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5 Reasons AI2 Cloth Diapers are Budget Friendly

Looking to use cloth diapers on a budget? You should consider all in two cloth diapers, or commonly referred to as AI2 diapers. Here’s 5 reasons why this cloth diaper type is budget friendly.

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We’re continuing the Cloth Diapering on a Budget series today with a look at a cloth diapering system that is extremely budget friendly. 

It’s also a system that is very popular among cloth diapering parents that don’t consider themselves on a strict budget.

AI2 diapers, which stands for All in Two cloth diapers, are just like any other cloth diaper type – you can make them relatively cheap or purchase diapers that are on the more expensive side.

Today, we’re taking a look at 5 reasons why this system can be budget friendly.

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AI2 Cloth Diaper Myths

First, let’s cover a few myths about this type of cloth diapering system.


Just because you need to purchase two parts to this system doesn’t make it more expensive. 

On the contrary, this system can be quite inexpensive because you can actually reuse your diaper covers for more than one diaper change.

This is also one reason why I consider this system to be one of the best cloth diapers for new parents.

Another myth for AI2 cloth diapers is that they are harder to use than a AIO or pocket cloth diaper. This is somewhat true as they are a couple extra parts and steps, but I think you’ll find with a little practice, they are just as easy.

AI2 Cloth Diaper Pros

You can reuse diaper covers.

One of the reasons that this system is budget friendly is because you don’t have to purchase as many covers as you do inserts to fill them. 

Most PUL Diaper Covers can easily be wiped down from a wet insert and re-used again 2-3 times before needing to be washed. 

Now, if you have a stinky or soiled cover, you’ll want to go ahead and wash it, of course!

Diaper covers are often ONE SIZE!

The Buttons Diaper Cover [we were sent for review] is a one size cover. This is a huge cost savings because there’s no need to buy more than enough covers you’ll need at one given time.

This is one of the few cloth diaper brands that I’ve used that really seems like it can go small enough to work on newborns and large enough for toddlers.


These covers have a snap-down rise with settings that will fit a baby from 9-35 pounds!

A couple of things that really stand out about the Buttons Diaper Cover to me are:

  • One row of snaps.  Snaps are my favorite thing in the world, so when there’s a simple one row of them, I’m thankful!
  • Snap In Inserts.  There are actually snaps inside the cover {at the front and back} so your Buttons insert will lay in and snap – no twisting or moving with an active baby!
  • Elastic on the belly and Double gussets on the legs that keep EVERYTHING in.

You can stuff AI2 diapers with any type of inserts.

Most all in two cloth diaper systems come with specific inserts, but if you’re really on a budget you can get away with using just about anything as a diaper insert and doubler. Think – towels, t-shirts, ANY type of fabric in a pinch!

For now, let’s take a look at how Buttons Diapers inserts are affordable options for cloth diapering on a budget.


Buttons diapers sells two types of inserts in two sizes for their AI2 diaper system- daytime [in Small and Large] and nighttime [in Small and Large]. 

The reason for two sizes is because when you’re using the cover at it’s smallest setting, a large insert will not fit in comfortably – it will be a bit too big for your bitty newborn.  Once your baby grows, though, you can always use those small inserts as doublers in your cover – so no waste there!

Buttons Daytime Diaper Insert (Small) by Buttons DiapersButtons Daytime Diaper Insert (Small) by Buttons DiapersButtons Cloth Diapers - NighttimeButtons Cloth Diapers – NighttimeButtons Hemp/Organic Cotton Diaper Inserts - Daytime - 3 Pack (Large)Buttons Hemp/Organic Cotton Diaper Inserts – Daytime – 3 Pack (Large)Buttons Hemp/Organic Cotton Diaper Inserts - Nighttime - 2 Pack (Large)Buttons Hemp/Organic Cotton Diaper Inserts – Nighttime – 2 Pack (Large)

The Daytime Inserts are 4 layers of microfiber topped with a stay-dry fleece that can be put directly against baby’s bottom. On the contrary, the nighttime inserts are not topped with these stay dry fleece. They are meant to be added below a daytime to give extra absorbency.

This combo of 10 layers of microfiber has allowed my daughter to wake up dry every time we’ve used it!

AI2 diapers line dry quickly.

Because there’s really nothing to the covers, they line dry exceptionally fast. I do dry my inserts in the dryer, but the microfiber dries very quickly as well.

AI2 cloth diapers are extremely travel-friendly.

Lastly, although it mine not sound like a huge reason, but all in two cloth diapers are budget friendly because they are also travel friendly. No need to buy disposables when you’re traveling just because you think you can’t take your cloth along. 

AI2 diapers travel light in the diaper bag {because you really only need to take 1 cover for every 3-4 inserts} and dry quickly when you’re washing away from home!

I’ve tried and reviewed quite a few different AI2 Cloth Diapering systems and the Buttons Diaper system is one of my favorites.


With Buttons Cloth Diapers, you can cloth diaper your child on a budget of $156.00! 

At only $3.50 per Daytime Insert, $5.00 per Nighttime Insert and $11.00 for a Diaper Cover – you really can’t beat the quality and price of this AI2 cloth diapering system!

AI2 cloth diapers are just one type of cloth diapering system.

Types of Cloth Diapers

To learn more about other types of cloth diapers like pocket diapers, AIO cloth diapers, and even more, check out this post on Different Types of Cloth Diapers page here.


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