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8 Reasons My 8 Year Old Wanted to Spend Her Birthday At the Dollywood Resort

It’s no secret at all that my family is totally and completely obsessed with Dollywood. We’ve been season passholders for years and visit any chance we get. We live just about an hour and a half away which makes it easy to just visit for the day then head home, which is our normal Dollywood routine.

But on one of those normal Dollywood routine days, the tram driver happened to mention that the last operating day of the 2019 Dollywood season would be January 3rd. Later, it was extended to the 4th, but for this story’s purpose, the 3rd is important as it’s my youngest daughter, Moreaya’s, birthday!

When she heard the driver say that [around 5 months ago probably] her ears perked up, she smiled, and said “Mom can we come to Dollywood on my birthday?!” I said sure, then she decided to take it one step further and say “Mom, can we stay at DreamMore for my birthday?!”

And she never forgot the birthday request either. She asked several times and we finally decided that a weekend at DreamMore would be her big present… a big present for anyone, but especially an 8 year old!

Now, to some this might come as a surprise. How many 8 year olds want a birthday present at a luxurious resort? Sure, it’s family friendly, but the country charm of the Dollywood Resort doesn’t exactly scream “KIDS COME HERE!”

In fact, I daresay that a lot of parents convince their kids to come, but take a look around when you’re there and you’ll see some REALLY happy kids. In fact, Moreaya wanted to share with YOU just why she wanted to visit the DreamMore Resort for her 8th birthday and why she thinks your kids would enjoy the resort just as much as her!

Here are the top reasons SHE thinks your kids will love the Dollywood Resort.

The Game Room

Now, this is a smaller sized game room so don’t go in expecting a full arcade, but there’s one machine in this game room that I expect was one of the entire reasons Moreaya loves DreamMore as much as she does.

The duck claw machine! Actually, as a parent I love it too, because your kid gets to play until they win a prize so there’s no disappointment after spending some tokens. Let’s just say she came back with a whole lot of rubber ducks, giraffes, and even a butterfly from this trip!


The pools at DreamMore Resort are AMAZING – yes, there are poolS! The outdoor pool, which we had the most gorgeous view of, is one that we’ve actually never got to swim in. We’re always visiting DreamMore in the winter it seems, but it looks amazing.

We can definitely attest to the awesome indoor pool as they’ve swam in it several times. It’s the perfect size and temperature and my absolute favorite part is there is a lifeguard on duty for that extra security for parents!

Camp DW

While we didn’t get to participate in any Camp DW activities on this trip, we have in the past and they’ve been great. Some are held in the Camp DW room downstairs near the pool, some outside at The Barn, and some upstairs like storytelling that we went to on this trip to DreamMore.

When you check in to the resort, they’ll give you a schedule of activities that are happening around the resort, including Camp DW.


While staying at DreamMore is fun anytime of the year, the best time to stay to take full advantage of ALL the amenities is when Dollywood is open [click here to check Dollywood hours and important dates].

The birthday girl got to visit on her birthday and chose her favorite lunch spot – Till & Harvest in Wildwood Grove and got to ride her favorite Dollywood rides – The Dragonflier and the Great Tree Swing.

TimeSaver & DreamMore Resort Trolley

Speaking of Dollywood, two of the BEST amenities to staying at DreamMore for me, and Moreaya happens to agree, are the TimeSaver Passes that resort guests receive and the private trolley.

The DreamMore Trolley picks guests up at the front of the hotel then drives you straight to your own special entrance at Dollywood. Not only does this mean shorter lines to get in, it means free parking AND no waiting in line or riding a tram [or doing the long parking lot walk] which the girls love!

The TimeSaver Passes are also an amazing perk as you get to skip long lines at some of the most popular rides in the park. This is a huge perk if it’s a particularly busy day at Dollywood and everyone in your party gets one!

Specialty Pancakes

One of Moreaya’s favorite parts of staying at the DreamMore Resort is having specialty pancakes at the Song & Hearth Restaurant during the breakfast buffet.

In addition to the breakfast buffet, you can find a variety of sweet treats and pastries for all times of the day in the DM Pantry located on the main floor of the hotel.

We’re also OBSESSED with the fact that you can now get the world-famous Cinnamon Bread at the DM Pantry now too!

Nearby Attractions

While you can feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of Pigeon Forge at the laidback, country home feel of the resort, you’re actually in the perfect spot to enjoy all the nearby attractions. The resort is located on Veteran’s Boulevard which is just a couple of miles from the main parkway.

During her birthday weekend trip, Moreaya requested a visit to MagiQuest, which is quickly becoming one of my girls’ favorite things to do in Pigeon Forge!


And finally, one of the absolute main reasons Moreaya wanted to spend her birthday weekend at the Dollywood Resort was because of the Queen herself.

My girls have always been Dolly fans, thanks to getting a new book every month through the Imagination Library and me telling them all about the amazing things she’s done for our area of East Tennessee. We talk often about having “Dolly confidence” as Moreaya sometimes needs a confidence boost and share the love of the story from Coat of Many Colors as a way to find that confidence and kindness for everyone we meet.

It warms this Southern Mama’s heart that my girls love Dolly, at 8 and 9 years old, as I do at 37.

Bonus: Bunkbeds, S’mores, Spa, and Games!

Actually there are more than 8 reasons Moreaya loves DreamMore Resort and a couple of them were S’mores by the fire pits outside on days where weather permits. While we didn’t get to enjoy them this visit, it’s something they always talk about.

Moreaya and Sophia both LOVE the rooms at DreamMore because of their fun camping bunkbed theme. We stayed in a King with Bunk this visit, but our favorite room type is the Family Suite that offers a bit more room and privacy.

The Spa at the DreamMore Resort is also on their list of want-to’s. I love that there are services just for kids on the Spa menu.

And games – not just in the game room either. There are a few board games and checkers that guests can enjoy playing by the fire on the main floor of the hotel. The girls love this little extra!

Some might be surprised that an 8 year old would request to stay at the Dollywood Hotel for their birthday, but after reading this list, it’s quite apparent that any age would enjoy a visit! The next time you are looking for somewhere to celebrate a special day, definitely consider a stay at DreamMore Resort!


Sunday 9th of February 2020

We used to have Dollywood passes but haven't had them for years, and we've never had the chance to stay at the resort. Definitely want to change that! It looks great!