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40+ Dollar Tree DIY Projects

When it comes to crafting, some of my favorite projects are Dollar Tree DIYs. They are inexpensive and can be just as beautiful as expensive decor. Check out this list of over 40 DIYs made from Dollar Tree products!

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When I first started out doing DIY projects it was for 2 reasons – cheap and fun. I don’t like to spend a ton of money on decorating and I just really think it’s more fun to make your own stuff anyways!

But if you do like to DIY, you know that projects can start adding up. That’s why I love to start with base supplies and products from Dollar Tree. There are a ton of cool finds in the Dollar Tree aisles that make amazing DIY projects!

If you haven’t checked out your local store in awhile, I hope these fun Dollar Tree DIY ideas will encourage you to do so and get your craft on while saving some money!

And there’s tons of opportunity to buy in bulk at and sell crafts too! Shipping is even FREE when you choose in-store pickup at your local store!

Have you heard Dollar Tree will start raising prices?

Speaking of, though, I saw in the news a couple of days ago that Dollar Tree is testing out offering products at $1.25 and $1.50 in their stores. I see both sides of this idea, but honestly, I just love that everything is $1 and there’s no thinking about it or checking prices.

What do you think about the price change idea?