.

Visit to Toms of Maine

When I looked at the agenda, I was even more excited – the Tom’s of Maine team had filled 3 days full of activities that really represented the brand and their core messaging… Natural, Sustainability, and Responsibility. Our visit to Headquarters actually came on the last day of our trip, but it sure left a lasting impression on me.

From the moment I stepped out of the car, I knew exactly what was being made in the plant that day… Tom’s of Maine toothpaste [definitely mint!]. The lovely smell made it possible to feel energized [no need for essential oils around this building] and excited. In fact, all of Tom’s of Maine toothpastes, deodorants, and mouthwashes are made right in the Sanford Facility.

It’s hard to put into words what you learn on a trip like this one. Well, actually it’s not, but it’s hard to condense 3 days worth of interacting with a brand in a blog post that doesn’t get too lengthy. There really was 1 main take-away from this trip for me and it makes me align with Tom’s of Maine even more than I did before I left Tennessee…

Tom’s of Maine walks the message they talk.

Volunteering Collage

Before jumping on a plane to Maine, I had in my head that Tom’s of Maine employees would all be driving their Prius, using natural products, eating organically, and volunteering when they weren’t at work because that’s what they told us they did. I believed them, but when you see it and experience it, you know it really is what they are doing.

Tom’s of Maine is going waste-free… That means they have a goal of sending nothing to the landfill. Amazing, right?!

Wanna know more about their sustainability efforts? Read it all in the Goodness Report.

In fact, Tom’s of Maine gives their employees a $4,000 benefit when they purchase a hybrid vehicle. All employees are also encouraged to use 5% of their paid work time volunteering, which is why the team took us to the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust so we could work alongside them for a couple of hours.

My team helped clear trails and carry [rather heavy] cat walks to protect walkers and runners that used the trails. It was a great reminder of how Tom’s gives back.

Did you know? Tom’s of Maine gives 10% of their profits to charity… every year. Over $1,000,000 was donated last year alone.

Kennebunkport Sign Directions

Learning more about the company was, of course, the primary reason for our trip, but another thing that really stood out during the trip was the pride and love for their town and state. As proud as I am to be from east Tennessee, the people we met were just as proud to be a resident of Kennebunkport, Maine.

Coastal Maine

I came home saying, “If I was to ever move away from Tennessee, I found where I want to go.” The quaintness of Kennebunkport was just astounding and everyone made us feel so welcome. I loved the feeling of mountains, so close to the beautiful coast… and the food!

Oh, the food. I think we all got our fill of Maine lobster while we were there.

The Clam Shack

Jenn from Sweet T Makes Three and I hit up the world famous The Clam Shack for their lobster roll [definitely get the butter AND mayo like they recommend – delish!] and fried clams.

For dinner on our last night, we visited a famous local spot Mabel’s Lobster Claw, where we were told was a favorite of the Bush Family [who have a compound in Kennebunkport]. In fact, we missed them that night by just 10 minutes!

MC Perkins Cove

All our lunches and dinners weren’t all just play… ok, yes they were because even when we had a “working lunch” at MC Perkins Cove and got the chance to give our feedback on Tom’s of Maine products, we had a blast. World famous Chefs Mark and Clark created a menu just for us that was absolutely amazing!

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me and full of firsts… my first 60 second tasting, the first time I’ve tried oysters, and the first time I got to meet Courtney from Crunchy Beach Mama, a long-time blogger friend!

The Nonantum Resort

I’ll round out my sharing of my trip to Kennebunkport, Maine with pictures from our accommodations. I had the opportunity to stay at The Nonantum Resort, which is even more gorgeous in person than it is in pictures. All the hotels in Kennebunkport look like really large bed and breakfasts, not your typical hotel.

The view from my room were breathtaking and shops and were within a short walking distance. When [definitely when, not if] I bring my family for a visit to Kennebunkport, The Nonantum Resort will be at the top of my list of places to stay – with the view, the relaxing rooms, and the wonderful restaurant on-site.

Have you ever visited Kennebunkport Maine? Share your favorite memory or activity!

Want to know more about Tom’s of Maine? Leave your questions or comments and I’ll answer!


Wednesday 21st of October 2015

This was such a fun trip. I had so much fun getting to meet you and I loved getting to see Maine. I was so happy to meet the Tom's of Maine folks in person and really see their commitment to the environment and doing good!


Wednesday 14th of October 2015

Wonderful photos you captured! I still think about Maine a month later - the town, the company and the new friends I met. :)