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Here’s Why Labels for Schools Supplies Should Top Your List

When it comes to back to school shopping, what makes the top of your school supply list?

Here are 5 reasons that one you might not at first consider should be at the top of that list. Look at the multiple ways you can use labels for school supplies!

labels for school supplies

We’re smack dab in the middle of school supply shopping time. In fact, next week it’s Tennessee’s Tax-Free Weekend on School Supplies, which always makes it a perfect time to shop for items on your school supply list.

But there may be 1 item missing from your school supply list this year that I really think you should consider. In fact, I’ve come up with 5 reasons why School Labels should top your child’s school supply list!

Your Child’s Teacher Will Thank You

Most of the time, your child’s teacher will ask you to label your child’s school supplies – notebooks, pencil box, etc. It makes it easier on the teacher for a few reasons. It’s easier to pass out supplies or return a lost pencil to the rightful owner, but it also keeps “Hey, that’s mine!” type of arguments to a minimum.

Stick on labels for school supplies

Name Recognition

If your child is going in a higher grade this may not apply, but school labels are the perfect learning tool to help a younger child recognize their name.

Labels Go Beyond School Supplies

labels for school supplies can also be used on school lunch boxes

Think school labels are only for pencils and notebooks? Think again! Sticker labels can be used for lunch boxes, containers, water bottles, headphones, and even farther outside the pencil box on clothing items like shirts and shoes!

school labels variety of uses

Let Your Child’s Personality Shine

One of the aspects that I love about labels for school supplies [other than the fact that their labels are dishwasher and washing machine safe!] is the fact that not only do the labels proclaim their owner’s name, but they can also be personalized with an icon of your choosing – as well as color.

This makes the school labels perfect for all ages, as your child can personalize with their favorite color and icon – with 14 colors to choose from and over 100 icons!

Labels for School Supplies Can Be Used Beyond School

Think labels for school supplies are only for school? Think again! Of course, since we’re just weeks away from most schools starting, that’s how we’re using our labels right now, but what should you do with the extra labels? They’re a great way to label your child’s items for camp and extra-curricular activities like dance class and soccer!

name label on shoe

While labels for school supplies may not be on the school supply list that your child received from their school, they definitely should be at the top of your list. You can find super colorful options at Mabel’s Labels.

School Labels School Supply

Amber Ludwig

Wednesday 29th of July 2015

I would choose blue skulls for my son!!! And you are so right!!! Its not only important for kiddos to recognize their name but what parents wants to be continually buying lost school supplies all year? These labels just make life so much easier!!