8 Tips on Feeling Safe and Secure While Traveling Close and Far From Home

Safety Tips

I used to live by myself in college.  Actually, I lived by myself in an apartment while finishing my last year of college then lived by myself in another apartment for a couple of years when I first began my career.  I was hardly ever scared or nervous – to come home, to leave home, to go anywhere…

Then something happened.  Not sure when it happened, but I do know that now that I have children, I’ve become a more nervous person.  Nervous about the unknown, unseen, and “what if’s”.  Maybe it’s too many Law and Order episodes or maybe it’s just a part of growing up and realizing that there are un-safe situations that people get put into everyday and I don’t want to become one of them.

When I started thinking about the subject, I came up with 8 things that I do to make myself feel a bit more safe and secure when I start getting nervous {or just to bypass the feeling altogether}, so that maybe you could benefit from them too! 

Park in a Well-Lit Area

Safety Tip - Well Lit Area

This is probably a no-brainer, which is why it’s my number 1 tip.  Everyone knows this, but sometimes you might be tempted to take a shortcut, park closer even though it’s not well lit.  It’s not a good idea.  You should always be able to clearly see what’s going on around you at all times.  Sometimes it’s hard to totally focus on that, especially when you have two small kids in tow, but that’s one of best ways to keep yourself safe… which leads us to number two.

Be aware of your Surroundings

Safety Tip - Surroundings

You should always be aware of what’s going on around you… while walking, sitting, driving… any time.  One instance where people may often get distracted is at red lights.  Always be aware of pedestrians walking near your car and it’s always a good idea to lock your doors.

Remember Where You Park – Make Up a Rhyme or a Game

Safety Tip - Parking

When we visit Dollywood, they always make a joke about what parking lot you park in and guess what – I ALWAYS remember.  Park in Lot C?  Chocolate Covered Crickets!  D/E?  Dolly’s Earrings!  It works.  If you’re parking in a large parking lot, be sure to make note of your immediate surroundings and make up a fun rhyme or pseudonym to help you remember!

Keep your Keys and Phone in Hand

Safety Tips

Lastly, when talking about ways to protect yourself when walking to and from your car, it’s always a smart move to keep your keys and phone at hand.  Two reasons – keys at hand so when you arrive to your car, you’re not searching through your bag to find them {which will make you oblivious to your surroundings for a few seconds/minutes} and phone at hand for Emergencies, which leads to…

StreetSafe – Personal Security for your Phone

This is by far my most exciting tip of them all.  I recently discovered the StreetSafe service and had an “Aha!” moment when I did.  Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar…

You’re walking to your car after a late night of shopping at Target.  You feel a bit uneasy, but can’t quite pinpoint why. 


You’ve been away at school functions all day and you arrive home to feel like something is just off about your house from the outside looking in.  You can’t tell that someone is or has been in your home, uninvited, but you’re nervous about entering alone.

I’ve had this one happening a lot this week as Rob is out of town on business and the girls and I aren’t used to being alone at night!

Scenarios like that have happened to me and most often how I deal with them is to call someone.  I usually call either Rob or my parents and just give them a heads up about how I’m feeling and my current location just in case.  Nothing’s happened – I just have a nervous feeling.


StreetSafe was created exactly for this purpose.  Safety advisors that are only a phone call {or actually slide of an arrow} away.  The app is free, but paired with the monthly service, becomes a great tool for feeling more safe and secure all the time – in and out of your home. StreetSafe App

There are three main features that I like about the service:

  • Live “Walk With Me” – essentially what I’ve been doing with my parents on the phone for years, but these are trained safety personnel that make you feel safe and aware of your situation.  And, if something does happen while you’re on the phone, they dispatch emergency personnel to your location immediately.
  • Silent Alarm – Swipe the red arrow over and emergency personnel will be dispatched to your GPS location immediately.  I can see that this would definitely be a life-saving type service, if it had to be.  {Although I have to put a PassCode on my phone now because I know little fingers that LOVE to swipe arrows on my iPhone!}.
  • When you subscribe to the service {can be purchased on a monthly basis}, you give StreetSafe all of your personal info.  That made me a bit nervous at first, BUT then I realized why they ask for it.  If you’re in an emergency situation, they have everything ready to share with the police or emergency personnel!

Check out StreetSafe for yourself and get even more tips on how to stay safe and feel secure when you’re alone, as well as how to get the most from their service.

Keep Lights on at Home


Although this may not sound like the green-est of tips, it can be.  You might want to keep one light in a central location on inside your home – make sure it’s an energy saving light bulb.  You can also install motion lights on the outside of your house, with energy saving bulbs, to make your home more lit when you arrive in the dark.

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  1. I always forget where I park! I will have to try our tip and see if it helps me remember! I used to be pretty carefree too, then I watched Criminal Minds for too many years and had a baby, lol! Now I check her closet every night before I go to bed!
  2. These are great suggestions. I hate traveling by myself but have found it happening more and more. Hopefully these tips will help ease my mind the next time I travel.
  3. I've never lived alone, but I have found myself coming home alone or being out in public at night on several occasions. I always make sure to pull out my keys before I go out into the parking lot. StreetSafe sounds like a nice way to feel more secure when getting home by youself!
  4. I never felt unsafe until I moved into my own place after college (In college I was always fine, I guess because I never thought of college as a dangerous place. We even left our apartment door open, like not just unlocked but wide open, when we were home, in one place I lived. Dumb, I know.). Well after college I moved to my own place (It was another college town, but the whole "I live in a college town mentality didn't carry over), and the people below me had their apartment broken into, plus the complex was totally sketchy and had terrible locks and windows. There was even a police standoff in the parking lot right below my window one day. I have not felt safe any where I've lived since then. I think always being aware of what and who is around is very important. Thanks for these tips! And sorry for the long book I just wrote :-p
  5. Lindsey, you and I can be safety buddies, I ran down your top 8 and nodded my head at each one ... I'm a little on the nervous side myself and I like to put plans in place to calm those nerves, I can just imagine what I'll be like once I start having kids! LOL This sounds like a great App! I like the making up of the name of where you parked ...chocolate covered crickets ... I like to take pictures of the nearest marked pole of where I parked, so I can just flip through my pics
  6. I do know what you mean about being more nervous/aware after kids. I hold my keys, and will hold a key between my fingers with my hand in a fist! I do the phonecall thing with my hubby, but to have someone to talk to and just in case is really nice!

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