A New Me.

I’m working on it – I’m trying to create A New Me… on the outside, at least.

Well, actually things are working on the inside and outside because I’m making a conscious decision to live a much healthier, active lifestyle.  I’m not really sure what brought it about, but there are definitely a few things that keep me motivated – the idea of getting in a bathing suit this Summer and having it be one that’s actually cute and not just to hide my belly is an important one!

Another huge motivator is the fact that I’m signing up to run a 4 mile race!  If you only knew what an accomplishment this is going to be for me – I am not a runner.  I’m the girl, even in Middle School and High School, that would look back to see if the coach was looking so I could walk instead of run.  I’m the girl that a gym teacher said “Do you need your inhaler?” when we were running in class to which I replied, “I don’t have asthma.”  I am not an athlete/runner, but I’m going to do this.

My sweet hubby made me a “Running Program” a few weeks ago and has vowed to get me in shape to finish the 4 miles in under 60 minutes.  I don’t care if I’m last – I just want to finish!

Sooo… you’ll be seeing a few more posts following my fitness goals and successes as well as some products that might just help me along the way!

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