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A Princess Tea Party Birthday

Are you ready for Princess Tea Party overload!?

Sophia was Cinderella a Blue Princess for Halloween. She had a Cinderella Blue Princess Party last fall. She’s still quite in love with Cinderella Blue and Princesses, so she requested a Blue Princess Party. 


Her Mommy {me} decided to open the theme up a bit more and convince her to tie in her current love of Tea Parties. 

*She much prefers to refer to Cinderella as a Blue Princess rather than by her name.

That’s when the idea of a Princess Tea Party Third Birthday was born.

In our family the first birthday party is a big deal. Sophia’s was a Rock ‘N Roll theme, Moreaya had a Beach Party in the middle of Winter. Then at Sophia’s 2nd Birthday – a Mickey Mouse theme, we went to a smaller scale, a little more budget friendly. 

That’s what happened on this party too, but there was still plenty of fun and details involved – just at a smaller expense and a little more DIY.

First up, the Princess Tea Party invites!

princess tea party invitations

The fellow Princesses and Princes {aka all the little girls and boys that were invited} got an extra special invitation complete with a small wand.

I wanted to tie in both the Princess and Tea Party idea, so I handmade a few aprons – girl and boy friendly – with different fabrics. 

A certain little birthday girl became obsessed with dinosaurs a couple of weeks before her party, so she requested a “Dinosaur Princess Tea Party Apron”.


The aprons wore a huge hit at the party. They served well with the “dress-up” theme and were a perfect party favor to send with them, that will hopefully inspire more tea party play at home!

Princess Tea Party Wardrobe


Sophia already had her Cinderella costume, but I was at a loss for Moreaya. We dressed up this cute white dress that she already had in her closet {Sophia’s Easter Dress when she was younger}, with fun Princess necklaces and a Tiara! 

I knew the girls would want t run around and play, so I wanted them to have a more functional Princess Tea Party Play Dress too. 


Talk about on a budget! I simply purchased a cheap tank top from Walmart {$2.44, I think} for each of them. 

Then cut out a couple strips of Princess fabric {that I already had} and made a ruffle out of them. Then attached the ruffle to the tank and… VOILA! Princess Party Dress on a budget!


I even added a “3” applique to make Sophia’s extra special.


They turned out SUPER cute that I think I’ll make a few more, non-Princess themed. Actually, Sophia has already requested a dinosaur one.

Princess Tea Party Decorations

I made a cute backdrop for the girls and boys to get their pictures made in front of while they were dressing up.


It was simple – I hung up fabric on an empty wrapping paper tube and made mini-bunting with felt.


For table decorations, we used mini princess figurines that Sophia has collected from Dollar Store trips. We also made homemade wands {to send home as Party Favors} with Pixy Sticks and Craft Foam Sheets.


We had quite a few of these snack containers in our pantry, so I decided to DIY some tabletop Princess Party decorations with them, then send them home as party favors too!


See more about these here.


I made the girls a Princess silhouette and used those as party decorations. 

This was also a craft that we did with the attending Prince and Princesses. All of the parents LOVED taking these home. It was a fairly inexpensive craft and I bought Dollar Store frames to send them home in!


I used this tutorial from Princess Among Superheroes.


I made these adorable Princess Grafitti labels in PicMonkey. I used them as bubble wraps AND ice cream cone wraps!


Princess Tea Party Food


The cake for this party was made by a local grocer {with delicious birthday cakes}. My best friend put her castle building skills to work and made a perfect Princess castle to sit a-top. 

{She’s the one that helped with the fabulous sandcastle on top of Moreaya’s Beach Cake too.}


We served blue lemonade {and I dyed the lemons blue by soaking them in blue food coloring, water, and a bit of vinegar}.


It truly was a magical day for this 3 year old Princess.  She claimed that it was her “best birthday party EVER“! 


Nothing made me happier than that!

Princess Tea Party

Have you ever thrown a Princess Tea Party? 

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