6 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Live Green-er.

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Spring is a fabulous time to start thinking of new ways to go green.  I don’t know if it’s the warmer weather, the buds on the trees, or just all the green that starts sprouting, but Spring is definitely an awakening to so many people to learn new ways to be more eco friendly.  Today I was inspired to write a post to share 6 super duper easy ways to make small changes in your lifestyle to live more green!


1.  Harness the power of the Sun.  Whether you’re drying cloth diapers or just your everyday clothes, harness the power of the sun’s abilities to dry [with no energy use] and bleach!  If you don’t have a permanent clothesline in your backyard, you can use a folding drying rack like I have.


Your clothes will smell fresher and you’ll feel better about leaving your dryer off.

2.  Choose reusable over paper and disposable.

There are a ridiculous number of things that you may use that are disposable everyday that can EASILY be replaced with cloth or reusable products.  Here are just a few that you should consider switching – Paper Plates, Paper Towels [UnPaper Towels are AH-mazing], Disposable Diaper and Wipes, Paper Napkins, Cleaning Cloths, Plastic Grocery Bags and much, much more!

3.  Switch to a Smart Thermostat.

This action may take a little more thought and preparation, but it’s something that we’re definitely considering in our house.  A Smart Thermostat will not only save on your heating and cooling bills, but have the ability to control your home’s tempature setting ANYWHERE – with a smart phone app!
If you’re a Texas resident,  you get a fixed energy charge, up to three Honeywell Smart Thermostats at no extra charge, including the app for your smart phone, with the Direct Energy Meridian Savings Plan.

4.  Switching to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs and Appliances.

Speaking of switching appliances, like the Smart Thermostat, another easy switch is light bulbs.  A few years ago we made over our home by switching ALL of our light bulbs to HE bulbs.


It’s made an impact on our energy bills and guess what?  I still haven’t had to buy a replacement light bulb for our home since!

5.  Repurpose.

It seems simple, but so many items can be repurposed… especially when you have kiddos!  Take a look at 5 ways we re-used a disposable snack container.

Reuse Snack Containers

6.  Plant a Garden!

Spring is the perfect time to start thinking about ways you can live sustainably and more eco friendly and growing your own food is a fabulous way to do just that!  Even if you don’t have a lot of space, it’s still possible to grow so many vegetables in containers.  If you want to get started, check out my post 4 Steps to Planning an Organic Garden.

Planning an Organic Garden

These aren’t new tips by no means.  They’re super, simple things that you can change about your lifestyle right now – and really never miss a beat.  That’s what I like when it comes to anything in my life – making things simple and easy and going green can be that too!  There’s no need to over complicate things!

Which Green Change will you make first… or have you done already?

  1. These are some great tips! People always seem to think it has to be a big, life-altering change to make a difference, but little changes count too! We switched to energy saving light bulbs years ago and saw a difference in our bill right away. I'm hoping to start a garden this year, but probably closer to the fall because it's pretty hot here in the spring and summer.
  2. Such great tips!! I love hanging my clothes out to dry- it gives them such a great, fresh smell. I also cannot wait to start our garden this spring!! Thanks for the great ideas!!
  3. You just reminded me - we moved to a new house and shockingly our thermostat is not one of the smart ones. We really need to get that fixed fast. Now I will do that. Thanks for the reminder. I will soon be able to set the clothes outside too.
  4. One of the best things I've done towards leading a "greener" life is isn the products I choose to purchase. My family and I have read so much on chemical load, from the food we consume to the products we build our homes with. There are so many companies jumping on the "green" wagon it's hard to know on the surface if what you are purchasing is really what it appears to be. We have made a conscious effort to do our research before we purchase and to invest only in those products which prove to be sustainable and kind on the environment, non-toxic, and natural. There have been times where we have had to pay a little extra, but in the end it's worth it when it comes to the health of our family.

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