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A Princess Tea Party Birthday

Are you ready for Princess Tea Party overload!?

Sophia was Cinderella a Blue Princess for Halloween. She had a Cinderella Blue Princess Party last fall. She’s still quite in love with Cinderella Blue and Princesses, so she requested a Blue Princess Party. 


Her Mommy {me} decided to open the theme up a bit more and convince her to tie in her current love of Tea Parties. 

*She much prefers to refer to Cinderella as a Blue Princess rather than by her name.

That’s when the idea of a Princess Tea Party Third Birthday was born.

In our family the first birthday party is a big deal. Sophia’s was a Rock ‘N Roll theme, Moreaya had a Beach Party in the middle of Winter. Then at Sophia’s 2nd Birthday – a Mickey Mouse theme, we went to a smaller scale, a little more budget friendly. 

That’s what happened on this party too, but there was still plenty of fun and details involved – just at a smaller expense and a little more DIY.

First up, the Princess Tea Party invites!

princess tea party invitations

The fellow Princesses and Princes {aka all the little girls and boys that were invited} got an extra special invitation complete with a small wand.

I wanted to tie in both the Princess and Tea Party idea, so I handmade a few aprons – girl and boy friendly – with different fabrics. 

A certain little birthday girl became obsessed with dinosaurs a couple of weeks before her party, so she requested a “Dinosaur Princess Tea Party Apron”.


The aprons wore a huge hit at the party. They served well with the “dress-up” theme and were a perfect party favor to send with them, that will hopefully inspire more tea party play at home!

Princess Tea Party Wardrobe

Sophia already had her Cinderella costume, but I was at a loss for Moreaya. We dressed up this cute white dress that she already had in her closet {Sophia’s Easter Dress when she was younger}, with fun Princess necklaces and a Tiara! 

I knew the girls would want t run around and play, so I wanted them to have a more functional Princess Tea Party Play Dress too. 


Talk about on a budget! I simply purchased a cheap tank top from Walmart {$2.44, I think} for each of them. 

Then cut out a couple strips of Princess fabric {that I already had} and made a ruffle out of them. Then attached the ruffle to the tank and… VOILA! Princess Party Dress on a budget!


I even added a “3” applique to make Sophia’s extra special.

They turned out SUPER cute that I think I’ll make a few more, non-Princess themed. Actually, Sophia has already requested a dinosaur one.

Princess Tea Party Decorations

I made a cute backdrop for the girls and boys to get their pictures made in front of while they were dressing up.


It was simple – I hung up fabric on an empty wrapping paper tube and made mini-bunting with felt.

For table decorations, we used mini princess figurines that Sophia has collected from Dollar Store trips. We also made homemade wands {to send home as Party Favors} with Pixy Sticks and Craft Foam Sheets.


We had quite a few of these snack containers in our pantry, so I decided to DIY some tabletop Princess Party decorations with them, then send them home as party favors too!


See more about these here.


I made the girls a Princess silhouette and used those as party decorations. 

This was also a craft that we did with the attending Prince and Princesses. All of the parents LOVED taking these home. It was a fairly inexpensive craft and I bought Dollar Store frames to send them home in!


I used this tutorial from Princess Among Superheroes.


I made these adorable Princess Grafitti labels in PicMonkey. I used them as bubble wraps AND ice cream cone wraps!


Princess Tea Party Food


The cake for this party was made by a local grocer {with delicious birthday cakes}. My best friend put her castle building skills to work and made a perfect Princess castle to sit a-top. 

{She’s the one that helped with the fabulous sandcastle on top of Moreaya’s Beach Cake too.}


We served blue lemonade {and I dyed the lemons blue by soaking them in blue food coloring, water, and a bit of vinegar}.


It truly was a magical day for this 3 year old Princess.  She claimed that it was her “best birthday party EVER“! 

Nothing made me happier than that!

Princess Tea Party

Have you ever thrown a Princess Tea Party? 


Monday 26th of June 2023

How did you do the silhouettes? It’s such a cute idea!


Friday 21st of July 2023

I took a quick picture of their side profile and printed the photo on regular printer paper. Cut out the profile and then traced onto black cardstock.


Friday 21st of November 2014

can you tell me how you did the silhouettes? im very interested in doing them for the favors as well but not sure how to do them! thanks!


Wednesday 12th of June 2013

What great ideas! My little one is crazy for Princesses right now so I'm going to Pin this for her birthday!


Wednesday 26th of June 2013

Thank you, Heather!  We had a great time and didn't break the bank with this party!  ;)