6 Unique Ways to Save Money On Car Insurance

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Rob and I are coming up on our sixth wedding anniversary in a few months.  A lot of things have changed in the past six years and a lot has stayed the same.  One thing that hasn’t is our car insurance.  I know, I know – here I am always looking for ways to save money on our weekly grocery bill, cutting out cable television and replacing with Netflix to save a few dollars every month, but I’ve been stuck with the same car insurance rates for almost six years now and am nervous to even look at other options.

Silly, right?  Yes, I admit it is, so at the hubby’s urging, I’ve been doing a bit of research to see if there is any way that we can save on our semiannual premiums.  Throughout the process, I decided to share with you 6

6 Ways to Save on Car Insurance

When I started the process for looking for more affordable car insurance rates, I knew the typical ways I could save money – higher deductibles, less accidents on our records, etc.  But I came across a few that were somewhat surprising…

Going Paperless

You don’t know how happy I was to see this!  Not only does it satisfy my going green side, there’s nothing I despise more than getting mail that I just have to file away for really no reason at all.  There’s no reason that I can’t get my statements through email and save paper, time, space and money on car insurance!  Most companies now offer a small discount for going paperless in your insurance statements.

Pick Your Car Wisely

Chances are you already own a car, if you’re thinking about comparing auto insurance rates, but here are some things to keep in mind when you go to buy a new car… Does your car have air bags?  Running daytime lights?  An Alarm System?  All 3 of these are extras that could save you on your car insurance rates!

 Comparing Car Insurance

Life Changes

This is us, but not like you might think.  Sure, if you get married [or divorced], move, or have another big life change, it’s always a good idea to check in with your insurance to see if there are any discounts available for that life change.  Although we’ve been married over 5 years and lived in our home 5 years, we recently had a life change that gave us a small break on insurance… we own our cars!  That’s right, in addition to the wonderful feeling of no more car payments, we also save a little more on our rates because of it too!


If you own your own home and have been in your home for more than a year, you’ll likely have a lower rate than someone just like you who rents.  Also – have you had your present car insurance for 5 or more years?  This shows new providers that you are reliable and you’ll likely get the lowest rate available [of course, this depends on your driving record too]!

Unique Discounts from Different Providers

Shop around because so many car insurance providers offer completely unique discounts – devices that plug in to your car to get a snapshot of how you drive, accident forgiveness, vanishing deductibles, multi-plan discounts… these are all discounts that I found while I was doing my search and something you should definitely factor into your money saving decision of switching to a new plan or staying with your current.

Compare Car Insurance Online

Gone are the days of looking up quotes on one website at a time, or staying on the phone with different agents for half the day. is a first-of-its kind, independently operated one-stop-shop site that empowers consumers to quickly search, compare and purchase auto insurance, saving time and money online, consumers can retrieve their current auto insurance policy information and compare it apples-to-apples with carrier quotes offered on

I quickly went through the process of inputting my information and our car details, but received an error that requested I call an agent to finish my quote.  I was really hoping to do it all online, since that’s easier for me, but I called because I really wanted to compare new rates with my current one.  I was on the phone with the agent for less than 10 minutes and she was incredibly helpful.  After I was finished, I was actually glad that I had called in because I learned even more about the services that uses.

Getting Quote

There is no cost associated with searching and comparing quotes – consumers can obtain a quote with no obligation to buy, giving them the control they want without the added pressure to purchase, consumers get a transparent and unbiased comparison to help them realize significant savings and have a greater piece of mind.  The agent I spoke to wasn’t pushy at all – she simply gave me the best rates, which happened to be from Progressive and SafeCo, for my policies.

So, could save me money?

You bet!  I was amazed to see that if we switch to Progressive, thanks to the comparison from the website, we would save right at $100 every 6 months.

At this time, is only available for consumers in the following eight states: Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi.  Be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter to be in the know when the service is available to more consumers!

  1. Lindsey, you are not alone in ignoring to do anything about your auto insurance. Recent surveys show that about 40% of motorists think that they cannot save money on car insurance. About 90% of them say that it is a boring task to comparison shop for a cheaper policy. They are probably right and it is a boring task but they are definitely wrong to think that there aren't savings to be made. About 70% of policyholders don't get alternative quotes when their policies are up for renewal. A proper vehicle insurance comparison takes about an hour and you could potentially save hundreds of dollars within an hour. I think it is worth taking the time and finding out your options. I am glad you agree and share your opinions in this well researched article.

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